Les Meres D'Immigre De Francois
(The French Immigrant Mothers)
The original founding mothers of New France have been immortalized on the Hebert Monument for their contribution to the settling of French-Canadians.  Their numbers were bolstered with daughters who emigrated with the family and of course second generation daughters born in the Kebec Colony.

However, there were many others who did not come in the first wave, but followed their husbands to a strange land, where often he would have to complete an indenture peiod before the family could be reunited.  This section of the site is devoted to the Wives of Immigrants,
Les Meres D'Immigre De Francais, many of whom also brought daughters and had daughters, who all became Founding Mothers of New France.
Meet The Les Meres D'Immigre De Francois
Barbier, Marie
Bergeron, Madeleine
Boisdon, Marie
Chalut, Luce
Chauveau, Francoise
D'Orgeville, Simone
Denot, Marie
Emard, Jeanne
Emard, Madeleine-Barbe
Evard, Jeanne
Forget, Francoise

Garnier, Louise
Garnier, Marie-Marguerite
Garnier, Michelle
Girard, Marie
Guyon, Barbe-Marie
Hardouin, Jeanne-Anne
Herve, Renee

Lefebvre, Perrine
Loiseau, Catherine
Loth, Marie-Charlotte
Lucas, Jacqueline
Mabille, Michelle
Mauger, Louise
Maugis, Charlotte
Moncier, Marguerite
Pesselet, Michelle
Riviere, Marie-Josephine

Varennes, Madeleine
Veillon, Sebastienne
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