The Patriot Exodus Project
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"Let my people go"
Welcome to the Patriot Exodus Project

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The Project is an idea of mine whos time has come. It is an organization that has come to the realisation that the "war" with big brother is not being run properly and needs a serious re-think.

Ron Pauls statistics prove that only about 15% of America's people are awake, or semi awake. Clearly the freedom movement is far outnumbered. Add to this the monumental dispersion of these people throughout America, and there is something very much to worry about should a serious problem arise. Anyone remember Waco, Texas?

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If you agree and would like to join the Patriot Exodus Project, just click the email link and put JOIN in the subject line. You will be added to our email list for email update and progress reports. When I find someone who knows how to set up a listserve for me, I will be putting out a monthly newsletter.
For more information, simply put
INFO in the subject line.
To make a donation, simply put
DONATION in the subject line. Those who make a donation will automatically be added to the Exodus list to be invited to join us and live in our community on Maui, Hawaii.