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White Riot struggle on

White Riot 12-11 Mean Machine

Another poor performance from White Riot managed to secure the points against a very niggly Mean Machine, as things were always on the point of boiling over. The Game was always tight throughout the game, as Lee Lockwoods' dissapointed goal keeping performance put a lot of pressure on his team mates by leaving in no less than 6 shots that were blasted straight at him. This meant that the outfield players had to work doubly as hard to win the game. However, White Riot only ever showed glimpses of their ability as they also struggled outfield. At half time, Mean Machine led 6-4 and looked the more likely to secure the vital 3 points needed in this basement battle, however White Riot (with the exception of Sippy for 10 seconds) never gave up and with ten minutes to go, with the game tied, managed to produce a few moments of individual brilliance to take a two goal lead with only a minute on the clock. Firstly Lee Lockwood, who managed to find some form in later stages of the game, managed to pull off a superb save when one on one, to keep White Riot in the game. This was followed up by an equisit piece of skill by Morley Lewis (which will surely be on Soccer am's all sports show, plays of the week on friday), where he flicked the ball up, did 2 keepy uppies before flicking the ball off the back of his heel, through the gap between two Mean Machine players, to Robert Kinsey who finished with a superb volley. Once two goals ahead, the riot used their experience to close out the game and gain the much needed 3 points.

Line up:
Lee Lockwood
Jay Jones
Stephen Sypliwtchak
Robert Kinsey
Geraint Havard
Stephen Brown
Morley Lewis

White Riot Scorers:
Robert Kinsey x 5
Geraint Havard x 3
Morley Lewis x 1
Stephen Sypliwtchak x 1
Jay Jones x 1
Stephen Brown x 1

White Riot Man of the Match (Chosen by the referee):
Stephen Sypliwtchak

White Riot Dick of the Day:
Stephen Sypliwtchak
Reason: Bringing two left boots to play football in, had to play in the £65 designer trainers he arrived in. Can anyone seriously be that stupid to bring their own left boot and their brother's left boot too? Well...yes...Sippy can, obviously!


































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