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    This is a Grace based ministry built upon the foundation of God's love for us and His teachings as we each come to understand them.

     If you are looking for religion, you won't find it here.  What you will find is a spiritual foundation.  A grounding to help you to find a balance between your past, present, and future with a blend of sobriety, spiriuality and sanity.  

    First, let me state this very clearly.  I have come to believe that religion is not spirituality.  Some of the most spiritual beings I have known have never belonged to a formal religion, or set foot in a church.

     I define spirituality as the relationship between self and whatever you deem to be that Supreme Being Deity, or Higher Power.  I define religion as man's way of organizing those beliefs for any given group of people to worship that Supreme Being, Deity, or Higher Power.  Listen to your heart and your soul, and you will find what is right for you.

     The goal here is to help you define your faith as you understand it - and then find a way to live by your faith in a fruitful way.

     So I invite you to come and see a different perspective. To be bold enough to seek a different perspective of truth and challenge those that would have you walk away from what you believe to be true.  To find yourself if you dare.

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    Hello. Let me introduce myself.  My name is William H. Lee.  For the better part of the last two decades, I have worked with people who have fallen into the abyss of spiritual and emotional bankruptsy as I did.

      I began this Ministry in an effort to give those in recovery, those who have been confused by formal religions, or who have not set a spiritual foundation, a place to explore that most intimate relationship, between Deity and self.