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You have reached the headquarters of the White Ajah. This is the Aes Sedai Ajah devoted to logic and reasoning, and so we are often the ones to approach with difficult problems. We are also interested in all kinds of theories about how the world works, and why. Please feel free to browse through the offerings of this site, and let us know by pigeon if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement. May the Light shine on you!

  Study Center
The resource hub for the White Ajah. Everything you need to hone your theorizing skills.

  Forsaken Pages
A collection of facts and theories about the Forsaken, by various authors.

  Wheel of Time Parody
The Wheel of Time meets The Lord of the Rings. A satiric interpretation of The Eye of the World, Tolkien style.

  Genetics Theory
An interesting look at the genetics behind channeling ability.

  Linking Information
Everything you ever needed to know about linking and some speculation on why it works that way.

  Ages of the Wheel Theory
What Age are we in? A page of speculation inspired by the Amyrlin Seat.

  Non-linear Time Theory
A few peculiar ideas about how time works in the world of the Wheel of Time.

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