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PGP Related
PGP 6.x Stuff

Zedz.Net PGP Files A collection of many older versions.

PGP SafeBulk Version1 of a bulk mailer program using PGP

PGP 2.6.x Stuff

Key Size vs Security Comparing Cryptographic Key Size

Key Size vs Time to Crack Tabulated data based on the current (as shown by the RC5 contest) speed at which keys are being tested.

PGP Digital Timestamping ServiceGood for plain text messages also.

Voice Communication

Speak Freely for Windows Version 7.1 32bit (Can use PGP if installed)


Hidden messageS-Tools3.zip(277K) is a collection of Steganography programs which enable the hiding of files within Pictures (bmp, gif), Sound files (wav) and the free space on floppies.
{Hint: There's a message in the 'Spy' picture}

Masker v7 The encrypted file can be hidden in the following files - imagefile (bmp, gif, jpg, tif); audiofile (wav, mid, snd, mp3); programfile (exe, dll); videofile (avi, mov, mpg).

Invisible Secrets 4 Invisible Secrets provides five carriers: JPEG, PNG, BMP, HTML and WAV. Invisible Secrets uses strong cryptography: Blowfish, Twofish, RC4 (RC4 is a registered trademark of RSA Data Securities Inc.), Cast128, GOST, Rijndael, Diamond 2 and Sapphire II.


Remailers provide for anonymous Emailing. There are many reasons for using such a service. The following link provides a list of currently active remailers. (Updated continuously) For more information.

QuickSilver Mixmaster remailers for Win 95/98/XP

Private Idaho (itech.net) Many new features, uses PGP 6.xx. Not Freeware.

Private Idaho 32 bit from Henry Martin

File Encryption/Deletion

Finecrypt 7.0 10 different algorithms. Multiple features. For Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP. (Freeware)

Encrypt Easy Version 3.1 - Encrypt Easy uses the 67 encryption methods. This version also has self extracting.

Muddle - Blowfish File Encryption This utility provides fast, secure file encryption using Blowfish. It can be used in Windows 95, 98 or XP. Freeware

DPCrypt 1.0 for Win95/98/NT using Blowfish, GOST, MARS, RC6 and Rijndael. Site has other good utilities.

Twofish1 File encryption program using Twofish. Free

Kryptel version 3.7 File and Folder Encryption using DES, 3DES, Blowfish, IDEA and Twofish. (Not free)

File Vault Encrypt several files into one (can be self-extracting) Freeware using Blowfish

CodedDrag v2.4 Nice upgrade. Now uses DES, Triple-DES and Blowfish. All nicely integrated into Windows. No longer Freeware

Spinning Key Blowfish Advanced CS Version 2.57 Now FREEWARE!!! Nice Win9x/NT/XP version includes algorithms Blowfish - PC1 (RC4) - TDES - Twofish & file wiping. Can also substitute random characters for file names. Also has a clever Dummy program, which produces files that appear to be encrypted. What makes this program unique is the fact that all 256 characters can be used to form the password. This greatly increases the key strength.

Kremlin version 3 ASCII (Caesar), Blowfish, CAST-128, IDEA, NewDES, RC4, Safet SK-128 and Vingenere (Shareware=Partially cripple, Reg=$35)

Magic Folders Not encryption, but completely removes directories from sight and use.

~Virtual Drives~

TrueCrypt TrueCrypt is a free open-source on-the-fly encryption system for Windows XP/2000/98. It can encrypt partitions/devices or create virtual encrypted disks within files. The maximum TrueCrypt volume size is 18,446,744,073 GB. TrueCrypt offers plausible deniability (TrueCrypt volumes cannot be identified).

The Bat! Private Disk v2.02 The Bat! Private Disk is an easy-to-use, reliable, user-friendly and smart program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions (drive letters) to keep your private and confidential data secure.

Comparison Excellent comparison of On-the-Fly Encryption. A must read.

Spinning Key5/2/00 Version 3.01 Scramdisk Make an encrypted virtual drive, using Triple-DES, IDEA, MISTY1, Blowfish or TEA. (Freeware)

BestCrypt 6.07 Make an encrypted virtual drive. (Not Free)

SafeHouse includes DES, Triple-DES, Blowfish and FAST ciphers.

Secure PC

TinySLL SSL secure web server. Make your own certificates. Free and worth checking out.

Test your computer.

AD-aware v6 AD-aware is a free multi-spyware removal tool that detects and safely removes advertising spyware from your system.


HotCrypt V2.3 Allows you to secure your e-mail messages by encrypting (Blowfish) and decrypting them in the easiest and most efficient way - just by pressing a "hotkey" when working with your favourite email program.

Encrypted FTP Provides strong encryption (Blowfish) when the remote and local hosts both use EFTP. This program is FREE for public domain use.

SecureTrayUtil Version 3.0.0 A handy utility that sits in the tasktray, allowing hotkey shredding files, file hashes to be generated, and complementing several OTFE (On-The-Fly Encryption) systems by providing rapid access to their most used day-to-day functions, making them considerably easier to use.

Spinning KeyEraser New Version 4.1 Eraser is an advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. For Windows.

Top Secret Messenger Version 2001 - Encrypts ICQ messages with 464 bit Elliptic Curve Algorithm. Trial is severly crippled, but for $15 you get a nice program. Can be set up to auto encrypt and decrypt, with no extra keystrokes.

PureNoiseAutomatic encryption of all file transfers, chat, voice and video conversations initiated from IRC, AOL messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Pager, etc.Or try This alternate Site

Guideon Remove the GUID identifiers from Microsoft Office applications. Nice features and Freeware

P-awn One-Time-Pad One-Time-Pad encryption program for Win95 or DOS. Freeware

Blowfish Programs List of Products using the Blowfish algorithm.

TheBat! Very nice compact mail program, even has some fancy 'bells and whistles'. Built in support for PGP ver. 2.6.3/5.5/6.5.x

Privacy Links V5 Everything from soup to nuts.

Vortex Password Creator v1.1 Will create random passwords in various forms that can be copied and pasted into applications. Screenshot

Anonymous Surfing
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Password Recovery

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