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Team 13,
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NOTICE: After much consideration, Yahoo! Web Hosting has decided to end its geocities webhosting service. This means that later this year, this website and all other geocities accounts will be shut down and deleted. Yahoo! regrets to inform its users that their

** TRANSMISSION INTERRUPT ** Hey, listen up! This is Agent Frink, hacking his merry way through "Yahoo's" Net defenses. I got an important message, that you may have gather from the message above. The Powers that Be (most likely the Majestic 12 or somebody) have decided that this webiste is too high a risk to keep going. That's right, they're trying to shut us down for good! Luckily for you brave Net lurkers, I've managed to relocate much of the site's critical data (and all the pretty pictures and layouts, too) to a new hosting service at Not everything has completely transfreed yet, and there are a few kinks to work out, but this new site doesn't have those annoying side advertisements/propaganda psoters! If the link doesn't work, just try copying and pasting it into your...oh no! I think they've traced me! I've gotta go. Hope to see you at the new site! Professor Frink, signing o-- ** INTERRUPT END **

such as angelfire or googlegroups. If you have any complaints, please forward them to Yahoo's Customer Service Department at Thank you for your time.

-The Management

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