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Photo Album
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Here's a sample collection from our photo albums.  As you can see, we're partial to these boats.  We have included pictures of all the Com-Pacs we've owned as well as our from our Cuba sailing adventure. Unfortunately we don't have many pictures of the current Com-Pac 19 we own, but we're working on it.  There are some miscellaneous pictures as well.

Click on one of the links below to see the available thumbnail pictures.  You can then click on the thumbnail to view the picture at its full size.

CP-16 "Lil'l Bit"         CP-19 "Champagne"       CP-23D "Kiwi"    CP-27 "Sandy" 

CP-19/3 "Scotch Bonnet"      Cuba Sailing Adventure   BVI Bareboat Vacation   Wedding & Miscellaneous