REX 6000

This page is about that amazing tiny PDA!

I got my first REX6k (I've 3 now! ) as a promotion with a laptop, I searched the internet & discovered the REX community!

I fall in love with the device when I discovered that it's Z80 based - my first computer was a ZX Spectrum, my first embedded systems were all Z80 based before I discovered the PICs!

There are so many good sites about the REX so I'm not going to repeat things here.
To learn more about the REX I recommend these sites:
- For technical/programming issues REX Extras is a good start.
- For usage/FAQs/know-how issues is the best IMHO.

My REX contributions:

Development Tools

REXer (source) MSVB 6.0 A small utility for examining REX AddIns

REX Libraries

WHLib 1.0 (source) REX AddIn
WH_Circle & WH_Ellipse (c functions) & some maths.
WH graph LIB 2.0 (source) REX AddIn
an incomplete graphic library all in assembly

Add Ins

WH Qibla 1.0 (source) REX AddIn
An addin to point to Moslem Qibla direction.
WH DisAssembler (source) REX AddIn
An un-finished addin to disassemble code in REX memory.
WH XITY 1.0 (source) REX AddIn
An addin to manage the world clock (city) table & adding extra fields to the database (sort of :) ).
WH Qibla 2.1 (source) REX AddIn
Version 2.1 of the Moslem Qibla direction AddIn.

I've got some nice feedbacks from AddIn users:

Hi Waleed,
It's me again.
Good job on the two add-ins!
I liked the functionality and the add-ins' interface layout. Bunch of thanks for the great work! When using Qiblah 2.0 and Xity 1.00 I noticed the following discrepancies: e.g. for Zurich, and other cities which have NORTH latitude (Xity 1.0 displays the latitude correct as NORTH (N)while Qiblah 2.0 displays the latitude as SOUTH (S)). But all the Qiblah computations are perfect.
Sorry for bothering on this minor item and keep up developing.
Best regards,
Hello Waleed !

I have tried your add-in. It is looking very good. I have noticed one thing though: When I delete a City the previous or next City duplicates. The City will appear twice in the Rex World Clock.

This is a very helpfull add-in and I like it a lot. Keep up the good work !

Best regards,

Mr. Per Kr. Dalby,
Hi Waleed,

I just would like to thank you for developing the "eXtended cITY table editor" (what a name :-).
It's a great tiny tool, for which I have been waiting some time. This givbes me the freedom to update the database whenever I want without initialising the device.

Thank you very much.

Thomas Kunstmann