Where the Birds Always Sing
June 11, 2001 was a terrible display of this country's inability to forgive. The man below was the first federal prisoner to be executed in almost 40 years by what is suppossed to be the most civilized country in the world. It's a tragedy. This country should be ashamed of itself. Is the world a better place because Timothy McVeigh is no longer here? What did killing Timothy McVeigh accomplish? What did any execution accomplish? I hope this man and all the other men and women who have been executed are in a world where such a tragedy never happens.

Timothy McVeigh
June 11, 2001
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Where the Birds Always Sing
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" We have made killing a part of the healing process "
Robert Nigh Jr. ~Timothy McVeigh's lawyer
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The Execution Statements
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Execution Chamber:
This place is not a place of honor.
No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here.
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" Not a part of the hateful brigade "
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[Chaos Theory -  Determinism]
"Anything that happens at any time in the future is completely determined by what events take place now and what actions we take now"
The execution of an individual will have consequences for us in the future
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the world is neither fair nor unfair ~ the idea is just a way for us to understand  ~  but the world is neither fair nor unfair  ~  so one survives the others die  ~  and you always want a reason why  ~ 
but the world is neither just or unjust  ~  it's just us trying to feel that there's some sense in it  ~
no the world is neither just nor unjust  ~  and though going young  ~  so much undone  ~
is a tragedy for everyone  ~  no the world is neither fair nor unfair ~ an endless sense of soul and an eternity of love ~ a sweet mother down below and a just father above ~ another world where the birds always sing ~ another world where the sun always shines

another world where nothing ever dies...
~ the cure ~
June 11, 2008 marks 7 years since  Timothy McVeigh's execution.
No matter how terrible the crime, may we never forget how terrible the execution of another human is.