The Juchereau Family
Marie Langlois
Marie Langlois was born about 1600 at St. Aubin, Tourouvre, Mortagne, France; the daughter of Guillaume Langlois and Jean Millette.  She arrived at the Quebec colony aboard the 'Le Sallemande', on August 30, 1620; with her sisters Francoise and Marguerite.  However, soon after she returned to France where she married Jean Juchereau on June 1, 1621.  The couple had five children.

When an opportunity presented itself to once again settle in New France, Marie and her family joined the
seigneury of Beauport.  She died on January 14, 1661, and her husband on February 7, 1672.
The Next Generation
Jean Juchereau III - Was born in 1623 at St. Aubin, Tourouve and died on November 16, 1685 at Quebec. He married Marie-Francoise Giffard, daughter of the Seigneur Robert Giffard and his wife Marie Regnouard.  The couple had seven children.

Nicolas Juchereau - Was born in 1625 at St. Aubin and died on October 04, 1679 at Beauport.  He married Marie-Therese Giffard, Sister of Jean's wife Marie-Francoise, and the couple had twelve children.

Louis Juchereau - Was born on February 17, 1629 at St. Nicolas de la Ferté-Vidame, Alancon, Orne,  France and died as a child.

Genevieve Juchereau - Was born on July 25, 1632 at St. Nicolas de la Ferté-Vidame, Alancon and died on November 05, 1687 at Quebec.  She married Charles Legardeur and the couple had fourteen children.

Noel Juchereau - Was born on March 28, 1634 at St. Nicholas and died in 1649 while crossing the Atlantic.
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