They Chose To Stay
The Real First French Settlers of Quebec
The first attempt to settle Quebec failed when Champlain was forced to surrender to the Kirke brothers in 1627, and most of the French returned home, never to come back to Canada.  However, when France once again claimed possession of the post, there was a renewed interest, and the first "real"  settling began.
Surviving a Canadian Winter
Behind the Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica, north of the Chateau Frontenac, in Quebec City; there is a monument to Louis Hebert,  who is considered to be the first European settler in Canada.  He set up house with his family in the spring of 1617, four years before the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts.  When his daughter, Guillemette, wed Guillaume Couillard in 1621; it was the first recorded marriage in Canada.

These early pioneers, like Hebert, were a hearty lot who faced many hardships, including hostile Iroquois, enemies of their Canadian allies; harsh winter weather and disease; but through their perseverance they paved the way for many others.  Their names are immortalized on a plaque that can be found on the back of the monument that includes the following names, many of whom would later be united with my ancestors.
Pre-British Occupation

Guillaume Couillard

Louise Couillard

Marguerite Couillard

Helene Desportes

Pierre Desportes

Francoise Garnier

Anne Hebert

Guillemette Hebert

Louis Hebert

Guillaume Hubou

Etienne Jonquest

Francoise Langlois

Marguerite Langlois

Noel Langlois

Marie Le Barbier

Marguerite Lesage

Nicolas Marsolet

Abraham Martin

Noel Morin

Jean Nicolet

Nicolas Pivert   

Olivier Tardif

Marie Rollet
First Post-Occupation

Philippe Amyot

Francois Aubert

Marie Bonhomme

Louise Boucher

Marin Boucher

Madeliene Boule (Robin)

Jean Bourdon

Anne Cloutier

Louise Cloutier

Zacherie Cloutier

Anne Convent

Jean Cote

Pierre De Launay

Catherine Dodier

Sebastien Dodier

Robert Drouin

Xaintes Dupont

Anne Dupuis

Anne Fauconnier

Guillaume Fournier

Robert Giffard

Jean-Baptiste Godefroy

Jean-Paul Godefroy
Jean Guyon

Marie-Fse Hebert

Guillaume Isabel

Jean Juchereau

Marie Langlois

Pierre Laporte

Madeliene Legardeur

Nicolas Lemaire

Marie Leneuf

Perrine Mallet

Francois Marguerie

Anne Martin

Francoise Pinquet

Louis-Henri Pinquet

Jacqueline Potel

Marie Renouard

Jean Sauvaget

Anne Voyer
Last of the First:

Francois Belanger
            Antoine Brassard              Robert Caron             Francois Chavigny

Marguerite Corriveau         Marie Crevet                  Marie Flavery                 Marie Gagnon

Eleonore Grandmaison      Marie Grimoult          Genevieve Juchereau            Jacques Hertel

Charles LeGardeur          Pierre LeGardeur        Marguerite LeGardeur       Jacques Le Neuf

Jacques Maheau                 Rene Maheu             Marguerite Marguerie      Marguerite Martin

Jeanne Mercier                 Francoise Mery                 Claude Poulin               Etienne Racine
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