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The crest (the Eagle and Child) is the crest of the Stanley Family (who are [and have been since 1485] the local land-owners); and was adopted by Whitefield Urban District Council (UDC) on it's incorporation in 1894.

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Visit this site for a brief history of the Unsworth area of Bury Metro (often associated with Whitefield).


Unlike some of its immediate neighbours, who can lay claim to considerable antiquity, Whitefield, as it exists today, is of comparatively recent origin. However, the land on which the present township stands has been populated for many centuries and has, at various times, formed a very considerable part of other, older areas.

Until the 19th century, Whitefield and Besses o' th' Barn existed only as part of the Manor of Pilkington which also covered Outwood, Ringley and Unsworth. Over the centuries, hamlets grew up in the Lilly Hill district, at Park Lane, at Moss Lane and Stand. These hamlets together with Stand Lane (now part of Radcliffe), were united in the township of Whitefield in 1866.

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The source of the bulk of this site is the local history collection at the Whitefield branch of Bury Metro Library, particularly 'A History of Whitefield' by John F Wilson

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The owner of this web page was born and bred (some ut se drug up bit scruf ut neck) in Radcliffe in 1948. Originally from Bank Top (Hagside), moving to Spring Lane at the start of school (Radcliffe Parish Church School, Bury Street), ending up on Bolton Road estate before moving to wedded bliss! on the Cams Lane estate in 1973. (A little bit of Radcliffe history in his own right!)