Free eBookman Software
Awake: This utility will keep your EBM from automatically shutting off.  This can extend battery life when running from external power.
(Version 2.02)

CB-Ledger: An electronic checkbook ledger. (Version 2.04)
seb/unseb utility (Version1.01)
Better unseb found at

Checkers: A classic game. (Version 2.02) Powered link cable schematic
[ Checker source ]

Move your black square by tapping in the direction you wish to move or use the navigation arrows. Be careful not to run into either of the trails.  To start click new game in the menu.  (Version 2.0)
Cutoff source ]

Dice: A basic program that rolls dice.  You will need small basic for the EBM from eBookmaniac

doonS: A very popular game now available for the EBM. (Spelled backwards)(Version 2.01)

Garbage: Garbage is a card game where you place the correct answers in the multiplication table. Select your card from the garbage or pick pile.  Start new game and setup are in the menu. Have fun. (Version 2.01)
Garbage source ]

Interceptor: Tap on the screen to fire your interceptors.  Game over when you loose all of your houses.  Score 100 for each bomb and 100*Level for each house. (Version 2.0)
Interceptor source ]

Keyboard driver: That's correct.  Attach a Palm keyboard to your EBM. Cable, adapter, notes connector, USB connector
More keyboard info (notes)
(Verson 2.01)
[ Keyboard driver source ]

Lander: Thrust port, starbord, aft, fore to gently land on a plaform.  Watch your telemetry for possion, speed and fuel.  Score points for harder platforms, more fuel and higher  levels. (Version 2.0)
Lander source ]

Monopoly: Classic board game. (Version 2.03)

Pacman: The classic arcade game. (Version 2.02)

Pinochle: Double-deck game. House rules. Mine! (Version 2.02)

Risk: The classic board game on your eBookman! (Version 2.01)
Risk source ]

Sillyface: Silly Face is a game where you click on the buttons to create silly faces.  A timed game can also be played to reconstruct a silly face. (Version 2.0)
Sillyface source ]

Xevious: This classic arcade game ported to your eBookman.  For more information check out link1 and link2. (Version 2.0)
Xevious source ]
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Audio book:
I got "The time machine" from and used Spot-n-go to create .seb files.  These are about 10 times  smaller than using the mp3 on the ebookman. (Part-1, Part-2)
[had to remove downloads.  Not enough band width]
My Info:
I received my eBookman in December and simply love it!  Now I can have everything I need with me all the time.  Addresses, calandar, music, books, eNews... ALL FREE.
Now we have some FREE games.  How do you like them?  What else do we need?
All source code on this web site can be freely used for personal or commercial projects unless otherwise noted.  You will need to install the Franklin SDK and forms editor from their devzone.