The Personal Homepage Of
William H. Mummert
Basic statistics about me
I am the goober on the right. All my friends call me Billy. Everybody else calls me Billy too. My middle name is Henry since I can't seem to dodge that question.    
Hair color: Brunette Weight: 165 lbs.
Age: 20 Religion: Secular Humanist
Height: 6'1"
Eyes: Green Birthday: 5/14/84 (Taurus)
SEX: Male
Marital Status: Long term relationship
Elementary Schools: Glenwood Elementary(Virginia Beach, Virginia)
                                  Oakdale Elementary(Rock Hill, South Carolina)

Middle School: Castle Heights Middle School

High School: Rock Hill High (Attended 98-01)

Florida GED Recieved 11/12/02

Adult Education Rock Hill SC: Rock Hill High Diploma 2/03

Current School(s):
         York Technical College  

Completed Cisco Networking Academy 12/2002
                              Completed Associates in Science in May of 04

Clemson University (Start June 31st)
Anticipated BS in Electrical Engineering
                              Anticipated MS in Electrical Engineering
The legality of Homosexual Marriages and gays in the military.
Response to an article calling for more school time.
Politics and my input links:
  I have begun recieving emails and guestbook entries regarding my politics. I will do my best to respond to each in an email, and I might even expand ont what I already have posted out here. So feel free to write me about anything. 
My thoughts on the war with Iraq
My thoughts on Roe vs. Wade
No more Blood for Oil
My thoughts on Bush
My thougts on Mars
My Incoherent Art(Poetry)
Railway to Oblivion
Sonnet I
For my uncle Billy
Sonnet II
Now I lay my soul to rest
Defy You
Eyes to white
I was accepted into Clemson University on November 19, 2003. I will move to the area in May and begin classes on the 31st of June. This comes as no real shock to me although I am very excited. I don't think I have been able to knock that stupid grin off my face yet. Anyway, I will be majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Update 9/29/2004: Well I have been at Clemson for a couple months. It is a totally different atmosphere here. I am really going to enjoy my time as a student here. This website is in major need of an overhaul. I am not sure when my time and energy will allow it, but it is on my 2 do list.  
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