Got caught biting her thumb!
Taking a break from being Belle in Aurora's fasion show
Aurora et Celia
Two summers ago holding a friend's baby (July 2002)
May I take your order, please?
(June 2003)
Good buddies--Roylynn and Celia at the Flin Flon Playgroup Christmas party (Dec. 2003)
Santa was there!
More pics...
The new house

Kyle's schools

The scenery around Flin Flon

Lacking tour of the Flin Flon area

Pics of the girls cerca 1998-2001

Finger painting and Halloween 2002

Christmas 2003

Baptism in Bismarck 2003

Extras (pics from get-together in hotel in Bismarck)


Our Wedding

Our Marriage Blessing
Girls at the duck pond (2001)
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