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Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

Kurt Cobain was the coolest. For you all who don't have one clue who he is, let me clue You in. Kurt was the lead singer in a band called Nirvana.The band came together in the year 1986 and ruled alternate music until a few years ago. Kurt was born in 1967 and died at age 27 in 1994. Kurt comitted sucide at his home. Or is that what really happened. An electrican named Gary Smith found him lieing in the floor of of his garage with a shotgun still pointing at his chin and his sucide note beside him. Kurt was addicated to herion and other unspecified drugs. He had a huge problem with drug's and also had a bad childhood which might have made him kill himself . But also, now people think that his wife Courtney Love had something to Do with his killing. I don't think Kurt's fans will ever really know the truth. His band members were bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl. Kurt will still live on in many of his true fans hearts. His band will always be my fav.

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Feb 15, 2004 @ 4:05 pm CT

NME recently published the sixth installment of their "NME Originals" series. It has articles documenting Nirvana's legacy from the late 80's to kurt's death in 1994.
A VH-1 special called "Driven: The Secret Life of Kurt Cobain" will be airing February 23 at 11 AM EST and 9PM EST
From the VH1 website" Fame, fortune, family and friends ? Kurt Cobain had all of these things but he also had the demons of drug addiction, alcoholism and depression. In the end it was the demons that won and his suicide leaves us to ask if we ever really knew who the real Kurt Cobain was behind the public persona?
Since his death, various theories have developed about Kurt, his drug use and the circumstances surrounding his death. These only fuel his mystique, but in this special, VH1 will focus on the man, his creative vision and his off-stage personality.
When Kurt died in 1994, he left behind more than twenty notebooks that documented his most private thoughts and feelings about his life and career. Locked away since his death, the notebooks were published in November 2002 and eventually made their way onto the NY Times Bestseller List. Filled with lyrics, drawings, writings and letters, the notebooks provide an uncensored record of Cobain?s views on fame, success, his use of drugs, his health problems and sexuality.


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Below Is The Video To The Song That Is Playing.. Smells Like Teen Spirit! One of Nirvana's biggest and coolest songs they ever did make! The song was first released to the radio stations on August 27th, 1991. This song can be found on their album Nevermind. Nevermind hit the top of the charts in December, 1991. Within "four months" of it's release, Nevermind sold over 3 million copies in the US alone. This was one of Kurt's most successful Albums. You can also find such songs as Come As You Are, In Bloom, Territorial Pissings, Breed, Lithium, and many more such songs on this album. Hope U like the Video!

This Doesn't Show Much Of The Video But Hey It does it's purpose. I just had to put it up on page. I just love this song and video. It rocks man! Hey I Just Wanted To Let You All Know I Really Appericate You Coming On By. Hope You Enjoyed My Page. This is my tribute to Kurt and to all the fans out there who loved his music. Stay Cool People!


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