Safe Haven

Safe Haven

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Avian Placement & Education, Inc.

"Located Along the Platte River Bottoms, in Nebraska"

Safe Haven is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the education of prospective bird owners, and offering up-to-date and proper basic care to current bird owners. We serve in cooperation with other organizations, locally and across the U.S., in providing a safe avenue for persons who can no longer keep their bird, but want to insure a quality new home for their pet.
( 501(C)3 organization )

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To contact Safe Haven, direct your written LOI, (letter of introduction) to -
Safe Haven, Inc - Avian Placement & Education (SHAPE)
R.R.2, Box 73A
Fremont, Nebr. 68025-7938

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Hand-Made Tire Thumpers now being offered as fundraiser for Safe Haven:

Made of the hightest quality, hand-picked Northern White Ash, Mahogany, Oak & Walnut. Major League pro stock - Non-lacquered . Insurance for your female family members, safe & effective method to check for inflation, pressure, road contact and ensure personal safety. "Thumpers" vary in size, color and length. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Send $40.00 check or money order to:

attn: Scott Lee
12240 Emmet St.
Omaha, NE. 68164

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To Report a Lost or Found Bird anywhere in the country, email Parrot Talk
Report a Found Bird: Found Bird
Report a Lost or Stolen Bird: Lost or Stolen Bird.
For The Love of Greys Book

Birds of Safe Haven Enjoy & Destroy -

SanDiegoZoo.Org - California Condor

Conservation and Research for Endangered Species

A Tribute to Birds Lost to PDD, created by Ken Ross.

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