And this is where the Battle of The Muses begins. This is Rufus, The never aging, ever helping Naked Mole rat of "Kim Possible." He Belongs to Kim's friend Ron Stoppable. (I don't make up the names I just go with the flow.) whether I chose Rufus as a muse because I got the toy that makes a wickedly naughty farting noise, or whether I just wanted him because I can call him "Naked" is beyond me. He chose me and I chose him, and that's pretty much the way it stuck. He's now in a battle with Patrick {?w?ho's a complete idiot} to be the best muse, there's another Muse on the way to join in the war, but until then It's just, do I want a smart muse, or a stupid one? Unfortunately, Unlike Patrick Rufus makes no audible sounds so I can't really quote him. (sorry, I know you're all so dissapointed) but I do have some more pics, He's so cute I couldn't resist. So Enjoy!
<== This one's my favorite!
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