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BEAUTIFUL TEARS*: Treatment- Registered (since 1997) Writers Guild of America-WEST. This is a Screenplay Adaptation of a Novel , "Yelwa-Yauri",Copyright, Lib. of Congress, Washington, D.C.

During the booming oil economy in Nigeria, foreign professionals were invited to work as expatriates. One of them was Susana. She was young, very beautiful and still-burgeoning scientist who took the job of a University Professor at Yelwa- Yauri. In Rome, she met Richard who courted her and their relationship extended even further. Time, Boredom and Inconsistencies made her crave for Keith, her freshman boyfriend whom she visited in Madrid. Her challenging assignment and her career were intertwined with the emotions these two men had on her. There was the over-obsessive Chelsea and the kind hearted Casella. The determination to succeed in her career paid off bestowing unto her international fame.

"Yelwa-Yauri" was submitted to the 1997 Opus Magnum Discovery Awards

A Glimpse of Yelwa-Yauri, a Novel.


Poor Boy meets Rich Girl at Harvard University. Their compatibility are their brains but they are divided by social and cultural ways. Can true love be created and consumed when laws are relevantly laid out? Will it overpower the love for money and fame?

PRINSIPPE, (A SCRIPT IN PROGRESS)- A Sequel to "YELWA-YAURI" -novel, copyright, registered.

In a Paradise Island of Fiji, Susana hopes for her emotional best. Her unsheltered broken heart, a grinding memory keeps her busy researching- her day to day punching bag. Eventually, Pierre pursues her. There is a moment of reprieve and stark naked excitement but later it leaves only footprints. Pierre's downfall in tennis makes it happen. That nostalgic afternoon, Stevens displays his true emotions.... will this last? will it be another bitter memory? is this the final rescue?


Chester passionately desires for Rosa who lives across the other side of the extremely dangerous boundary line. Roza, her monozygotic twin sister lives just across his friendly neighborhood. Can his desire for his true love be quenched by considering her replicate-having all her physical proportions and beauty, in this impossible era of reunification?


Beyond- a serene sea of aquamarine blue…no white caps …at the shore off the Pacific Coast Highway…a small shed… stands in a well combed sand …amid is a lacquered round bar table aged with time… white napkins… bottles of wine …two long legged stools…sparkling- clean champagne glasses…a soothing cool music of George Howard’s “Until Tomorrow” tunes at the background… a place to quench ones thirst of longing that were missed long before…a spot to give in to the dreams that are still there but unfortunately dismissed in the reality of time … two guests are coming…the waiter in uniform searches for the watch in his pocket…

*All the above mentioned literary titles, summary, descriptions and synopses are entirely fictitious.  Copying is extremely prohibited.














*Thoughts to Ponder: (October 2001)From Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd :

"His title comes from Thomas Gray's 'Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard' (1751) which reflects that the peaceful lives of humble villagers far from the public arena contrast with, yet might well have been like, those of the famous in different circumstances: ' some mute inglorious Milton', 'some Cromwell guiltless of his country's blood'. But there is less peace in Hardy's world.." -By Professor Norman Vance* University of Sussex *Wrote the Introduction to Thomas Hardy's "Far From the Madding Crowd" (Wordsworth Classics) **This book was purchased outside the students' mensa of Freie Universitat Berlin.

A Statement worth a Sacramento Treasure was read while in Sacramento,California, USA on June of 2007. It was by Ron Cunningham which goes.."....My heart and soul are anchored in the notion of the creative process. It's the journey, not the destination that is exhilarating." Sometimes, it is exciting to write continuously a story and wishing never to end it.

5/2008... the snow laden peaks of the blue mountains of Vancouver and the nice company of stranded friends...and that 2 whole family pizza at almost midnight... the fabulous Las Vegas (-my third and fourth visits)... the wonders of Washington , D.C. [palatial hotel] & Dallas, Texas...Can strangers be casual friends?... In situations of being stranded... these words are great reminders. . . "Thanks for the company. I need it" . ..From the movie- ONCE... How often do you find the right person? ONCE. I am just wishing for the right one to come!

Oct.2008 at Taipei- I remembered I was in the lobby, sitting at the large square cushion seat and unintentionally listening to music of this hotel, "quirky" as what I read about it (among the latest hotels in Taipei) in an in- flight magazine, I was urged to write ... it searches the innermost of my soul to start thinking and being transported... to Paris...just like the basement delicious breakfast they have.. . it's a hodge -podge of uniqueness and Paris is one dash of it... The uniqueness of lifestyle in Taipei is something that one would love to search and savor...it's just comfortably different... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Taken from UCLA Notes with Joe Bratcher (UCLA Screenwriting Mentor)
....important quote: "Writers are lucky. Whatever mood, no matter the longing, the writer can use his words to connect himself to any world he wishes to visit." -Alan Zweibel

The other great UCLA mentor of mine in screenwriting is Erica Byrne.


August 25, 2001

The route of my life...

CDG-RER-Gare Du Nord-Metro 4- R. Hotel- Metro 4- Chatelet- Metro 1- C. de Gaulle Etoile- Metro 6- Bir Hakeim- Eiffel Tower.

The small path that leads to the base of eiffel....it's worth retrospecting.

Jazzy Route- Bob James’ Animal Dreams suits my Bir Hakeim - Eiffel Tower… stroll…especially those two climaxes in this jazz piece! -what memories could it make?

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