Meet the Composer
White Jazz?  What is that, you ask?  Basically, it's a book.  More specifically, it's a novel by James Ellroy, named White Jazz.  The title just caught my eye and sounded cool, so that's that.  (It's a great book, too!)
Where I'm coming from:

I am currently living in Northern Virginia, paying the rent by working for Pier 1 Imports, and striving to write as often as possible. I reside with my best friend, Melissa, and two crazy cats, Anya and Hannah.
Where I'm going:

Whever the money is. Seriously, though, I hope to be professionally published before the end of the year. We'll see what happens.
*Writing fanfic for The Sentinel and Enterprise
*Writing original fiction.
*Watching good movies....bad ones work when I'm bored.
*Surfing the web
*PBEM Role-play games on YahooGroups
*Anything with Bees (bumble or honey) on it, in it or as it
*Colorful aluminum items from the 1960's.
*Books--Watership Down, by Richard Adams; LA Confidential, by James Ellroy; The Green Mile, by Stephen King
*Movies--L.A. Confidential, Saving Private Ryan,
The Green Mile, The Might Ducks, Perfect Harmony, Lord of the Rings
*TV Shows--The Sentinel,
Enterprise, X-Files, The West Wing, Third Watch, The Pretender, Battlestar Galactica, St. Elsewhere
*Actors--Kevin Spacey, David Morse, Russell Crowe, Vin Diesel, Connor Trinneer, Jason Wiles
*Actresses--Rene Russo, Minnie Driver, Maria Bello
*Food--M & M's, my dad's spagetti, mashed potatoes
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