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Supplying wellsite geologists in the EU and the Middle East.

Microfossil Storage Slides

LST Fastfloat Heavy Liquid, a new low toxic heavy liquid for shale density determinations

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The SP80 Metallurgical microscope is a professional standard well constructed instrument. The microscope has an epi-illumination system, with rheostat controlled 6v 20 watt quartz halogen system with full bulb adjustment. The epi-illuminator has a field lens and double iris diaphragm with centring adjustment. Microscope includes a

Polariser/Analyser for petrographic observations.

Full mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls, double vernier and specimen plate. Low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls, with graduation for specimen depth assessment and tension adjustment for the rack and pinion.

Objectives x4, x10 and x40 on a triple turret with ball race and internal indexing. Widefield x10 eyepieces. The binocular head has full interpupillary and dioptric adjustment.


C71 UV VIEWING CABINET, DIMENSIONS: WITH LW UV LAMP (365nm) FOR HYDROCARBON DETECTION FROM ROCK SAMPLES. Four 15-watt logwave UV tubes on one side of the unit. The longwave provides brilliant fluorescences. A soft rubber viewport includes a contrast control filter.

Interior: 21L x 13W x 8"H (432 x 356 x 127mm)

Exterior: 23.4L x 15.8W x 13"H (594 x 400 x 330mm). Weight 10.3Kg



TCA1800 Packages

TCA 1800 auto. total station, 2 keyboards

GDF22 tribrach, with opt.pl.

GST20-9 tripod, telescopic

GeB187 PLug-in batt.,12V/1.8Ah

GEV102 Data cabte LemoO/RS232 9Pin

User manual TPS1000, en

Quick start TPS1000, en

TPS Series CD Rom for TPS Surveying

GKL122-3 Charger PRO, UK

GST20-9 tripod, telescopic

GLS11 reflector pole

GRZ4 360° Reflector


Technical Support Contract TPS 1100



Thermostatically controlled, with illuminated on/off switch and heater indicator. The hob surface overlaps the controls to ensure that no spillages enter the controls. The on/off switch has an IP rated clear boot to prevent the ingress of moisture.

The top surface is a solid aluminium plate, which has excellent thermal properties,

ensuring even heat over the working area.

Internal Dimensions :

686w x 305d mm [ top plate]

Heater Power (W) @ 220-240V :


Power consumption (W) @ 220-240V:

3000W. Voltage : 230V a.c. 50-60Hz

Packed Weight : 19 kg

Packed Dimensions : 720 x 335 x 200mm

This unit is not fitted with a pin plug and must be permanently connected to mains supply.



The SP-250 is a prime example of a modern design concept. The microscope is based on a large stable stand finished in beige enamel. Incorporated into the binocular head is a 1/3 inch colour CCTV device. The output is attached to the back of the microscope electronic base plate. The video output and binocular optical pictures have been matched and are parfocal with an equivalent field of view under normal circumstances. The microscope is used as normal and when CCTV imaging is required, either on a monitor, portable television, laptop or PC (external Hauppauge or internal PCI card necessary) the appropriate device is connected to the microscope BNC output. An image is obtained automatically without any further attachments being needed.

CCTV Device Specification:

1/3 inch sensor, 400 lines resolution, auto iris

control. Video output PAL/NTSC colour.

Microscope Specification:

The binocular head has full interocular and dioptric adjustment with x10 widefield eyepieces. The unit has a backward facing quintuple nosepiece, with plan objectives x4, x10, x25, x40 and x100 (oil). The large mechanical stage has drop down controls and a double vernier scale.

The low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls have a tension adjustment and safety stop. The substage condenser has full lateral adjustment controls, iris diaphragm and filter carrier.

The SP250 has a field lens and field iris diaphragm allowing full Kohler illumination. The 6volt 20 watt halogen illumination has full rheostat brightness control

A digital camera can also be attached to one of the binocular eyetubes.











All slides are produced to : ISO 8037/1.

Clear, washed and polished and ready for use.



All slides are produced to : ISO 8037/1.

Clear, washed and polished and ready for use.






  • PAN.0112

    PHENOLPHALEIN (250 Ml container).








    ALIZARIN RED STAIN (100grams)


    BARIUM CHLORIDE (100 grams)












    CANADA BALSAM - 100ML bottle

    Canada Balsam (Natural/Filtered)

    Natural thermoplastic resin. R.I.: 1.54




    The company is based in Chippenham in Wiltshire, UK and services both the UK and International markets. We also supply a wide range of geology laboratory equipment, please visist our website:


    For more information on any wellsite products, please email to:

    PANGEA Ltd  

    14 St Mary's Place, Chippenham, Wilts, 
    SN11 1EN, UK
    Telephone: +44 (0) 1249 462677 
    Fax:+44 (0) 1249 463841 

    406.10 Hydrocarbon Liquid, Produced Gas, Mud Gas, and Side Wall Core Sampling Procedures In writing these guidelines, we have sought to provide the user with information necessary for the safe collection of samples under normal conditions. We have prepared these instructions assuming that they will be used by someone who is familiar with the collection of oil, natural gas, and side wall core samples (i.e., by someone who is fully aware of standard safety procedures and precautions); Oil, L.L.C. is not responsible for accidents resulting from improper use of equipment or unsafe practices. Please read our Terms of Use page before using the instructions shown below. Oil Samples Production samples should be collected at the well head. Well head samples are preferable to header samples, because even header samples may be contaminated by leaking valves, corrosion inhibitor, etc. Flush the sampling point, since taps and needle valves are dead spots in the flow stream and may contain non-representative fluids. Samples should be collected in glass bottles or metal cans, avoiding contact with any plastic and avoiding contact with any oil-contaminated sampling equipment. Plastic bottles contain plasticizers that contaminate the sample. It is NOT necessary to try to separate oil from water, or to try to break emulsions. Minimum sample sizes for archival purposes are 2 drams (~ 4 ml), but larger containers up to quart size are preferred. After sample collection, the containers should be tightly sealed, and should be labeled with the location (country, state, county, basin, field, latitude/longitude, section/township/range, etc.), well name, operator, depth(s), test number, reservoir (name/lithology/age), and any other potentially relevant information (e.g., GOR). Condensate Samples Extra care to avoid contamination should be taken when sampling condensates because they typically have low biomarker concentrations and can be easily contaminated by fluids left in the separator from a previous test. To minimize contamination, start with clean equipment and sample near the end of the test. If a condensate is waxy, it should be sampled near the well head upstream of any suspected wax precipitation in the flow lines. RFT Samples RFT samples are often vented at the surface, thereby losing the gas fraction of the sample. If a DST or PVT sample will not be taken over the interval, any RFT chamber that is believed to contain hydrocarbons should be vented into an evacuated cylinder as described below in order to preserve the gas for possible future analysis. Produced Gas Samples Produced gas samples can be taken at the well head, from the production stream, or from a test separator. If associated gas is sampled from an oil well, the sample should be taken upstream of the stock tank (e.g., the test separator) rather than from the top of the stock tank. Samples should be taken in 300 ml metal cylinders that can be obtained from Oil (Dallas; 214-912-7186). Cylinders should have been sent evacuated! If not, evacuate them, and sample as follows: 1. Locate appropriate sampling port for taking gas sample. A location on or as near as possible to the primary separator is preferred. Avoid low spots in the offgas line for taking gas samples to keep from collecting condensed liquids. Locate appropriate fittings required to rig a sample line from port to cylinder. Check sampling port gas pressure to ensure it is less than 1800 psi. In the unlikely event that sampling port gas pressure exceeds 1800 psi, the pressure needs to be reduced with an additional regulator. 2. Remove plug from sample cylinder valve. Purge sample line with gas to blow any liquids out of the sampling line by cracking valve on sampling port. Loosely hook up fitting at end of sampling line to sample cylinder and purge again; tighten fitting while purging. Open valve on sampling port all the way. 3. Open valve to sample cylinder. Confirm that cylinder was originally evacuated by listening for hissing sound as cylinder fills. Wait a minute or so to allow pressures to equilibrate, then close valve on sample cylinder. Close valve on sampling port; disconnect sampling line from cylinder. 4. Plug cylinder valve and label cylinder with date, time, well name, test number, separator temperature and pressure, perforation depths, and GOR. Record cylinder number in sampling notes (number is stamped on cylinder). Mud Gas Samples Mud gas is sampled from the mudlogging gas line during drilling. Samples are collected in one of two ways: (1) Using IsoTubes, a product of Isotech Laboratories. Contact Oil or Isotech Laboratories for sampling procedures. (2) CALI-5-Bond gas bags. Sampling instructions for gas bags are as follows (instructions courtesy of Humble Instruments and Isotech Laboratories): 1. Remove the metering valve assembly from the sampling kit and, if necessary, clean any old Teflon tape off of the pipe threads on the valve-snubber fitting with a brass brush. Wrap at least two layers of Teflon tape onto the threads (wrap clockwise while looking at the end of the fitting). 2. Attach the metering valve assembly to a valve or gauge port on the well to be sampled and snug it down with a wrench. If possible, the sample should be collected from the gas-oil or gas-water separator to avoid collection of liquid. The stainless steel fittings provided in the sampling kit are rated for use up to 5,000 p.s.i.g. 3. Check to see that the metering valve is fully closed, and then open the valve on the sampling port. If sampling in an area where high hydrogen sulfide concentrations are possible, it is a good idea to connect a piece of vinyl tubing to the pressure release valve, direct the other end of the tubing away from the work area, and tape the end in place. If the metering valve is accidentally opened too fast, this precaution will direct the gas away from you. 4. Slowly open the metering valve until you can just hear a slow flow of gas from the luer-hub bag connector. Adjust the flow so that there is little or no gas escaping from the pressure release valve. An alternative method is to hold your thumb over the end of the bag connector to seat it and then open the metering valve until you just hear the pressure release valve start to chatter. If properly adjusted, when you remove your thumb from the bag connector, gas will no longer flow out the release valve. 5. Remove a gas bag from its shipping container and while the gas is still flowing slowly, insert the luer hub into the luer-fit valve on the gas bag with a slight twisting motion. Inserting the luer hub depresses the valve stem and opens the valve. The tapered design of this fitting allows for a leak-tight friction fit. 6. Let the bag fill slowly. The pressure-release valve releases at about 1 psig and this will prevent over-pressuring of the bag. However, to allow space for expansion during shipment, the bag should only be filled to about 2/3 of capacity. The bag is properly filled when it is about 1.5 inches thick. 7. It only takes a couple ounces of pressure to fill one of these gas bags. But, if even that amount of pressure is not available, a sample can be collected using a rubber squeeze-bulb hand pump. Pump it a few times to purge air from the bulb and then attach the outlet to a gas bag. The bag can be filled with about fifteen or twenty squeezes of the bulb. 8. Once the bag is filled, remove the fitting from the bag (be careful because if the fitting is pressed into the valve too tightly, the top of the valve can separate from the main valve body when attempting to remove the fitting). Although these bags are durable, they can be damaged if not handled properly. Be careful not to crease or puncture the bags. 9. Record the pertinent information on the tag attached to the bag, and return the bag to the shipping container. If the concentration of methane in the sample exceeds 5%, it must be shipped as a hazardous material in the proper container with HazMat shipping labels. 10. Return the samples to the laboratory for analysis as soon as possible. Use of an express shipper is recommended. Typically, samples are collected at regular sampling intervals. The interval is well specific, but the example below is typical: 1st Depth Range: casing point to top of target -30 m intervals 2nd Depth Range: target interval - 5 m intervals 3rd Depth Range: 30 m intervals Shows: should be sampled at 3-5 m intervals for the duration of the show (e.g., 20 m show = 4 bags). Each bag should be labeled with well name, depth of sample, date, time, and total gas units recorded. For example, Any important notes should also be labeled on the bags, e.g. first sample below casing, mud weight increased, mud additive added etc. Sample bags should be packaged in HAZMAT shipping containers according to US Department of Transport regulations (IATA UN3167), labeled with appropriate Flammable Gas stickers, and sent air freight as soon as possible to Oil, L.L.C. Side Wall Cores Immediately following collection, side wall cores (SWC) should be handled as follows. All of the elements in this protocol have two goals: (1) to minimize evaporation of light ends from the samples, and LOGGING WHILE DRILLING (MWD/LWD) Interpretation of data, including Petrophysics, Pore Pressure. Geosteering in high-angle or horizontal wells. Provision of Daily Geology Reports and Formation Evaluation Logs. Provision of digital Mudlogging and Wireline data. Electronic import and export of third party data. The use of offset data for correlation. Operaions Geology Designed specifically for graduate geologists, geophysicists or engineers within the oil industry, this course provides a full overview of wellsite and operations geology. It includes core handling and interpretation, cuttings and log data, sample description, show description, coring point and core handling and description, daily/weekly reports, testing, wireline logging procedures, preparation of composite logs and final well reports. It may be taken as part of an integrated programme which runs over four weeks. Students wishing to study on the programme may take one of the Petroleum Geoscience courses each week. Course List Duration 5 days Course Dates 21-25 July 2003 (Week 3) Provision of Wireline Logging Operations Reports, Time Breakdown, Logging Failure Summaries etc. Production of Final Well Reports and Composite Logs. WELLSITE GEOLOGICAL SUPERVISION Geological Evaluation of Well Samples and Preparation of Lithology Log; Merging of Well Data into Computer Systems; Correlation with Offset Wells and Regional Geology; Selection of Coring and Casing Points, Conventional Core Descriptions and Evaluation; Sidewall Core Selection and Description; Wireline Logging Supervision, Quality Control and Log Interpretation; Mudlogging Supervision and Quality Control; Petroleum Geology Project planning; tender preparation; product and service procurement. Geological programme development; government requirements and liaison. Middle East, both onshore and offshore including Oman, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Central Asia South East Asia West Africa Drilling Regime Experience HRgeologists have extensive experience of all of the main hydrocarbon exploitation drilling regimes including: Exploration, appraisal and development drilling. High pressure, high temperature (HTHP) drilling. Extended reach and horizontal drilling. Coiled tubing and under-balanced drilling. Wellite Techniques geologists are fully trained and conversant with all major wellsite tasks and functions including: Geological evaluation. Mudlogging, LWD, MWD, wireline QC and supervision. Wireline quick look analysis. Geosteering by FEMWD. Coring, sidewall coring and casing point selection. Core description and evaluation. Gas analysis and shows evaluation by gas ratio. Advice on bit selection, formation pore pressure and drilling hazards. Logistical duties including sample acquisition and dispatch, hot shot identification and dispatch. Logs and Reporting HH geologists are fully trained and conversant with all of the main methods of reporting and communicating results including: Daily reporting. WELLSITE GEOLOGY Geological operations management; liaison with the drilling team Rig communications and management reporting; partner liaison and data distribution. Wellsite support and logistics; service company support, co-ordination and supervision. Dat evaluation, correlation and evaluation; final well reporting and compilation. Petroleum Geoscience: Operations and Wellsite Geology Course Description Preparation of Mudlogs, Lithlogs, Pore Pressure Logs, Gas Ratio Logs, Core Logs. Pore Pressure Evaluation using Wireline Logs, Dxc, Hole Behaviour etc. Correlation with Offset Wells and Regional Geology. Expertise in the following environments: Oil-Based Mud, Air-Foam Systems, HTHP, H2S. Recommendations to the Drilling Team, contributing to a safe, cost-effective drilling operation. WIRELINE LOGGING Supervision and Quality Control of operations, including Drill-Pipe Conveyed systems. Wireline Log Interpretation using GS Petrophysics Software. Selection of Sidewall Core, RFT/MDT pre-test and sample depths. Supervision of Checkshot, VSP and offset-VSP operations. Western Canada regional geologic and reservoir studies; Computer geologic modelling of clastic / carbonate rocks; Interpretation and mapping of petrographic and reservoir characteristics; Interpretation of geophysical surveys; Hydrocarbon prospect generations, reserves assessment and reservoir forecast; Drilling proposals and coordination; Geological assistance to production and reservoir engineering; Geographical Experience Tf geologists have extensive experience of various geographical regions with particular emphasis on: UKCS, including the Northern, Central and Southern North Sea, Irish Sea and West of Shetland. Netherlands, both onshore and offshore. Denmark FORMATION EVALUATION Mudlogging supervision and quality control. Evaluation of Drill Cuttings, Sidewall Cores and Conventional Cores. Hydrocarbon Show Evaluation. Selection of Coring and Casing Points. Communication with customer staff and rig personnel Preparation of lithology and other logs either by hand or using commercial log generation packages (Winlog® 'Pro' is supplied as standard). End of well reporting, including the production of final composite or completion logs. Data transmission. LOGGING WHILE DRILLING (MWD/LWD) Interpretation of data, including Petrophysics, Pore Pressure. Geosteering in high-angle or horizontal wells. Provision of Daily Geology Reports and Formation Evaluation Logs. Provision of digital Mudlogging and Wireline data. Electronic import and export of third party data. The use of offset data for correlation. Operaions Geology Designed specifically for graduate geologists, geophysicists or engineers within the oil industry, this course provides a full overview of wellsite and operations geology. It includes core handling and interpretation, cuttings and log data, sample description, show description, coring point and core handling and description, daily/weekly reports, testing, wireline logging procedures, preparation of composite logs and final well reports. It may be taken as part of an integrated programme which runs over four weeks. Students wishing to study on the programme may take one of the Petroleum Geoscience courses each week. Course List Duration 5 days Course Dates 21-25 July 2003 (Week 3) Provision of Wireline Logging Operations Reports, Time Breakdown, Logging Failure Summaries etc. Production of Final Well Reports and Composite Logs. Cojan Management Ltd. WELLSITE GEOLOGICAL SUPERVISION Geological Evaluation of Well Samples and Preparation of Lithology Log; Merging of Well Data into Computer Systems; Correlation with Offset Wells and Regional Geology; Selection of Coring and Casing Points, Conventional Core Descriptions and Evaluation; Sidewall Core Selection and Description; Wireline Logging Supervision, Quality Control and Log Interpretation; Mudlogging Supervision and Quality Control; Petroleum Geology (2) to avoid contamination of the samples with plasticizers or other organic substances. After being removed from the bullet, the SWC should immediately be wrapped tightly in tin foil, and placed back in the SWC jar. Additional, crumpled foil can be added to the jar to prevent the SWC from excessive movement during transit. The exterior of the jar lid should be wrapped tightly with Teflon tape. The jar should then immediately be put in the freezer. When it is time to ship the samples, they should be shipped frozen, by putting them in a cooler along with frozen gel-packs or frozen plastic bottles of water. Ordering Information for Sample ContainersÅ Item Purpose Fisher Cat. No. Qorpak No. Unit Price 16 oz. Amber Bottle (wide mouth) Oil storage/shipping 03-320-8E 7922 case $74.00 16 oz. Amber Bottle (narrow mouth) Oil storage/shipping 03-320-4D 7922 case $74.00 16 oz Clear Bottles Oil storage/shipping 03-326-3J 7914 case $74.00 8 oz Amber Wide Mouth Oil storage/shipping 03-320-8D 7934 case $74.00 8 oz Clear Wide Mouth Oil storage/shipping 03-321-1B 7968 case $63.00 4 oz Amber Wide Mouth Bottles Oil storage/shipping 03-320-8C 7933 case $65.00 4 oz Clear Wide Mouth Oil storage/shipping 03-321-1A 7967 case $51.00 1 oz Amber Wide Mouth Oil storage/shipping 03-320-8A 7930 case $45.00 1 oz Clear Med. Rounds Oil storage/shipping 03-320-11A 7981 case $101.00 16 oz Narrow Mouth Ultra Clean Bottle Condensate Storage 03-321-9A 8683 case $106.00 4 oz Med. Round Ultra Clean Bottle Condensate Storage 03-321-7F 8614T case $78.00 48-400 TFE Lined Cap Condensate Storage 02-883-3N 5211/100 pack $157.00 1 pt cans (narrow mouth) Oil shipping 04-667A - case of 246 $472.50 1 qt cans (narrow mouth) Oil shipping 04667B - case of 196 $238.00 2 oz Whirl Pak Bags Solid splits 01-812-6A - pack $45.00 6 oz Whirl Pak Bags Solid splits 01-812-6B - pack $45.00 3x5" Sampling Envelopes Dry solid splits 56775-039** - pack of 500 $14.95 300mL Gas Cylinder(SS,1800psi max) Gas storage 304L-HDF4-300*** - 1 $84.60 1/4" Valve (Need 2/cylinder) Gas storage SS-1RM4*** - 1 $43.00 1/4" Caps (Need 2/cylinder) Gas storage SS-4-CP*** - 1 $5.30 Ultra One lab gloves (size L) Sample Handling 11-387-56D - pack of 50 $10.25 Ultra One lab gloves (size L) Sample Handling 11-387-56D - cs of 10 pk $90.00 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A Advanced Reservoir Technologies, Inc. - Reservoir imaging for petroleum & other geotechnical industries. Technology for CO2 sequestration monitoring. Advanced Wellsite Labs - World Wide Mudlogging. B Baker Hughes Incorporated - Integrated oil and gas services company providing providing practical technology to find, develop, produce and manage petroleum reservoirs. Bowdon Energy Consultants - Offers horizontal geonavigation services to energy companies and investors. C Canadian Sub-Surface Wireline and Production Services, Inc. - Wireline company also offering e-line units. Cardinal Surveys Company - Production logging, injection profiles and high pressure radioactive tagging services throughout the U.S. CenAlta Well Services Inc. - Oil and gas service company comprised of two operating divisions: CenAlta Well Servicing and Polar Drilling. CL Consultants Limited - Wellsite evaluation services. A division of Continental Laboratories Limited. Collier Consulting, Inc. - Petroleum and groundwater geoscientists. Computalog Ltd. - International oilfield service company specializing in wireline logging and directional and horizontal drilling technologies. Continental Laboratories - Providing mudlogging services in the United States and the sale of mudlogging equipment and computerized drilling rig monitoring systems to clients around the world. Continental Laboratories Ltd. - Canadian-based company providing mudlogging services and software. Contract Log Analysis Ltd. - Consultant cased/open hole logging operations serving the domestic and international oil and gas industry. Crosco Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co. Ltd. - Integrated onshore and offshore drilling and well services contractor. D Data Retrieval Corporation (DRC) - Specialists in down-hole pressure transient testing. Datalog Technology Inc. - International well site monitoring specialists. Delta Seaboard Well Service, Inc. - Texas corporation performing plug and abandonment and workovers in South and East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi. and Alabama. DHV International Inc. - Fiber optic well services to the oil and gas industry. Drilling Measurements, Inc. - Oilfield service company for the purpose of supplying specialized steering and surveying equipment and services to the directional drilling market. E Epoch Well Logging, Inc. - Company providing mudlogging services and rig instrumentation. ENVIRO-LOG INC. - Geophysical and environmental well logging, casing inspection, downhole video and complete rebuilding of casing collar locators. Eureka Logging - Professional staff of seasoned loggers providing service for over 20 years longevity in the industry. EVALUATIONS, Inc. - Provides technology, referred to as LogGeoChem, that computes a nearly complete suite of petroleum geochemical values using a normal suite of wireline logs. Eztek Ltd -Design, development and manufacture of electronic equipment for the oilfield and other hazardous areas . F G Geodigital Services, Inc. (GSI) - Houston-based data capture company specializing in the oil and gas industry. Includes services for well log digitizing, map digitizing, mudlogging, document scanning and GIS. GeoScience Ltd. - Provides a range of services associated with the earth sciences, especially those areas that need to use and assess information from deep wells and boreholes. Geoservices - Mud logging, directional drilling, testing & well services, early production facilities, field management services, and integrated services for well construction. H Halliburton Company - World leader in providing a wide range of services and products used in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. I IDL Inc. - Houston based service company specializing in rig instrumentation and wellsite logging. Inman Pressure Control, Inc. - Oklahoma company specializing in wireline pressure control rental equipment and providing high and low pressure lubricators in std. or H2S services. Also available are grease injectors, grease control heads, wireline BOP's, openhole dual pack-off packages with riser, and openhole wireline BOP's with riser. Interstate Resources Ltd. - Provides well evaluation and intervention for post drilling operations and supplys oilfield equipment. J K Karoun Haffar Drilling & Field Services - Privately owned and fully integrated oil services company based in Iran. Kerr Measurement Systems Inc.- Manufacturer of wireline depth and tension measuring equipment and magnetic marking equipment. L Lee Specialties Ltd. - Lee Specialties is a Canadian company focusing on the design, manufacturing and sale/rental of wireline equipment and well logging systems. M Magnetic Pulse Inc. - Accoustic and Induction Borehole Measurements and Data Processing in the petroleum industry. MB Petroleum Services LLC - Worldwide drilling and integrated well services. Mudlogging Company, Inc., The - Houston based company that designs, fabricates and manufactures custom mudlogging units and logging instruments for the industry. N NorAm Wellsite Services - Geological services company specializing in mudlogging, consulting geology, and rental gas detection equipment. Nowsco Fracmaster - Supplies technical expertise, specialized services, products, and equipment to upstream and downstream operations. O Oil & Gas Evaluations and Consulting, LLC - Wireline operations, formation evaluation and data handling. P Palliser Energy Inc. - Alberta-based exploration, development and production company active in western Canada. Also operates well service rigs through its Petro Well Servicing division. Pason Systems USA Corp. - Vertically integrated specialist providing data solutions for the oil and gas well drilling industry. Electronic Drilling Recorder, Pit Volume Totalizer, Total Gas Detection. Pencor Group of Companies - Specializes in the sampling, measurement and analysis of physical and chemical properties of oil and gas reservoir and other process fluids; manufactures analytical instruments; and recommends, implements and monitors production enhancement programs. Petro Log, Inc. - Mudlogging and engineering services for the oil industry. Precision Well Logging, Inc. - Houston based service company providing computerized mud- logging, rig monitoring, portable-unmanned equipment/computers, drilling consultants & associated services. Pride Well Service, Inc. - Servicing oil & gas fields in the northern Texas Panhandle and western Oklahoma. ProActive Diagnostic Services, Inc. - Specializing in downhole memory, horizontal, and slim-hole logging applications. ProTechnics Company - Service company providing state-of-the-art radioactive tracing services to the energy industry. Q R READ Well Services Ltd. - Provides petrophysical and geophysical data acquisition and processing equipment and expertise to the upstream oil industry. Reeves Oilfield Services - Provides open and cased hole well logging and formation evaluation services, including open hole memory logging for high angle and horizontal wells, and for wells with bad hole conditions. S Schlumberger Oilfield Services - Supplier of services and technology to the international petroleum industry. Scientific Drilling - Downhole gyro and magnetic survey systems, as well as production logging, directional drilling, and electromagnetic MWD services. Servo-Dynamics, Inc. - Well stimulation services using the proprietary DGPL® / STRESSFRAC® gas generators as an economical method to effectively increase the permeability of the near wellbore. Stratagraph Incorporated - Complete mud logging and pressure detection services. Subsurface Technology AS - Development, provisioning and installation of downhole "Intelligent" Well Completion Systems and Downhole Sensor Systems with accompanied data acquisition systems. Synergic Petroleum Technologies S.A. (SPT) - Vertically integrated company that provides Mud Logging-Formation Evaluation, Drilling Parameters Control-Optimization, Applied Geochemistry, Reservoir Management, Basin Analysis-Mathematical Modeling, Information Management Systems and Consultant Services to the Oil and Gas industry. T TETRA Technologies, Inc. - Energy services company, including an integrated chemicals operation that supplies feedstocks to energy markets, as well as other markets. Thomas Well Servicing Ltd. - Independent well servicing contractor operating in the Central and Northern area of Alberta, Canada. U Universal Wireline Equipment, LLC -Manufacturer and distributor of wireline units and parts. V W Warren Logging - Oilfield mudlogging geoscience service company serving Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle areas. Welenco, Inc. - Wireline company providing well video, geophysical logging, well repair and perforation cleaning services. X Y Z Home Blue Line Pumps Flow Meters Platinum Pumps Sandmaster Pumps Submersible Motors Water and Gas Meters Seeking Dealers Jebel Ali Freeport Product Index More about R&W R&D Links to Related Sites Bowen CertainTeed CMEC DrillMax DSM Mayhew Flint & Walling HMR Mercer Mills Machine MMA Mody Mudlogging Precision R&W Semco Stren Texas Products Wichita Tank Links to Related Sites This site built by the Internet Hospitality specialists at CBJD.net This site best viewed with Netscape Communicator or other Netscape software. Click below to get your Netscape! 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