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Hi, I would like to welcome you to my page. Please be patient with me, this is the first time I have ever tried to create a web page. I wouldn't have even gotten this far, if it wasn't for the help and patience of a very good friend of mine. Thanks Jodi (tigger32usa), I appreciate all of your help.
Okay, so now a little about me. My real name is Lisa. I reside in Northern Michigan with my husband Tom and our two children. This is where I grew up at but, I have also lived in Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky.  I have been drifting around online for about 3 years now. I have met some really nice people and some great friends, Jodi, Tom, Hook_n_Bull, Yankee(my best friend, thanx for all the long countless talks yank) Ice, Tess, Wild, Spy, Chevy, Tbo, Thumper and Nuthouse. Your all a great bunch of friends.  Huggggggs. The next few pages, contain some things I wrote along with writings of other family members. I hope you enjoy this site.

Lisa (Whisperingrain)
She's So High
Tal Bachman