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This writing has been distilled from a lifetime of personal experience and edited by the soul. Brother Aleksei intentionally does not include scientific references and data to support his recommendations. Such information primarily provides food for the intellect. The intellect that is a natural adversary of faith must be tamed and turned into a servant rather than a master, if we want our spiritual efforts to be successful.

Through its instrument of skepticism the intellect will always demand more and more proof. Often people pride themselves on being skeptical. Brother Aleksei reminds us that skepticism does not heal, faith does. You can create your own proof through a diligent practice of regular prayer and meditation.

Faith can transcend all limitations of mind and flesh and reunite us with the presence of God within us.

Numerous reports from across various cultures and traditions testify to the power of prayer. People who were gravely ill experienced a sudden improvement or full recovery when they were being prayed for. Some have reported seeing their loved ones in the room with them comforting them and praying. The loved ones were indeed praying for them, but they were hundreds, even thousands, of miles away.

Read this material with your heart. Your heart will never let you accept anything that is not good for you, whereas your mind can be easily tricked.

Consider the following possibility: A health crisis that disrupts our life and tests our faith may just be an opportunity to begin seeking God in earnest. We support you wholeheartedly in this effort and wish you or your loved one a speedy and complete recovery.

Many, many blessings.

The Publisher

Gift of Voice

Our voice has a certain amount of materializing power. The amount varies from person to person and depends on how we use our voice in our everyday life. Do we talk a lot? How often do we say things we do not mean just for the sake of a conversation? Do we like to gossip? Do we use profanities? Do we use our voice to hurt other people’s feelings? When we waste our God-given life force and His gift of earthly time, we insult God. Our prayers and affirmations become ineffective.

What a marvelous gift our voice is! It can be used to create, to bless, to soothe, to heal.

Remember—every time you use your voice, you expend precious life force that, if used wisely and sparingly, can be conserved. One day a month or more often, if you can, do some vocal fasting. At least reduce to a minimum the time you spend talking unnecessarily. Replenish the inner reservoir of the priceless creative energy that can heal.

Your Will Be Done

Often people feel uncomfortable when affirming that God’s Will be done in a particular situation. They may have a deep-seated concern or fear that it may be God’s Will to punish them for some past transgression of His Law. Little do they know that even though their past mistakes may have dimmed some of the Light they would have otherwise received, they would have never, never, affected the Will of God for them. God’s Will for each one of us is profoundly and astonishingly better than anything we could possibly imagine to be the best and the most desirable for ourselves. All the power that God has, or rather all the power that God
is, is everywhere present. It may be hard to believe that all of God’s power is within the “little me”. But it is true. It is not the amount of God’s power but its quality that is, indeed, in us at all times.

Often in a  time of need God cannot reach us because there is something in His way. Something that even He, the all-powerful God, cannot remove or circumvent. It is ourselves, our ego, our falsely perceived identity that is separate and independent of Him. When God created us, He gave us the freedom to be either with Him or without Him. And He cannot take this freedom back.

Acknowledge the supremacy of God’s Will, surrender to it. It is the presence of God within us that can make us whole. Patiently cultivate a personal relationship with it. The Presence knows everything about us, it loves us more than we can ever love
it. It is the best diagnostician and the only true healer. It can heal us instantaneously, if we just get out of its way.

More excerpts
These pages contain excerpts from the “Guide to Effective Prayer” written by Brother Aleksei, who developed the “prayer and meditation tool” and the “healing prayer technique”. It is a powerful combination of a tool and a technique that can facilitate healing and speed up recovery.

A Russian-born monastic, Brother Aleksei lives in British Columbia, Canada.
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Brother Aleksei
For more information about the “prayer and meditation tool” and the “healing prayer technique” please visit the official website of the “Prayer for Healing” at
"Behind all healing methods
and all physicians,
You are the only Healer, Lord.
You are all-knowing, all-powerful,
everywhere present.
Where you are
there is perfect health."
From "Prayer for Healing"
by Brother Aleksei
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Prayer for Healing by Brother Aleksei

There are many different ways to heal. This powerful prayer therapy, gradually unfolding from within, leads to deep inner healing and makes one whole again—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You can heal yourself or a loved one through a regular practice of this life-affirming prayer and meditation.


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