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Greetings carbon life forms & solid state devices.
This is Lou Pan's new personal web page as of now (the last web page may have been tampered with & several past email accounts went unavailable, maybe because I logged on from the UC Berkeley network)!
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Life is so perplexing. Over many years I have been appreciating how interesting & complex this world is. Technology lets us see life & sights from around the world.
Life is a miracle that molecules join to form amazing & useful things. That this somehow happened & sustains itself must be a rare miracle. You & everything living are lucky to be alive. Destroying it is a vast loss. Each of us must try to be more worthy of the gift of intelligent life & communication. Remember the wonder towards the world of little newborn kids (of all species, pets, etc). Try to be worthy of their miraculous presence. Protecting & encouraging more variety of life is a naturally good attitude. Why do leaders of industrial society insult the miracle of life instead & take such a callous & reckless attitude?! It is contempt & cruelty. Life is such a brilliant gift in this universe; be worthy of it. I get only 1 time through life, as does everyone/everything else, as far as I know. Be worthy! Make the experience worthy of the miracle of life for everyone! There are animal parks, some giant aquarium tanks & some great nature shows to see the incredible life in our world. Just like you enjoy the space & experience, so do animals which climb mountains & roam so much more than most bipeds. Bipeds here must stop behaving like out-of-control weapons against their world. Why does human civilization seem to push a slow war on nature? Why do human technology societies still seem to function unintelligently? Why do intelligence agencies seem to act silly or without intelligence? Every hour, mankind shows why it is irresponsible & destructive with each technology device it just got. All of them are less complicated than the living beings it forces out into a predatory environment & destroys without knowing their scientific value. Life on this world is really still beyond what people can understand. How one decides how to act is a big question. The rapid loss of living things is an emergency for them & for us. Few animals can be seen in National Parks or wilderness here. Mankind unwisely pushes the ecosystem closer to failure each day. Mankind's relentless advance is such a curse to the ecosystem that many suffering animals & plants capable of feeling & thinking probably curse humanity & cheer human death & misery. The Jurassic Park films & Blade Runner make several points about this. The priority is profit & experimenting while they continue to cause the ecosystem & people to suffer, but they demand immediate attention for their own problems. I expect most bio-engineers do not keep in mind how dangerous uncontrolled engineered life forms can be. Look at the effects of mankind, plagues or locusts. Extreme safeguards have to be taken & built in.

This solar system & world is very interesting & complex. Advances in science show us how complex living things are & you would think they would allow us to have quality, worthwhile lives now. Life should be so cool & infinitely interesting like it is to the very young. But science can also be used to abuse & destroy life. Some groups used to fight against telling the truth. They ridiculed Copernicus for saying the world is round & orbits the sun. That must have goosed birds into incredible laughter since they see the curve of the planet. Biochemistry keeps getting more important & living things are biochemical supermachines! Why does life have such a mess of problems for us & feel so unrewarding? I put this web page together to say some things & persuade decision makers to preserve all the forms of life still here & to treat life better. Changing a habit of overlooking their value & complexity is very hard. Reminders each minute may not be enough. There is often predation, cheating & fighting in this ecosystem, but also the reverse. Animals often stop fighting while they are alive, except for predation. Birds like geese must have felt sad like the father fish in Finding Nemo as people & their cats hunted them. If you do not understand what I say here clearly, then your thinking is clouded so beware. (That is, if you understand the english language & deception.) I warn you that I will only say many things once on this page.

Life can seem more a paradox or joke as one gets wiser & knows more. Hatred feeds more feelings of hatred & more death. There is no group which does not offend another group, but there are good people on all sides. Independent entities realistically need to conceal & deceive, at least to keep trade secrets. That is different from crossing the line into cheating & harm. I am especially worried about the secret spy agencies which can influence things so much. They acted on bad policies or allowed actions which are dangerous (not just ignorantly stupid) for themselves & others around them. Is there so much perplexing evil everywhere because angry evil forces use the agents sent out by other agencies & change or intercept their messages?
Just like you should suspect why you or they feel sudden anger or sexual lust take control, urges to destroy life are suspect. The cause may be where you sleep, drink, watch TV, buy clothes & drive. It is very doubtful that those who decide to harvest or destroy large amounts of life replace it with great gains of logical, engineering, scientific benefit. Replace "life form" with a lower scientific value thing like jet plane, supercomputer, satellite spy device, or luxury car in the emotional equation to see if the decision would still be logical. Agencies & the scientists working for them indirectly are busy fighting each other & looking for new diseases or weapons instead of figuring out why their attitudes toward life are so wrong. A problem with comedy is too many people miss the serious points. But it is easier to listen to one thing's troubles as comedy than as tragedy. Read my funny view of this too at humor.html, before and/or after, as may be best for your psyche.

The things I say are for the overall good of society & humans, but I did & still do get a lot of mistreatment & other problems that waste time. It probably has to do with wheeling & dealing for profit or mischievous spies who oppose these opinions here. So you should be careful in supporting these opinions if you agree with them. The latest problems are ripoffs in some stocks & unpleasant mistreatment from Thanksgiving for 4 months, I think I remember right. I did not tell any agent to or give them permission to spy on me or approach me to act like a scoundrel or pose a threat or play a tease. I do not promise they can predict how I will react. Good people, women & minorities need to take care against being conned into helping hurt & keep other good people down so they can not make the world better for themselves.

Having an alumni web page link is a useful service of college... science types & athletes should balance fun with study! There is more flexibility & people of similar age you have things in common with. It takes lots of willpower to endure the pain in intense competitive sports.
So many "social" "engineers" which is typical in a field for those who apply science to bring what new progress & advantages arrive for companies & society. And reinvent & retest tricks regularly like the wheel, propanolol & neutron immyg's->jimmy->dvd's!

I prefer revealing no information, do not know why I give a damn enough to say it with all the fucking assholes in this world, or know how thinking this started but others also will & have.
I am so pissed off that I even need to say all this & spell it out. Anyone in ops ought to understand why. I think there is also some huge anger to inspire me to say this & reveal the few secrets I am able to understand now. We understand & know much more of our world now. We are lucky to see rare & far away animals & sights. Abilities can be used much more & even better seems possible. But instead of solving life's problems, one can observe extreme silliness & cruelty, with a few bits of semi-cleverness, by actors who mishandle society's operations in cynical selfish pursuit of power & money, that it causes real evil & maliciousness. Apologies about it mean nothing. I have yet to observe these abusers of these secrets make it up properly to the victims they exploit. They damage the world's society & forget the principles they once had & verge onto being a force of evil. I am readily convinced to pass along some messages to screw up these abusive ops & wake up these actors who are asleep with devils & conned by their whispers. Luck led them to some stupid knucklehead medical psychology tricks that are much less clever or secret than the design of a thing to make a communications chip, so big fat stupid deal, it is trivial. Many of them enjoy mistreating life & people, is that not true!? All these agents go around making other places as messed up & clogged with traffic as their home bases. They are critics so their acts deserve critical review.

There will be some hints in these web pages since many things about the nature of spying need to be secret. However, those trying to do mind control want people guessing at hints & put on false facial expressions to manipulate them - then they deny telling them to do something. Mind control is abusive to people & threatens your free will. Remind yourself to question their expressions & tell people to say what they want. Make sure it would have to be super secret. Ignore face expressions (on strangers).

Camping on a mountain at night with a view of the stars & a city in the distance is a place that helps put people's relationship to earth or the universe & our vulnerability in better perspective. There is a risk to doing that. The Grand Canyon or diving to a living reef may help too. Life is groups of molecules that somehow got organized to do very interesting things & think! We may all be made of star dust. The start of such life must have been incredibly difficult & rare, never mind the survival. Crippling or destroying life is such a huge step backwards into entropy. Someone who lived in a desert, or where the ecosystem is dying out, can understand that life is to be increased, not taken for granted. Defending & nurturing life is obviously right.

A view that the desirable natural order is the spread of the most ruthlessly aggressive life has serious flaws. It would be ironic for slugs or jellyfish to claim something like this. People go to great effort to create gardens or homes where they do not want aggressive life intruding. That kind of rapid spread is more like what happens if a biological weapon is unleashed on a civilized area. The next biological weapon that finds its weakness replaces it. It means the desirable, self controlled, sustainable life forms were usurped by badly controlled life whose purpose is war on everything else. The wiping out of life by industrial society resembles this pattern. I bet this happens all the time, every million years or so: chance random events like x-ray particles brings a new species or fixes a crippling disease or broken machine. A world in a state of total biological war is uncivilized, undesirable & unproductive. Civilization defends its life but does not want that kind of aggression. Defense is a complex idea, not a simple one, of course. Maybe these views will help people get past hatred to agree to friendlier competion but this kind of diplomacy really should not be taken free of charge. You get more than you pay for here. The zero-sum economy attitude (you win = I lose) is flawed & partly perceptive. Think: invention, catalysts, synergy, enabling, progress to civilization, economic money velocity.

The survival of the fittest (life is war) attitude is flawed & partly perceptive too, as already said just above. It misses larger scopes: cities as a whole, ecologies as a whole, worlds. From cell to body to company to ecosystem. You get more than you pay for here. Think: business, society, the total lack of safety with that attitude, contract, enabling, distribution of features, luck & chaos.

Our economy is a simpler kind of ecology in its own way. Secret agents should understand these things before they push plans affecting ecology & society. They should know reasons why zero-sum economy & survival of the fittest theory is incomplete.

If part of a universe has a government, I wonder what kind of laws it might have. I do not know what laws can apply to all forms of chemistry & life in the universe. No message from space has been publicized announcing them for us. The laws might be a secret between hidden societies, I guess. Maybe spy agencies agree to some kind of secret laws too. It is totally unfair if one can not even find out what the laws are now, so how many warnings would one get? If you start to feel any thing is allowable & no law is needed for trade, business, or living, be warned that there is often a profit in catching or punishing someone in a crime with a large penalty. But there are too few reasons found to do good things & too many excuses to profit by doing bad.
Is this planet what a theoretically civilized galaxy would laugh and label a criminal neighborhood right now, like a sleazy area? (Many things eat each other or scam them). What could we trade or have to deal with theoretical visitors from the galaxy? What engineering would they want? Engineers/scientists who know secrets are likely to kept off unsafe trips. There are still some cool life forms that can interest them, without doubt, if they will be good animal owners. If they honor copyright, then works of entertainment & observations on politics, war, and spying could be valuable. But label it saying "from a planet where competition is often far more vicious and primitive than need be; but we can not help being that way up to now". In this state, reading & deciphering the law & procedure is confusing, knowing how cases are decided over time is important too as well as when & if they are still applied or enforced. Theoretically, any variation between law & current reality can exist at any moment, depending on the ones involved. Laws often prevent contracts from cancelling basic legal rights, but some try to write contracts doing so anyways & prevent some from using their legal rights. (For now, I act as if it is time for change & clear explanation, but I do wonder if most of this theorizing should be removed) Happiness, health, addictions, violence, crime & the poor are the biggest social problems but groups want to focus on sex instead. Ecological damage is one of the biggest priorities, but call it crimes against the life of this world. Laws vary & change around our world. Laws are not consistent - they differ very much on electronics, vehicles & medicine. They sustain an order or control, they are not a mathematical logic theorem. One technology may be copyrighted differently than another, etc. Or maybe there is an implicit rule of behavior to figure out. The abuse & waste of life could well be something that would be illegal to rational life. Protecting & encouraging life is right. Here they punish someone for attacking, interfering with & pretending to be an agent of the law. Here it is wise to know that retaliation is usually severe as anyone thinks about how to act. Unauthorized use of military weapons is illegal.

So how would a government of the universe view members like us? How do various parents feel about children? Teachers about students? Scientists about lab animals? Animal park workers about theirs? And the reverse? Special education workers about the mentally reduced? Guards about prisoners? Farmers about livestock? Are masters fond of servants? Con men about the targets? Actors about their audience? Directors about the performance? Different engineers about their creations? Mechanics about their machines? Salesmen about products? Does a g0d or g0ds like or care about their believers? The variety (& also the change over time) of family across species around this world may be a clue. How would they view many who waste time, ignore, or pay for the wasteful ill-considered death & abuse of wildlife & people? A (wage) s1ave master, t0rturer, ego destroyer, or causer of d1sease would seem to not care or like the way their victims have behaved. Who I should care about is a good question too.

Constant conflict situations repeat often in many disguises. One of the most obvious examples is 1srael & Pa1estine: if they cannot solve how to stop the causes of conflict then there is little hope for the rest. There is no group which does not offend another group, but there are good people on all sides. Spies sneak in to pose as friends & trick every group to cause hate & trouble. If they succeed with peace then the lessons may be useful to others.

It is infuriating that good people who value & study science & ecology are spied on by agents of evil who steal valuable information & cause them problems. It is theft but I know they get a fake feeling they earn it just because they put some simple-minded time & effort for it. Another comedy of the world, that these pathetic parasites feel proud of work like that & put such a drag on society. These mischief makers want to be the traffic jams, diseases & farm shitpiles of life, the enemy of engineers & scientists. Like livestock, they like to shit where they eat & live. These silly idiots do not like to arrange for the good things or right things to happen, but the bad things to happen. So incredibly shameful & unworthy (I have seen some unworthiness too in Berke1ey, Pa1o A1to/Si1icon Valley/Va1ley Med1ical Ctr, 1os Angeles, East Coast). I expected cool things, not this low class bullshit behavior from the masters of a high technology society.

I assume any spy is very cynical & adept at seeing deception, but clearly they are reliant on these bizarre psychological flaws of people. They are cynically good at taking advantage of them but their ignorance of the huge value of the life around them is very silly, so I better point this next thing out now. Evil would obviously try to trick spies into doing evil to good people by telling you it is a plan to eventually create good much later on. The problem is that much later is never soon & becomes almost never. If you are following orders to do sabotage away from your home base, how can you be sure someone has not slipped in fake orders & uses you?! That evil can be any form of prejudice, abuse, slavery, sexism, etc. Observe that the problems are in doing evil to good people & that the short periods of evil always last forever & good never increases. Noting history, clearly evil is very very sly & deceives many good people. Think whether acts cause good or evil results. This is a very valuable point (or reminder) & worth repeating throughout life. Away from home base, good spies should try to compare with each other & reject evil commands & beware capture by evil agents. Papers have been published (like a famous one by Stanley Milgram from Harvard) describing how students in lab experiments followed orders to inflict torture on other students simply for experimental purposes. The lesson is that at least this certain set of Harvard students can be put in environments & find themselves more easily manipulated into doing bad things to people they claim they would not do on their own.
Your major foreign intelligence agencies involve themselves in every variation of crime, from drugs to sex & child sex to counterfeits. Evil will try to lure their recruits deeper. It is up to them to tell their "stories" if they want to. They can email reporters & pay writers, I refuse to be an unpaid explainer & I just guess what they do.

Cheaters & thieves tell themselves & others that they get labelled as "too honorable" if they try to be good & live ethically & that weaklings with ethics get crushed when the cheaters wish to. Sure, if everyone thinks cheating about everything is the way to live. Then they should also think what another cheater or thief would do when they see others take or destroy things they bought. Or what took effort to build. So how is it that so much patience is shown to all this destruction?!

If those with the most power think fairness is more the way to live, then the cheaters & thieves get put into the position of "very unworthy" & meet trouble in life.

Words should not hurt a tough war maker or hard person battling for power. Laugh if they claim constructive criticism injures them or words are so harsh. Hurt feelings!? Violence & crime is glorified, not clear thinking. Any complaints they can say about any of these comments here are sly jokes. If harsh words mattered, prices would be low, rules more permissive & their violence would stop. I often saw them do harrassment & just ignore harsh anger. Laugh if they complain about just words, just criticism, or hurt feelings. They set prices, rules & punishment, take money & permit some to do things that others can not. And what is to fear about revealing truth? They hide information about themselves but force the rest to reveal theirs. It is such a laugh: things with mean hard attitudes are chosen because they are so easy to con into acts which insult the scientific technology represented by life and now border on suicidal disaster. These hard cynics are a laugh when they feel love or care. For these cynical things (ones), those are just jokes, only things to exploit and deceive others about without conscience. They only believed in it as a child, and they hoped to grow up to destroy life around them. The joke is, if these things do not believe in cooperative emotions, they think illogically too. There is no logical reason to cooperate if there is no mutual help and trust, which describes many of the things I observe about what is called friendship. Then these things are enemies to everything, once they are understood. I think they are naive about what is probable. Without being given spy cameras and recorders, or told about genetics often, they would not even think it is happening. Those things are just smart enough to carry out the cheating and destruction. They are stupid or silly enough to totally ignore how someone with their attitude who cares for that life would react to their insults. Cheating and theft do not build or create, but they say it is the core of life. They are far from the most evolved species for vio1ence and talk of survival of the fittest without thinking it through, so ironic since people are much less fit than most species. Why do they restrict or check for weap0ns? It is truly funny how they love violence and seem to think playing interplanetary war would be fun and profitable. These fools act like they do not know protecting ecological resources is a main purpose of life. Life has not dealt bipeds such a hard and unpleasant situation, if one really thinks about it. True, what I am saying may have been whispered while I was asleep as a last try to keep irrational exploitation and control going a while longer.

The class of biped agents who do spy ops (operations) seem to like acting like low class thugs who threaten violence. Emotions, embedded insecurities & psychological history can often lead flawed bipeds to make up for emotional imbalances & problems by violent threats or showing off power. I suspect it is a trait which got spread through the current privileged ops class. The gangs & thugs seem spread over much of the world. These thugs get cheap housing but overcharge for criminal products but respectable people pay excess rent. They do not care how angry they make those who know how they abuse & negate the logical principles for business & civilization. You do not want a nation whose ordinary members must have weap0ns ready everywhere for violence.

Also, small children will probably always be in big danger of efforts to use them in every role that adults play. And an "only child" (no brothers/sisters) needs help learning to share, cooperate & live with others.

Why have our societies been locked to a structure where engineering supports so much mischief?
The production & goodness in your society and your ecosystem can only be sabotaged & mistreated up to a limit. If you mean to try to break it & destroy these living resources & continue to act with naive idiocy inviting disaster, you can truly bring dire consequences on yourselves, all society, or even this world. Humans are causing rapid loss of living things & an ecological emergency.

There is an attack on the esteem of so many groups & often that reflects an inner problem of the attacker. I have seen that agents are given the advantage of egos which feel insensitive to others opinions, of course (even if they should listen!), so to cause change some of this criticism about how they are being suckered into behaving foolishly must be severe. You manipulate actors by over flattery & pumping up ego's. These abusive agents are far too proud of themselves. Humans are causing an ecosystem emergency & rapid loss of living things. I am saying several things & you should assess the priorities about them. It is about time to wake up, silly! Yesterday was already too late. That is really asking for it, you know!

I could not examine my inspiration, but it led to explanations, reasons & theories for actions. That is a lot more than I think many in ops get with their orders. Why that has not been appreciated much more, I really do not understand. No doubt some tried to delay my actions & moves to pass these messages along. In fact, I suspect it is deliberate sabotage on society's goodness & there are traitors & saboteurs to blame.
As I said already, the most obvious way for evil to weaken good is to lie to good sp1es, especially away from home base, and say evil will be caused for a short time to create chaos & allow the good sp1es to take over. Are you using the most advanced, tamper proof means you can imagine, that cannot be broken for a trillion years by an incredible brain who malevolently dislikes this whole world? Compare orders & think whether you are causing evil & avoid capture by evil. (I wonder if many doing ops or many poor people will ever get these thoughts)

Terrorism as well as spy war is global now. Assess how much you may be a target or in a target area. Almost any college campus is a risk area. Look at all the secur1ty weaknesses at libraries & campuses still to be fixed. Just your identity & ID cards are useful. Rethink how to protect every aspect of your life & information. It is so easy to take advantage of trust to cheat. But trust is very hard to win back! Making lasting peace between rational independent thinkers who have a realistic knowledge of power is very difficult. Cheaters & combatants must live with these problems. I seek not the fight for power & dominance.
Of course from many points of view people & living things across this world have all been subject to life's tricks & perplexing oddness. I doubt con men enjoy feeling conned & manipulated. Harming or killing living things like people is a trivial matter since they have such flaws. On the reverse side, keeping their complex systems healthy & creating products to improve them is a great challenge. This applies to societies too. If an agency has the best of the power situation & cheats someone unfairly, it is normal for them to distrust any person from any organization for a very long time - 9 years or even more. They can vote with their dollars & reduce spending. They can stop trusting anyone to hold their money. Expect demands & extra effort for complete paperwork & guarantees for transactions. And to be asked how you would feel if everyone starts cheating you & to be observed to see who responds in what way. Remind yourself how valuable trust & integrity is & what a hassle breaking it causes. See how difficult it is for them to trust anyone now even if someone tries to sooth them into a false sense of trust too soon.

The wonder & awesome luck that these complex living creations are actually here with us in our world amazes me, yet at the same time there is the confusing "mediocrity", sadness, huge frustrations & seeming resistance to achieving daily goals built into almost each flow & transaction of the same societies we live in or visit. There is the daily frustrations of delays, traffic, work, bureaucracy & disappointments with teams, love, work, sex, business, vacations, days off & friendships. The constant annoyances of apartments, homes, family, vehicles & equipment, rot, rust & problems of crime, betrayal & other kinds of abuse. Ads promise fun, sex, scenery, adventure & smart engineering. What you buy is long hours in a seat to travel or a car with controls that are not built the way you want. There is so little quality time & real enjoyment when working or on vacation & even less self-fulfillment but so much emptiness to life, yet any time I look & think about any living or electronic thing, it seems so miraculous & graceful. Such a paradox & so wrong somehow. Many thought they would do something meaningful in life & find it so meaningless after they start working. Agents may feel defeating threats from other agencies makes their life meaningful, but animals like coyotes, hyenas, dung beetles & ants fight constant battles for territory or food likely as meaningless & meaningful as theirs. Stopping the waste, abuse & degradation of all forms of life has meaning but hopefully not to be the only meaning.

We are flawed & make many mistakes inviting disasters. The captains of society must understand this & guard against the dangers even more. Only foolishly naive infants trust luck to forgive their silly blunders forever. Everyone I know tires soon of changing diapers. If there is a reason I give a damn any more, I fucking forgot.

The ideas on my web page can get many people to feel badly about how thoughtlessly they have misused life. Remember to keep a relative perspective if you are environmentally responsible. Compare it to industrial level destruction, death & suffering. If you feel too ashamed you are probably being manipulated by those who caused much more abuse. I think it is the secret agencies in control who have the most responsibility & need to change things.

Putting forth computationally simple observations about life, even if they are sometimes forgotten, while trying to stay careful & go through some precautions becomes tiresome; it can be more so for one who knows more I expect. But 2 reminders are always worthwile: remember what values & struggles got you started & review the deeper ethics & beliefs frequently. Life brings problems & diversions that often challenge them or draw attention elsewhere. Re-analyze if you are operating with your ethics or losing sight of them. I learned to be much less naive about this than before.
I give just partial steps or hints on some lines of thinking & assume you can complete the reasoning over time. The pay is a disgrace & my time has been wasted as it is. I will say the rest of this civilly & pretty politely, considering.

(© All writing is copyrighted. Get written permission before copying or quoting it in any form. Of course, it is my choice to apply that, against opponents of these opinions. Act wisely)

Things I have been thinking about

A2. After hiking & travelling around alot, I appreciate nature's surprises more than ever. It mystifies & amazes me even though it was in the big El Nino & La Nina weather of 97/98. Abusing & polluting habitats to pump profits up is silly! It screws up fish ecology in a major way for example.
It is just putting pearls before sarcastic swine to abuse with no appreciation of how complex they really are! It is like how you can use technology without appreciating it. A logical mind would value each organism & preserve a wide variety of each one. What a disappointment that people who have taken science class are so unappreciative & oblivious! It is so silly! If a spy or scientist found a machine built much better than their best, or surprisingly even more capable, they would save it. Somehow a silly mental block of self delusion occurs so people bulldoze & chainsaw on complex living things. It is incredibly silly of spies to support this kind of foolish idiocy. What a comically unrational situation! Many things are priced or subsidized below their real (redesign) value, others above logical value - like spiders (or birds) versus homes, electricity versus drugs. The system that brings water over mountains to Los Angeles, California from 700 miles away is subsidized: fat or lazy people casually use 150 pounds of it to clean sidewalks & it costs less than maybe the liter of gas or .25 kWh of electricity to run a device engineered to do that. This shows how many do not realize indirect values. Do you see why the way the huge masses of people now live are such a destructive load on the world? The ripple effects of what they consume (property, food) is massive. Look at a crowded event, highway, or campus at class change & imagine all the excessive waste their lives cause, then what they need to live. What will you consume?
...The planet is a closed loop system. Natural areas clean & make fresh water & air by a surprisingly pleasant & reliable process so keep them healthy.
Local state protection has to be promoted or created to ensure companies preserve ecology as federal enforcement decreases. An expert told me that sewer systems are overloaded when it rains & cannot do all the normal treatment. Anything to reduce flow into the sewers in the time around a heavy rain helps. Keep drugs & chemicals out of drain water because they are not neutralized so living things get dosed by them. Oil, antifreeze & other chemicals flowing off concrete into storm drains flow untreated into water systems. Do everything possible to keep traps like nets, fishing line, soda can six-pack rings & gut-clogging plastic from getting loose into water systems. Humans are causing an ecosystem emergency & rapid loss of living things.
I better say I borrowed some phrases before that I read on other pages. I know I am never totally sure how stuff ends up in or out of my files & I have done my best with the tampering checks. (Click this to see web page with a good point of view on ecology) There are many possible reasons why civilized life is so unsatisfying & illogical. Irrational personal emotions may decide everything, not reason. Chaos & war can cause enormous waste. Maybe uncaring selfishness & dislike caused the un-greening of each nation. That web page link gives the only consistent logical reasoning describing our civilized life in relation to nature.
....Can you remember a friendly interest in living things when you were growing up?! It does not feel good & seem cool anymore. Now sabotaging my stuff/my memory, & lying & spying feels good & seems cool & a big thing not to be ashamed of. These semi-smart tricks impress you more after "growing" up to understand the world & be a independent decision maker. Life on this world is really beyond our understanding, so how should actions be decided on?! Environmentalists everywhere are rewarded with sabotage for telling you to help yourselves. It is life's constant irony. Are you just a mischief-maker now & a menace & enemy to everyone else? Well, some people have phases where changing diapers feels good too. It feels fun but it will be a bummer when it happens to you. Think & make lab animals & test subjects happy & reduce pain. I am running out of kindness & I expect the ones I speak for know covert ops & how to use power very well.
.......There are NO maps, faucets, supermarkets, timeouts (from getting eaten alive or anything else!), or laws for wild animals when mankind makes them refugees. Only any kindness, values & respect they happen to feel for fellow residents of earth. Dare to go in an unfenced Jurass1c Park of mountains & deserts (that is what is left) with you in the middle of the food chain & sneaking with your pups to find a new place to make a home? Go hike & think what it is like. Then switch your thinking & see the biochemistry working inside everything around you.
There are only a few numerous types of plants & animals in any one region, especially now, & the sea has few exceptions. TV shows cause the wrong impression by merging moments from long efforts. Hurricane Katr1na 2005 flooding forced people to flee New Or1eans. It is so dramatic for bipeds to see ones like themselves flee destruction of homes & territory & even die. Note how very hot & nasty it is over there after services shut off. It was supposed to be a sleazy criminal & corrupt society, called the "big easy". The criminal looting & chaos is a drama of predation & a breakdown of trust & safety that many take for granted & rely on. Yet it is only a partial extreme of individual cheating, predation & selfishness.
I am not proud to admit having some things made with animal & rare wood products, but it was practical. It is typically shocking to hear about animals tearing apart & mutilating someone like you but, hypocritically, people think nothing about having them killed them daily because they can be eaten or are inconvenient. Ever notice how much it hurts to bite your lip or your tongue by mistake?! So before jumping into a wild area to log & bulldoze I think it is nice to make some noise & vibration beforehand. Clue to different life cycles & patterns. This is one time people can alarm wildlife with noise to help them. Mostly our vehicle noise scares them & breaks their sleep probably, more so when noise carries farther. Life discards many experiments - look at examples in recent & fossil history or the fate of Aztec & Atlantis' people or Neanderthals. Books say the Aztec religion made them easier to conquer. Stop taking the luck of life for granted. Humans are causing an ecosystem emergency & rapid loss of living things. And until each gene or protein in a species reappears, there is no proof it will ever happen, for those that think that is possible. Not that there is the data to know.

What do you think a child should do if someone tells them to throw away a computer, parent's biology lab notes, or a robot (that they do not understand yet)? (Why would someone tell them to do that!?) Well, this ecological destruction is the equivalent. It is like '50s people find Cray or other supercomputers from this time & destroy them to make trash cans, animal cages & meat hooks. It is very unwise to act so stupidly. Agencies should start supporting conservation instead of destructive companies. Some people are beginning to learn the secrets of these biology creations & use it to build more useful things. But it does seem that maintaining an entire balanced circular network of predators & "enablers" keeps ecosystems healthy in this world. Many scientists have said to protect the environment! How would a smart factory owner view crewmen that go throwing away computers containing data & prototypes of future machines? I expect the owner would be very indifferent about their futures. There are too few reasons found to do good things & too many excuses for acting badly against something. Humans are causing an ecosystem emergency & rapid loss of living things. To a rational mind this ecology destruction really is especially stupid & callous... if emotions matter much in our world. Everything gets a fresh start to life as they explore the world with joy after birth, not that most are totally naive about danger. Funny how the things done turn life downhill mostly from there. No wise person can say our civilization operates rationally. All kinds of damage is caused & mediocrity is produced to increase profits for one company instead of trying to increase the efficiency of entire society. Even so, people replace fuel, batteries & other raw materials. They do not steal & destroy cars, buildings & cities to get the fuel, concrete & metal inside them. The way we use the environment now is like that. Our civilizations provide no way for anyone to eat or live rationally in light of what any person's scientific ability is. Markets can shift conveniently to products completely made from nondestructive synthetics. Most consumers inflict little damage on the world directly, but the fact is almost everything is made by destroying the environment partially. Making trivial junk is one of the worst insults. Using plastic or recycled farm sources is less insulting. We still use black pavement & roofing in hot climates too! Society destroys so much by relentless building, greed, snacking & vehicles that do not avoid life in their path. You will not like being treated the same way. It is very, very late to rebuild & save life in the ecosystem. None of our mechanical/industrial systems build new copies of themselves! Is our biological information our personal property? Then what of other living things? It is lucky that living things build themselves since we can not (except if miserable in [zoo or lab] cages). You would be in trouble if you break a car or computer, whether borrowed or shopping, but life is built seemingly so cheaply that lack of respect for them can get by without noticing the mistake. Life often separates permanent success & happiness from the illusory tricky goals of more paper wealth, property & power.

Almost since the beginning there have been movies and TV shows saying we need to show conscience towards the value of all life. Just when does it get through to society and what does it take?! They/you do not walk out of stores or jobs soaked with blood, but only because they found ways to wash it off or keep it away. Psychological blood shows much longer. Rational smart minds understand the consequences of their choices, though. Comprehend the hidden consequences that you ignore of the neatly packaged things you buy. It is silly even to destroy complex plants, but want a hint of the reality of making animal foods and products for you? See some slaughter houses or animal farms if you can. See food districts like "Chinatown" which display animal parts and live animals and smell the awful odor of parts which must be disposed, often not in the sewer. Ghetto's like that hide other nasty facts. Highway 99 north of 152 passes many places that smell funny of animal manure. Turning onto route J17 towards Patterson passes some stinking cattle pens. Those who have been put in jail get some idea of what animals in farm or zoo cages and pens feel. There are many views to puzzle over: live free, then die; possibly cleaner, less polluted, farm feeding or better, safer conditions for stupid farm life; deplete known or unknown genes. What made all the slaughter & unfeeling abuse possible by these things who called themselves thinkers was arrogance & an attitude that other living things were worthless or evil. Like a squid felt it was better than a shrimp that can not signal, a bluejay felt a bee was primitive or unvaluable, not knowing it pollinates plants or makes honey. If you are a rare and special being who is improving and creating better ecology, have many children, otherwise, each biped is a large drain on ecology. Reduce population; children are huge trouble: birth, cleaning, sleep loss, "terrible" two's and teens of rebellion. Each one will ask you to help care with their children. Few if any are sure what a child will grow to be.

Agencies race to learn more about living things. For lack of good methods, these emotionally driven things often go through emotional distress & torture so people can learn a few secrets, ironically (& secrecy increases this). You will not like that to be done to yourself. This abuse is condoned by what people buy & support. Try to think of some alternatives to using living things. You may get ideas & find some good results if you are lucky.

If there was a government for part of a galaxy, I wonder what kind of laws it might have. I do not know what laws can apply to all forms of chem1stry & life in a part of the universe like this. No message from space has been publicized announcing them. The government might be hidden. It is totally unfair if one could not even find out what the laws are now. Maybe there is an implicit rule of behavior that can be applied to anything. There is punishment for attacking, interfering with & pretending to be an agent of the law here. As anyone thinks about how to act it is wise to know the retaliation is usually severe here. Unauthorized use of military weapons is illegal. Laws vary & change. They are meant to sustain an order or control in society, not to be a mathematical logic system. It might restrict types of animals differently. Laws for electronics, vehicles & medicine differ very much. One technology may be copyrighted differently than another, etc. The abuse & waste of life could well be something that would be illegal in a rational system. But there are too few reasons found to do good things & too many excuses to profit by doing bad.

One can expect each black to be kind to every other black, mexican to other mexican, white to other white, woman to other woman, hippo to other hippo, etc. Sure... Not true! If a business wants to tell me it is ethical to workers, it should start posting live verifiable internet video of workplaces. Then we could see how things are really made too.

Humans put too low a value on living things & their abilities. Well, it can be looked at like they devalue you & your abilities in just the same way when you get sick from a germ, or eaten by mosquitoes, fungus, etc, or they attack a thing you own. You are just something to use for materials, or a system to manipulate & experiment on for morons.
I saw a female elephant whose leg was blown off by a left-over war land mine on a TV show. This is not funny, but vicious & primitive. What is this damn bullshit! Who won and left it there, who is so stupid to build mines that do not turn off & how did they learn to make it?! That type of animal is smart, family-oriented & feels like we can feel - this is well known. They help many other animals, too. Leave innocent animals, civilians & children out of the wars for power! Exploiting them and robbing them seems more than bad enough. Un-targeted violent weapons or traps are so irresponsible. Save it for the most desperate situations. I saw a person say they cut a limb off to escape a trap before thirst killed them. Animals expect to be eaten alive if they can not get free. Rumors of animals making similar horrible choices to get free are told.

Handling a living thing gently so it does not cause trouble takes some time. My own patience, humor, and time is limited, and rougher tools and methods that I have are limited. I doubt that changes so much with more numbers and technology. I recommend listening to polite advice even if it is about saving ecology. Funny, most people are too fat (often on cheap food) though they hate being fat and even if they think it looks bad. Many over-spend and handle credit badly. Some gamble or lose money on stocks illogically. Funny, poetically enough, social ecological resource spending is out of control too. It is just starting to try to control it sustainably. Is it out of reasonable control now? There is more talk than action. I have only seen or read of tiny success at restoring unique types of constructively valuable species or ecosystems. Those clowns still break, kill and strangle the high technology pieces of the ecosystem machine without understanding much of the pieces or the whole! "Strange Days on Planet Earth" is a 4 part PBS show which gives other perspectives on it.

B. My theory is, the disadvantaged - the minorities - are locally treated & twisted by the social power so that they are often disliked or even hated by power wielders(& the inverse). Like Jews in Naz1 Germany, Arab Mus1ims in Eur0pe & the US.
Especially if you are Boring In The USA. "So tell me, what don't you like about yourself?" (FX networks). Is fear or loathing driving this? It is a totally possible mission to cause this. We are part of a giant universe; diversity is a little important & valuable. Prejudice is an idiocy to oversimplify complexity. Often what bothers you most is a thing you have had trouble with in yourself. If a computer caused you trouble, cruelty to a similar model DOES NOT punish who really did it. See why emotions create vastly illogical behavior in things like this? It is a comically unrational situation. There are good people of any type. Critics of racism have to use examples like this (without projecting emotional personalities onto them). Build things & you will see nothing is ever exactly alike, too. It is a skill to adapt to differences. Discuss things with others in the same category. Going in & overcharging, mugging, or harassing other minorities angers other races & people who are fair towards you. It is against your own self-interest, suckers. Around Oakland, it seems many black people are prejudiced against & harass asians, hispanics & almost all other races they randomly meet. So many poor people fall into racism's & sexism's traps.
College is often a time when upper middle class people meet a drop into semi-poverty. Many are so resentful to others about it. It is a good learning experience. You can relate to the poor now. You know, women & people of foreign background often show much more grace & class about it & do not complain that much. In fact, they should probably mention it to new friends & heckle old friends on the unfairness more often.
A new thing, racism? Creating racist feelings to bypass reason & get people to do things? Sexism often goes with racism or misusing children. Black mice against white against yellow. Very old strategy, really. California itself had a bad history of railroading people racistly in many ways & the pattern of psychological, medical & job problems afflicting groups suspiciously indicates continuing mal-adjusted racist attitudes at agencies. Suppose you can catch most fake impostors or messages. What is the best way for a (foreign) spy to trick you? Act like a very nice friendly trustworthy person from your own nation. They are fully able to convincingly act that way to play nasty tricks. Thus any professional spy knows that what they feel about looks or talk matters nothing at all. Likes are fads which change by decades or centuries. Yet there are prejudiced racist/sexist spies who want to create a "brave new" human world with looks that cause their mixed up psyches to feel pleased & discard biochemistry which does not. Those living things learn the fact about impressions being foolish only in a few ways. For a few years, so often like it was orchestrated, like the Truman Show, it seemed like black people, particularly, always just happened to be getting in the way at the perfect moments (of all things in this world, it is not so much to impress others by). Today, 2 vehicles just happened to pass by me at an odd time again. I paused to see who was in this car & the black woman driver shouts loud racist stuff, then comes speeding back and a black guy gets out the other side and throws something that hits me! What a waste of a thinking mind. A little delay annoys THEM a lot. What a deluded waste, instead of living real life. It also COULD have been an act. With technology, they might not really be black, just assuming identities.
Fine ideas & philosphies have come from various other ethnic groups. So many times they are taken up & presented in the media by a majority figure. It is troubling that there is this problem with presenting an appreciative likable side of each other (or most ethnic groups). Most ethnic groups never or rarely get sympathetic portrayals in media like movies or shows. I guess the laptop computers are afraid of liking the desktop ones.

C2. It is a braver newer world every day. But we exist as individuals, not a collective colony of clones like ants or bees.
We are lucky, keep it that way! (Click this for a web page on individuality) I also agree that mind control should not even be attempted & movies about it like Zoo1ander should kept off sate1lite. Technology prices are not ridiculously low enough? Look at clothing or food. Thought control can do the same thing to technology amp; other businesses). What happens if it leaks out? Watch out - there are security flaws about too many things in life. Some real smug jerks in the spy agencies & stock markets have been suckered into thinking they are so clever they can hide that they are working on this. And funding environmental destruction. Those who ignore (wage) slavery or sweatshops making clothes, food, etc. have only a weak right to complain about free services competing with what they want to sell! They will start paying buyers big bribes to outsell companies that pay honest wages. They might even cut prices. What a reward for business integrity. You are trying not to raise local wages & bankrupt evil (as well as a huge danger to yourself) by buying (is it cheaper?) things made by (wage) slaves? How long do you hope they wait before they attack your company & job? They act out all the dark sides of human behavior in wage slavery. They force people to work when it is very hot & spend nothing so you get workers making your products maintained in great health & sanitation, probably like sneakers made in Indonesia (wildlife is losing there too). People are worked overtime under pressure while others live a lazy life. Technology bartering & lower foreign costs of living with logically lower wages is one thing - sweatshops & slavery are totally different. The hope must be that their god taught them how to bargain so tough & does not know the prices for commercial machinery & air conditioners! They are aware that nothing in life is really given for free. Big discounts happen honestly only with automated production or if dumping slow selling or out of season goods (well, there are bankruptcies, fakes & stolen stuff too). It is a comically messed up problem. Low wages may force more efficient & maybe less destructive interaction with the environment. Independent thinkers better act smart & prove their system is more creative & competitive. Independent minds can stop this war on the natural world & appreciate, cooperate & interact creatively with ecology so that the environment does not have to hate your existence. But take a warning from Jurassic Park & Battlestar Galactica - be multiply sure in many ways that anything created is in your control even if it gets away or stolen from you. Trusting luck is foolish.
Develop only the kind of things you are willing for the dark side & your enemies to get (because everything gets copied eventually & there are always enemies on the dark side no matter what side you are on). The dark side will use your inventions & put you back to using rocks & spears again if you do not watch out (if it even lets you have spears). Companies in the car & consumer disease business do not do as some bio1ogists are willing to do with their products, which is sell or trade self reproducing lab animals & clones. Expert staff is needed to use the drugs right. If the whole world population lived like the most privileged people do now, it would drain world resources fast. I have read this many times. Fat must mean rich. What a sarcastic joke that slavers acting harshly can accidentally relieve people's harsh behavior towards the environment.
Your indecisive & sensitive friends are more vulnerable to mind control. Keep an eye on them & reinforce their independence & self-esteem. If you feel unassertive & criticized about your decisions, psych yourself up to take the initiative & say you do not want any stupid meddling. Complain helpfully but firmly about criticism, that is when "you're not wrong". It is weird that just taking the offensive from the start reduces trouble. If ("you are not wrong" &) you get hostility back, especially from someone who is regularly critical, then this is probably a trained professional at beating down ego & decisiveness, or someone whose emotions are being twisted. A good person will stop beating your ego down if you tell them. It is unlikely you will get anything useful from them so escape the argument. But it is often wrong to casually break the law, be cruel, torture, destroy, or kill directly or indirectly for profit that does not count real value. That is usually rare. Except keep trying to improve about food & ecology.
....If they try to cheat you with mind control tricks,
do not trust a hunch at all! It is vital to think cynically from every possible angle all the time when you are being put through this kind of trickery. You might be right about something if you have. So give things or do favors only if paid well since they are trying to manipulate you & tracing what you do. Laugh at them as they come around to make faces & act trying to scare or somehow get you to change plans or do what they want. They spent time practicing all that.
Simple complex phrases can NOT be sent by mere facial expressions, random words are already hard! Getting a thought with the pose needs a mind control trick or tactic! To see how limited faces or poses are to communicate, try using them to send your own thoughts to strangers & see. Or go to a place where signals are blocked & play the game of charades (people act, without using language, so others will guess a random word or phrase).
Nothing is totally or even mostly true, with rare exceptions, as you may now know.
Anyone or thing should prove their identity & give a complete explanation.
A big mistake is to assume it is part of some whole network of assumed beliefs you have seen before.
Taper off all mind altering drugs. Drug dealers are everwhere, but Amsterdam, Berkeley & Santa Cruz are very lenient on pot & Berkeley is now voting on legalizing prostitution. California funds (drug) anti-addiction centers.
These web pages may be hard to absorb while being dosed with their drugs. Shorter sentences could be used but may not be better & the web page is free. You can try rewriting the sentences yourself into shorter pieces.

Possibly, they do this behavioral manipulation by dosing the victim somehow. If they find out someone nice will meet their victims, they can also dose them with lack of self worth or other antisocial feeling before they meet, in order to keep them from forming a relationship that can help them. Or these jerks can also irritate & anger them, or deliberately get in their way to make nasty or threatening faces to annoy/scare them & put them into a bad mood. They could be trying to reinforce paranoia on a regular schedule with sequences of very obvious meetings with their spies so that their targets mistakenly assume everyone they meet will be one of their spies. Maybe they try driving people into furious mad mistaken logic so they do violence to the impersonated target (trained liars usually do not show you they are guilty) by altering video or impersonating a target or group to act like they order or smirk at your suffering. Of course they could also try to arrange for others to help them accomplish this also. Often there are odd high frequency emissions, sometimes definitely from external things but other times unknown how the sense occurs. They can have something to do with it.
If you find you "remember things better" around someone, might as well stick around a while. Consider getting away from all the trickery in civilization & go out into nature for a while. Prepare well for driving to hike or camp in remote areas, but if you are lucky you may enjoy simple interesting encounters with other living things who do not tell you a set of lies to cheat you. It is a kindness to really appreciate. Just recognize the intelligence & right stuff they have to survive there. I do not care if the abusers in ops are neurotic but I will tell you biology is amazing & no aspect is logically embarassing whether hiking, camping, doing sports, exercising, etc. It is all part of life. Animals accept themselves as they are & all their bodily functions. It is funny how we need industrial products to keep things pleasant.

D. Remind yourself often of your values & ethics when it comes to sex & love. I theorize many forget when lust hits & oddly do what they will not in most other situations. It does not help to send mixed messages & mean yes but say no. Worse, there are expert liars who use everything they can steal & copy & buy to get sex (give them repair warranties for what they steal?). People of all orientations often play the fool for sociable confidence men (& women) & "dirty rotten scoundrels". Some have an odd view that hurting feelings is hardly anything. Be cynical about the illogical thing called love.
....In the war of the sexes, there are many civilian injuries, even if it is meant to be gentler than other kinds of war. Serious effort & science goes into manipulating sex for control. Watch out! The combatants dress just like civilians in a spy war. It makes sex a big problem. No one thinks getting love to work out is hard enough as it is. Do not take my opinion but this is the way it is until someone invents a wiser, kinder, more pleasant alternative type of war than this one with sex. It does help to force one to think how random that love & sex preference is. It is a comically unrational situation! I am aware of much manipulation about sex & feel there is a gay/lesbian/bisexual agenda too among the metrosexuals. Some try to tease & promote sexual desire joined with planned sexual frustration or extortion. Sexy dress & chatter contributes to manipulation. They try to use sexual desire to lead people around & influence actions. This joke is definitely very, very, very annoying for me now. Some deny any legal rights at all to prostitution, pornography & sex with anyone you are not married to. Some even try to make fantasy & masturbation guilty! I do not know what the right ethical reaction is. It all deserves "blogging" for sure. The various industries related to sex are not famous for ethics to both customers & workers. Foreigners can own or manage property & I expect a foreign spy would use their identity (& whoever!) to install spy devices. Dressing, sex & showering become big privacy problems. Even parents should not see that past a certain growth stage. Agencies can use desire to motivate spies to spy of course (hetero/homo/bisexuals!). As soon as I cover up or paint something over for privacy, the next day it is like something is undone here or there. It takes a lot of time trying to keep privacy. Home security wants to double check biometrics in case of identity theft, maybe. Most people look unsexy totally naked, but probably there are ways to make some excited by less attractive sights. (Well, there are ways to dose anyone to be excited by any level of clothing. If you go fully enclosed in a barrel someone will feel that kind of barrel is exciting.) A cynic can joke that porn from spying must be used for profit or power sometimes. You usually only give permission to be seen naked for free to people you want to date. What a problem! Porn is a profit item. If spies get to see people in states of undress, then sexy stuff sure should be ok. If only there is a voluntary way so home security pays for a scan from a boring angle so they pay us for once. We certainly demand controls & restrictions on those kind of spy cameras that impress even the smartest cryptographers. One problem is a tactic of allowing constant leaks & other security failures to profit by constant fixes or upgrades. Electronics companies better be on this issue. Light polyester passes near-visible light to cameras, so wear a skirt or sheer clothes at your own risk of exciting a manipulator spying from below or above. Let spies run that risk if they want. Reveal preferences like environmentalism at your own risk & use judgement (S0mething About Mary).
It is unfair to women to bear children & most of the burden of raising them, yet be tricked cruelly in love often or worse yet with mind control tricks so that they do even more unrewarding work. It is possible they made nice smart guys into geeks so women will have few attractive choices And force those nice guys to take lesser choices. That is emotional torture though. Women settle for deceptive manipulators who leave too soon plus get them to do the menial tasks. A fairly attractive media or music star who is rich & famous usually can choose from many attractive people to date. It is odd when their ability to relate is perverse.
I will laugh if my advice on love helps anyone, but here are 7 things:
|- I will just state that good love brings good things into your life (in a logical sense free of emotion) & equally you to your lover.
|- And also that it takes time to know what they are like & believe in (words mean little without actions) to truly love someone. Suspect love that just overtakes you swiftly before you do know them. Suspect what motives someone has for you to fall in love so unwisely. Suspect lust too. There is always information stolen, pain & loss in feelings & also time & productivity, as well as other sly tricks played. Any time you start to feel a new love, examine it this way. Get some space & time away from them, clear your head & think logically about it. This could be a reverse trick so you do that, if they somehow cannot make them or you a turnoff. You know, it is like a pack of hound dogs. They want to see if they have stuff that works on you, so be determined - to fool them. Why is someone a turnoff? Think it over objectively & relatively. It varies a lot by societies & time. Artistic images of beauty have been much different over time.
|- Review that class & book on sexuality & sexual diseases. Figure out how to prevent them. There are few fixes to reverse diseases.
|- If sex desires get out of control, too bad but avoid television & most magazines & places with ads. Nature programs are more ok. Read books without romance.
|- Maybe they experiment on how to make people lose control emotionally. And make them submissive & quiet about being over-charged, over-worked & ordered around, to cheat them about money, sex, emotion & quality of life. Or sabotage what they can do so they buy laughably mediocre offerings. Know when & how to stop (sexual) harassment & exploitation. Letting mere words and expressions control and hurt us is bad, I think.
|- Talk like a smart person in discussions if you want mental respect. It is much harder to build respect if women do not. So what if the idea is not perfect!? The whole world is very far from making perfect decisions! I know, many just want to get along.
|- Love that does not feel good & brings pain & also cruelty is very likely bad for you. Tell yourself over & over to wise up & punt the scammer. Regret just wastes your energy. Be happy. Now that you catch on, think it over & decide what to do immediately & make your life better as you best can continually.

They do not remember kind & caring mothers (& fathers)? It is a quick guess what kinds of people are victimized regularly. Spy war is going on globally! If you are fighting a war in ops, do you have ethics you fight for or are you just an enemy to everyone & is it so desperate you can not be selective? Do you know how it is for the victims? Hurting a similar model car as one that hurt you before DOES NOT punish who really did it. I say again that emotions do not make you act logically at all. Tactics & ethics causing noncom(n)batant casualties should be judged more harshly. There are good people on all sides. But how long does it take to know someone is good - is a day, week, or month good enough? There is no group which does not offend another group. All this ongoing hatred is like a joke of life. Are you using the most advanced, tamper proof means you can imagine, that can not be broken for a trillion years by an incredible evil brain? I repeat this question. If you get orders to sabotage someone or thing away from your home base, how can you be sure someone has not slipped in fake orders & uses you?!

"Romance" languages like English, French, Spanish or Italian started from a common base. Considering how many tricks go on with sex or love for power or profit by so many groups, the tricks of phrases about love can be true indeed:
lovesick = kiss evil almost backwards
amorous, so close to amoral (business)
l'amour/amore [love], almost la mort(e) [death, love and death]
kiss of death, an expression in these languages!
....just great. And spies act so convincingly nice or loving. Somehow a kid gets sick & passes it to parents or others too.

It is extremely uncool in a severe way how ones who give off what ordinary people feel is confidence & cool style really help in the lame silly destruction of living feeling life science. They soon turn to be lousy partners and selfish sexists when rationally viewed. They make a mistake & call them alpha males or girls in the cool clique. Men who mistreat them, divorce, give no help with raising children & give little reward to those who raise them. Funny how women help make this trait more successful instead of punishing it. Many do not deserve that but some who thought about it rationally but still act in a sleazy uncaring way do. They should want the trait for nice engineers & scientists with integrity (this is meant in a scientific way). There is such a tiny chance a biped will create a net benefit in true biochemical diversity that it is worth advising they reduce population until truly moral & beneficial biochemical synthesis of food & materials replaces taking life. The US is demanding more rent deposits, year leases & fees, with many women in the act in fact. Funny thing is, they do not clue in yet & demand the same kind of thing from these alpha types or spy manipulators who can access resources.

The Clery (etc etc) Campus Crime Statistics Act says campuses have to give public sex etc crime information to get federal funding. I think cities have crime summaries too. Police departments keep statistics. If women avoid & move out of neighborhoods & campuses with frequent sex assaults, they will do something about crime. Publicizing college & city rankings for sex & other crime rates by gender & population can be good.

Women are empowered more in Berkeley & San Francisco, I think. Once women gain power, watch that you stay more mature than the immature, easily manipulated punks I picture get recruited for ops, ok!? Catch sly tricks to make empowering you look like a bad idea. I was mistreated until recently in these areas & if this was a woman powered thing then they sure did not know how to build stronger allies for themselves. (I do not want any agency to force or manipulate anyone into a relationship with me, nor a foreign agency to take responsibility...)

E. I am afraid people, especially agents, judge guilt & punish people without quality scientific standards of proof, like in US courts but more sophisticated of course. If you do base vengeance & punishment on moral justice & guilt, make sure you are not getting deviously scammed by a devilish mind who has hijacked some DEA system or CIA operatives. They accuse "little people" of insanity & disturbing social order with disruptive behavior. How about if agents keep a lid on those mischievous urges? Get how antisocial it is to enjoy playing tricks on & sabotaging the people in (usually your own) society? It is a comically unrational problem. There are no age or species limits for emotionally immature behavior, especially for those in ops.
I know from experience that at middle age, the same immature feelings as college or earlier still appear. I suppose it still happens even past 70. Is it 100 or 1 percent of the time is the question, especially for those in ops. The sabotage I have gotten at libraries, mass transit, or public areas around Berkeley & the bay area is like children throwing tantrums against being helped if it is not just plain evil. If you are looking for those that actively fight these opinions, there is plenty around there.

F. Did all you agents stay mellow & non-angry when someone farted or spread some kind of smell or foul shit in your general area!? Who demanded revenge? So what about the shit our living spreads into the world? Livestock shit where they eat (& other things live), if you have seen many places where livestock graze or get held! What will we use bioengineering for, if not reducing the amount of pollution & shit we, business, our pets & livestock release. Maybe engineering emotionless, brainless synthesizers that secrete food bases (instead of shit, like us) is not in our capability. We have only used one of the lessons from the maple tree so far. Hey, it reduces entropy & it can be processed faster & it is much smarter. You could call it soylent surimi too. Bet you can not keep it a profitable controlled secret. I can picture comedy & horror shows about real life on this planet being shown to advanced life on other planets. The comedy is how stupidly the agents destroy their world & how mediocre their thinking is. They think their leaders are so smart, but it is taking longer than an hour, a day, or seven days to create these food synthesizers so far. Or to recreate any species that has been lost. But these agents are tasty & follow orders without explanations so you can have them act like your favorite foods. I expect they use mediocre technologies to get their orders & validate evidence if they do that at all. Both voice & video can be faked or altered. Forgetting this in any situation no matter how it is seen or heard & trusting in them is a big mistake no agent should make. A smarter spy master uses smarter techniques & technology to validate communication. This still applies if the other person is less advanced or in a non-secure place. Even we use tamper resistant ID, money, or other things which are difficult to counterfeit.

G. I feel like telling people to teach girls & children that loud play-screaming & fighting-shouts are like the false alarms everyone ignores now. Police agencies will get there right away if the real thing happens. Ordinary people will not pay attention & take a risk to check on the sound.

H. Cloning research can bring much worse problems than nuclear research. I do not want to say what these problems are. Like I said before, remember that enemies & evil are spying. They are likely to copy your secrets sometime, so work on what you are willing them to access. Look at how biology & medicine has been misused sometimes. The bipedal societies are not known for altruism, peace, trust, or honesty so far. If evil demonic intentions get use of it, all bipedals may bitterly regret the day cloning was achieved. They may all wish for life to be the way before this secret escaped into the world. Some species lost so much variety they are almost clones now, like cheetah or some seals, yet they still compete fiercely with each other. Your hope of unified cooperation is likely only a funny dream. Cloning a species delivers them into a horrible kind of hell. There is so much hell for the domesticated, laboratory, or captive ones already. The cloning researchers are threatening to give people their own new kind of hell any time now. Not that people have avoided suffering in their own history. I warn you, if they suppose they have many copies of you, they will act as if you are even more disposable & expendable, like ants. Many elements in many nations cannot be trusted to act fairly or with integrity. You want to joke on yourself and teach your current unkind keepers or snooping enemies more precious secrets? Keep the horrible ideas unsaid! I mean it: do not discuss it.

I. There is a nasty joke played on those who hope to solve sad problems. They show or tell you of someone or thing that is appealing & in trouble or damaged. You feel very emotionally sympathetic & nice. You do scientific work or give money. They use it to do the opposite kind of nasty thing or make a weapon.

J. Explanation: 1srael is commonly thought by Arabs to be a close ally of the most powerful nation on this planet, helping to control strategic critical (energy) resources found in the Arab's area. They moved the ones who lived there to an area called Palestine. There is constant terrorism & resistance in both areas. Some elements in each side's allied agencies or governments probably pretend to be friends but secretly sabotage them. I am not the one to explain politics or the tricks of control, but extrapolate & imagine maximum clever trickiness, lies & misdirection in use.

K. Explanation: There are many strategic problems with war as I said. One better be sure of victory before starting a battle because peace & trust is very hard to regain. Making true permanent peace between separate nations afterwards takes a lot. The powerful often punish opponents or criminals by sending them to war & forcing them to fight & die, or off to colonize. Lies & threats are often used on this world to get troops to act. Losing a war usually means conditions truly become much worse for the conquered. These are things to consider about how to treat all that is in your state & deal with others, and it is a complex challenge. There is usually an uncaring rush to extract gain so they can leave before power changes. It is naive to expect conquerors to become popular where they rule. Enemies try to "divide and conquer" by getting allies to break down cooperation and turn against each other so they can attack groups individually. They can be extremely convincing & devious about disguising as or pretending to be good friends or family and use maximum trickiness & misdirection.
....The reality on this planet of bipeds with conflicting goals & purposes is that, in each nation, each spy agency distrusts & competes with other spy agencies, and this probably repeats itself on smaller levels within each agency. Double agents who hide how they work for multiple agencies at once seem not unusual. Those with criminal natures can try to get into an agency or the military. As I said, every group offends some other group, and this is actually used to maintain control. Also funny, how the more wrong things are, the more profit for many systems as you try to put it right for yourself. A slant of many systems (including legal & war) tends to put many sides more at risk for longer time for the profit of ones who got a safe role.
....In each nation there are also many with little power who are exploited & treated unfairly. This causes much dissatisfaction & non-trust within each nation. It is better to treat your state well than to suffer by losing power. Also consider that shifts or losses of power are frequent facts of history here. That is all I will say about a few deceptive principles that I realized & you will have to extrapolate about this.
....the world's foreign spy agencies try to lure outsiders to leave home & enter their territory where they can abuse & exploit them without friendly ethical eyes to witness their treatment. If they enter illegally they will have no legal rights. Meanwhile, home spy agencies can prevent people from leaving & taking much from being sold or carried away with them. Illegal immigrants DO have some legal rights in the US. Willingness to use the law & risk getting sent out of the country can win more courteous behavior. Hope is one of the most pointless things when cruelly selfish attitudes play tricks on life. Plans & readiness are more useful than feeling hopeful & docile. On my world, which is on the way towards the less worthy name: a human spy for a foreign agency, or a wild animal or bug?

L. Cooperating with fore1gners is important. One wants to learn as much about them as possible. Business is a good way to try to find out if they are to be trusted. Evaluate how they are about negotiation, product problems, and guarantees over time. Evaluate the course of (and complex influences that cause & result from) "luck". All of this can influence the thinking & feelings of all sides. One wants to select companies with sufficient resources, ability, and capacity to extend to your state for strategic purposes. Think not of a spy agency, but the ones acting & deciding in each agency; not the government, but the ones there now & what they want & who they will serve; not a sect of a religion but its members. Joining a winning team that is thinking & acting badly is unwise. Smart choices are very important, despite the saying "if you can not beat them, join them". Also, losing choice and being forced to join your persecutor is a bad event. Drug & prostitution (so-called) businesses always offer themselves but they are laughably sleazy & filled with criminals. With its strategic nature & uncontrolled destructive uses, the weapons business has problems in trust, buying & selling. Bipeds here are now behaving like weapons against their own world!

M. Suppose one sees robots abused & exploited by something, then freed & given power to control other types of robots. If they grow to abuse & exploit others in the same ways, one can suspect that something is continuing the abuse & exploitation pattern in disguise. They would be deluded to tell themselves they win because they are so good and so smart & this could be true for many people like blacks, Israelis & others. It ends up with having to admit either they are now like past persecutors, or the evil which inspired their abuse is with them still, using them & they have not escaped it or extinguished it yet. Hell if emotions are not such a trap! When you let others do the thinking for you, your world becomes their world (the "Matr1x"). Good or evil can sneak into, or lure any mind. Start trying to find out for yourself if what you do is better for all life on your world, and ethical or not, whether you are an agent of power or just little people. When someone stops thinking over things like that and executes orders without judgement, they become a hazard to the world who must be woken up to the danger that they have stopped obeying rules of ethics and simple plain wisdom. Why would they want you to commit violence without the chance to communicate with & learn enough about the target? Why should you avoid to talk to or learn from a victim or enemy? You should be happy to find out when you are wrong, despite fear. Without doubt ordering others to obey without their personal evaluation is dangerously silly when there is clear evidence your science level is inadequate to totally understand all life. I know it suggests changes making spy operations more vulnerable to certain levels of technology, but it is an interesting challenge. Good or evil can get into anyone.

N. It is logically possible to like and be friends with competitors off the field or game (and even on), and many athletes learn do do so. I am sure many need to learn this distinction. Laugh about it more! Stop feeling members of the competition must be viewed as evil enemies. In some industries the companies buy and sell to each other, and can be both competitors and customers at once. With proper luck, playing in sports leagues long enough to play on several teams with a serious attitude is a faster way to get a mature open view of accepting competition, losses, and cooperation. Working jobs for several companies can also teach a more mature view in the same way, but takes longer. The game (as TV calls it) which spies play is much more serious though. Because total cooperation & peace is laughably unrealistic, there needs to be competition. Who expects lions to buy medical drugs from zebras, the US from Iran, or religious Scientologists from religious Quakers? What a laugh how they would like everyone to be customers & buy stock but treat business as a tactical part of the military, among other perplexing business attitudes.

But... maybe I am not cynical enough about this & all the concrete & this ecosystem is slated to be mistreated & destroyed by determined singleminded self interest. So trying to protect it is a waste of time. The perverse thing is nature shows let you think there are lots of animals when they are disappearing fast. Do you see them often on a hike?
Maybe people do not have the skills, funding & values now to protect life so inhuman jerks can not abuse or steal it. They protect armories & money. You know what? Despite the world's incidence of theft & predation, the most astounding (quite possibly, & coolly decorated) land animal is NOT a predator. It is a big burden on the psyche when an agency starts the con jobs, takes away freedom & free will, isolates someone from friends & love & causes them to ponder the dark sides of life here for everything. Then there are graphic Tiff's with many ideas I agree with but showing ridiculous caricatures I dislike. Meanwhile I was ripped off giving valuable evaluations & consultations for no pay or cheapshit pay. Just give away secrets to evil enemies for free, right? ! There is a good start to a lot of great research & creative projects too in what I have said. Well, enlightened "good" people can take my comments here, size up the situation & act wise & intelligent! Babbling these same ideas does not prove someone else is wise, they can just be acting.

Sports & outdoors are still my thing but yep, the rumors are true, I had a very difficult illness to deal with the last few years. Recovery was slow. NO, it is not Aids &
I will never nor have lived that kind of alternative sex style, which some are apt to suspect about me living in the SF Bay Unix area. What part of NO are some people stubbornly trying to misunderstand? ! Accepting enclaves for them are everywhere I think of. I am about to be hostile to the healthy ones. Taking steps 2 at a time, like always, is easy now but the rebuild takes mega time. If this writing is hard to read, tough! To borrow from the movie "Visible Planet" - I guess - if you can only see this by the recording, then my kind was likely wiped out by the most superior invaders.

I have been sticking to the Oakland area the last 4 years & unless you are family visiting or rarely biking with me, I have been out of touch. Sorry! But I do NOT end up with much spare time. My green bike Zed is gone, lasted travelling but stolen 5 yrs ago in Berke1ey.
This page is where I put "random" things of note that have happened. (Gas & produce prices have gone up alot, seems there is a move to better wages & sanitation for produce workers. You can only ride a bike or motorcycle most of the time. Waiting for high prices on things like rent & insurance to compensate downwards) No sports about catching things like baseball, frisbee, or tennis since illness affected my eyes in a major way. Major bummer these years - I was trying to vacation then in 97, travelling & hiking. It was a hassle far beyond parenthood with El Nino rain too. It has been a real learning experience. Live & learn! I moved out of a nasty rental on Francisco & life is better. The manager worked at the de-Forestry Department of all places. My apt now is a headache & I have not found a good place yet. It also hexes most of my investing. (Some of the 1akireddy's finally got caught for murder & slavery. There was just something about their tenants who never told police. Watch out, they own 2 Pasand cafe's & Everest Property is still the biggest landlord there, was named Reddy Realty.) And if you ask me what quality time is, I would have said, "What is that?!" It is only since the 2005 academic year started (well, it got worse for 4 months partway) that they have let my life be sort of happy the way it ought to be. You would think it should be so cool.
Partly it is so annoying because they very likely arrange it so I make more trips into public areas so they can do more secret tests & play act, observe me & make me paranoid & angry, yet try to prevent me from meeting friends, etc. to protect their own secrecy. That is how they go about it. Judge how it has been & what they make out of it! The agency(ies) keep delaying my move out, treating me as their lab subject for bi/hom0sexual (& other psychological warfare) drugs, target practice, wanting more insights for security and life, and profiling - me & those here because of me. Many of these drugs mostly have criminal uses. The system profits off rent etc., selling the information gotten from us, while they insult, bore & cost me time, interest fees & expenses.
And seeing people with other physical problems DOES NOT make me feel better about my life. It is a perverse bizarre oddity it can sometimes, without real thinking.

If you motivated someone to mistreat me, or actually did it yourself & spy on me & learn these valuable insights about life but you are still not making up for it & making things right, then you are very addicted to doing evil, confused & morally degraded. That is my emotional reaction that I have thought over. My logical evaluation is that you are programmed to block cooperation & destroy life & that you are unworthy of the gift of intelligent life & do not know it's value. You are programmed to sabotage happiness & fulfillment in life. And these agents would like me to feel I am in the wrong about this. That is how this kind of behavior would be judged by minds who understand something of life. These kinds of agents often charge $150 for half an hour, $200 per oz., a million dollars per mile of highway & who knows what for other things. So far I only get paid maybe $0.25/hour to deal with their harrassment, headaches & pains at all hours of the day up to a month at a time everywhere I am & to try to bring more cooperation & appreciation of life to this messed up world. They want a professional with valuable learning for that pay. It is a full time job in itself. My presence also brings good activity to the local economy. Besides that, looking for a better apartment is an endless chore & I get tricks & ploys from real estate or other agents all the while taking care of this & my life. Every single apartment I had was noisy & a bad deal. $12000 or so per year has never been enough for a decent place to live so far.

You agents working for this scoundrel of a boss should realize your boss does not really believe in cooperation or sharing life, it is just a pretense. You win some victories - why, because you are so good & half way clever?! No, because something clever & with an evil plan helps you! The way I see it is, when your usefulness is ending or your boss lacks a target available, your boss will probably send you on a mission where your power will be taken away & you will be trapped & toyed with cruelly & all you own extracted from you. You will suffer & be blocked from finding any friends or companionship. And one day your boss, too, will come to know one of the mysterious facets of the dragon of life & regretfully wish to learn the value of cooperation & independent life in a very cruel & poetic way. This is the curse the group of you are still guiding yourselves to by your acts.

I know I have said this part backwards. What a favor I am doing myself writing this; I doubt most deserve it. So forget who told you this. This is less than I plan to spell out on my past views of the meaning of life. Humans are not causing rapid loss of living things & an ecosystem emergency. There is risk that destructive people will not control negative emotional reactions to these constructive opinions & will not think of constructive responsible changes & better ways of making money & bring trouble on everyone else. I will know why (forwards: help make it safer). [If I stay safe & well & keep from hurting myself, it is because someone wants to be mislabeled as evil, or a murderer; & deduces the real source of this thinking is elsewhere & can very possibly be a more dangerous threat than you imagine to anyone who tries to hunt them. Not that mistreatment makes life precious] And success now means you never think of changing things & do things just like the old days. If you figure out any useful things about the meaning of life & these games of life & force, do or do not let me know, but not over the net. "That's what I didn't learn" (not from the original Nutty Professor movie ending). I have said several things of a little value & you should check if you misassess the priorities. Review on schedule the ethics & beliefs you began with long ago & if actions are controlled by logic or emotions.

There will be many chances to be silly later & waste the complex biochem1stry in each form of life. People have been reacting very very quickly to the rapid loss of life & ecological emergency they have allowed & caused. It is time to show that humans are not an intelligent society.

Few feel scared of more dangerous things when they are small & growing. If they live unhappy childhoods being preyed upon, it is because adult versions of the cooperating cells named people will agree to make a system to keep you safe. Humans will be unlucky to lose the tools & weapons keeping them from being preyed upon by the "so called" high technology urban jungle. Few forget how it is to be the weak prey. If you felt what it was like to be small prey & are now the predator or powerful, ponder if you are ungrateful for the consideration when you were weak. Do you act now as you disliked how other humans did not when you were small & growing?

Saying the rest of this forwards normally is the surest way. Again: Most people usually felt scared many times of more powerful & dangerous beings when they were still small & growing. People are very lucky to have tools & weapons now to protect themselves from being prey to the "so called" jungle called life. If they got several years of acceptably happy childhood, it was because adult versions of the cooperating cells called people agreed in turn to cooperate to make a system to keep you safe. Many forget how it feels to be the weak prey. If you have grown from being small prey to be the more powerful or the predator, think about whether you are grateful for the consideration when you were weak. Do you act as you yourself would have liked others when you were the weaker prey?

It is time for people to control their destructiveness before a catastrophic problem controls people. Experimenting on living things & hurting them physically or emotionally is an ethics problem. Try to think of some alternatives. You may get ideas & find some good results if you are lucky. Be cautious abut what secrets you want to know. People & living things across this world have been subject to life's tricks & perplexing oddness. The human spies who think & behave in reverse have also gotten many ideas about life wrong backwards. Con men do not enjoy feeling duped & manipulated in return. Those with influence need to watch out for the chaotic effects of spy war & sabotage & rethink what to do about it. Resist the constant urges & efforts to stay in the ridiculous cruel ways of life. I suspect the minds behind it must have to hide themselves very carefully. So help point them & their attempts out. Some ignore advice or warnings, they seem to want to learn their mistakes the hard way. Maybe they respond only to something really scary or violent. Logical people want to avoid the damage that might trigger. The proper response to harming someone is to accept the blame & change. Denying the wrongs to victims usually is a sign of an uncaring attitude denying guilt. Respond with a very hard attitude towards that & ignore their lies. It is a bad use of this illogical psychology. That attitude has to be changed or turned off somehow. Harm is harm - that worse things happen to others is just a sign of even worse things. Evaluate it as the victimizer explains & after. A confusing response is truly a problem. But changing an attitude can sometimes create excess feelings of vengefulness towards the old attitude. Avoid that. One cost of lying is promises are very meaningless. Remind yourself often to ignore the promises of liars. There is no denial of suffering or unfairness on these web pages. Power, position, wealth, & sex are things of competition. Keep them in logical perspective to life & happiness. Anyone happy now should just appreciate it & try to be worthy of it.

The things people build are much less complex than the living things keeping the ecosystem in balance. The attitudes now create a choice of either a flourishing living world of variety or an industrial society with many people. This is a very dire choice because the ecosystem is much more complex than our society & our understanding. Learn to share the world with other beings.

And protect & control life with laws & enforcement. Hire some political lobbyists. It is too bad so few living things (that people now pay much of a price for) are left in parks. But then the parks would need more budget to protect them from being taken.

You have read to the end of this web page in theory. One living thing's tragedy is most easily heard as another person's comedy. A way to say it that way properly seems too hard to find. There were some hints in these web pages since many things about the nature of spying need to be secret. Clear communication is a gift this bipedal species has that many others would like. But spies are fixated on not using it. Always hints & facial expressions. Language is created so they can mostly use it to lie, that is what I have experienced a lot of. It makes all kinds of hints or expressions of theirs worthless in meaning.
Those trying to do mind control want people guessing at hints & put on false facial expressions to manipulate them - then they deny telling them to do something. Mind control is abusive to people & threatens your free will. Remind yourself to question their expressions & tell people to say what they want. The spies spend time practicing expressions & spy on you to time their arrival. Make sure hints would have to be super secret. Ignore face expressions (on strangers).

Let us do worthy things with the gift of intelligence & life.
We should agree now to show a world in this universe can be wisely improved for all life.
Let us be wisely aware of the incredible gift & value of all life.
Let life be fulfilling & interesting.
I hope to learn a few useful secrets to improve life for my world. I also hope so much of my time would stop being wasted & many will help fix these problems I have written about.
Maybe then this seemingly extreme caution about revealing the nature of control can be relaxed.

I refuse to elaborate any more new ideas or viewpoints. Stop trying to manipulate me with harrassment into doing so. Contact the other agencies or the media yourself, or pay me in advance something really worthwhile. Make it clear what you really want said. At least these theories make sense. It is worth trying these ideas for a while. It is better than getting society lost in chaos. People can wait for several more decades or centuries to rush into wiping out all other living things if they do decide it does not make sense.

Oak1and/Berke1ey - It is a cr1me school!
No doubt agencies could do more to stop cr1mes & other bad behavior & save more people.
Berke1ey/Oak1and used to have donations put on the sidewalks frequently. But it teaches crime as well, especially bike thefts by bike riders. So much for trusting luck. UC Berke1ey lowered the level of sex assaults but it is heading towards the old high levels again.
Crimes out of area:
*$50 stolen holiday bonus/1993
*6-pack good beer, altitude 7000
*2 parking tickets & some bogus fines
*$350 car alarm
Crimes around Berke1ey/Oak1and:
*1 mugging by 2 young black guys saluting their freedom, $40
*1 assault by young white guy honoring his kind
*$20 stolen from room
*2 car covers
*white Centurion 18 speed road bike
*old green 21 speed mountain bike
*Mav1c front bike wheel, nice rims, old de0re hub
*3 cheap bike wheels + tires
*2 bike seats & posts
*2 car stereos
*2 backpacks with books, notes
*5 pair old socks
*5 parking tickets
*peace of mind & time

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