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Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy reading and viewing the PHOTOS . My name is Wes Collins.I am an ordained Southern Baptist pastor and am currently living in Lorenzo, Texas. I have a lovely wife and THREE GREAT KIDS . I hope at least one of my kids will become an ol' falconer like his/her Dad. What a great sport we are blessed to enjoy!

Most of my falconry tended to be focused on squirrels in GA, but here in Texas I am learning more about bunnies/jacks and upland game. Hunting in west Texas is a blast. There is such a variety of game out here and no trees to hinder your sight.

I have done a lot of experimenting in my short tenure as a falconer.. I wish I had taken more PHOTOS , but I didn't take many the first few years.
I have hunted with several species of dogs and several species of birds. I have enjoyed almost all of it. Some of it I have enjoyed beyond measure! I have flown kestrels, a coopers, a goshawk and Harris Hawks on birds from the glove, tperch and fist. I have flown some falcons too, but still have a lot to learn about them. I have flown Red Tails, Harris Hawks and even my coopers on squirrels. When hawking alone for the purpose of taking squirrels, there is hardly any more fun to be had than to take a nice passage RT or Harris Hawk out and fly him or her over a good dog or a pack of dogs. In 2005 I bought a Deutsch Drahthaar. She stole my heart and ruled the field. However, due to personal circumstances out of my control, I was forced to sell her. It is one of the hardest things I have had to do since becoming a falconer.

To read more about a great sport, please visit FalconryBooks.com by clicking the link below.

You can also get on a fantastic forum

Contact me by EMAIL or by phone at 806-634-5686 or 806-773-6835

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing PHOTOS about two of my passions God has so richly provided the opportunity to enjoy! Raptors and Dogs! GOD is good..........ALL the time!










Tex NA Goshawk


I have one 2009 male Harris Hawk left. His sister was hunting at 10 days.Please feel free to check out my Harris Hawk Pedigrees. .Check HERE! for any available Harris's Hawks.

You can contact me by EMAIL or by phone at 806-634-5686 or 806-773-6835

Lakeland X Jack Russell

The little terrier pictured above by the season links is the latest addition to my falconry team. Grits is her handle. She stole our hearts quickly and is turning out to be a fantastic dog in the house. I was a little worried, because some terriers are less than stellar house dogs. Grits is great outside or staying inside hanging out with the kids and DeeDee and I. She can be aloof at times and loving at others. Perfect is a word that is pretty accurate so far. She was born Jan, 30th of 2008. She loves to run a rabbit and doesn't mind killing a critter at all. She is out of Thistleridge Flynn and Thistleridge Shiner. Wendy Palmer is the breeder of my pup and her website is Thistleridge Terriers


Lola has turned out to be a fantastic dog. I bought her from a local that had parents he bought to hunt. He never did hunt them and since the parents weren't proven (even though they have great pedigrees) he sold the pups for almost nothing. I feel like I got one of those treasures that people find in a garage sell. Lola's only fault is that water is not her first love, however I am letting her swim more this summer and she is doing a lot better. She has a very intense point and a great work ethic. Toward the end of the season, I hope to have her bred to a local stud that is one generation out of Hungary. Here is Lola's Pedigree

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