The Eldritch Legion
In the name of Arioch, Knight of the Swords, Lord of the Seven Darks, Duke of Hell and Prince of Entropy. I Rheldan Eldarin do swear eternal allegiance to the noble Eldritch Legion and pledge my life's blood to the restoration of the Bright Empire. I will follow the ancient laws and customs of Melnibone which are my birthright or may the darkness take me.

Oath of Allegiance sworn by Rheldan Eldarin, founder of the Eldritch Legion, year 9247 (Imperial Reckoning)

The Rheldan Codex (The Legions Laws)
Organisation & Ranks of the Legion
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In 9026 the great gate that connected the lands of Sossaria to the rest of the Melnibonean Empire collapsed. The cause was Melnibone's last and greatest war against the inhuman race the Dharzi. A side effect of the gates collapse where great rifts in the fabric of the plane that shifted monstrous races from other realms into the land. The relatively low population of Melniboneans fought with ferocity to maintain there way of life but within a few years where forced to retreat to isolated areas of the world. Over the ensuing centuries other races evolved and grew to dominate the land; a primitive race of beasts learnt to use tools and build settlements, calling themselves mankind. All memory of Melnibone was all but erased; The Melniboneans mingled with the humans in disguise and often the blood lines mingled until even those who carried Melnibonean blood where largely unaware of there heritage.

In 9247 a great warrior swore to protect his people's culture and heritage and rebuild what once existed. He gathered to him like minded individuals and built secret strongholds to protect what remained of his race; this force was named the Eldritch Legion. Over the decades and centuries his successors sought out those who where ignorant of there background and brought them back into the fold. They jealously guard there secret knowledge and searched for that which was lost. Down to the present day they carry on there tasks and secretly build towards recreating there ancient way of life.