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Free Online Games -

Play And Have Fun !


Tornadogames - List of free games:

Game Title -------------> 3 Card
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> The concept is simple, keep your eye on the Queen and when the cards are done shuffling, click on it. The more you bet the faster the shuffle will go. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> Air Hockey
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> This is one game we all loved to waste our allowance on. Good news, this game of air hockey won`t eat your quarters. You choose your opponent and your mouse becomes your paddle. You will find the walls are your friend when it comes to beating the tougher opponents. The competition gets pretty stiff towards the top of the bracket, so warm up on the little guys first. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> Arsenal
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Remember Super Breakout or Arkanoid? Well, here comes the next generation of block breaking excitement. In this game you still control a paddle that sends a ball into orbit, but watch out because the blocks aren`t as passive. This time around they shoot back. Some of the blocks will drop items to help you protect yourself, but we will see how far those items get you. The game is controlled entirely with the mouse unless you need to pause the game (then you have to reach for the `P`). You can set a high score on this game if you are a member of, but guests are always welcome to play all day. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> BarShot
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Your overall mission is to remove all the numbered balls. You have to select a ball that is equal to the dice roll or select multiple balls that add up to the dice rolled. If you roll a double on the dice you will receive a pass token. A pass token can be used if you don`t have the ability to remove any balls for the total of the dice your rolled. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> Big Stick Baseball
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> In this fast paced Home Run Derby you use the control key to swing the bat at the incoming baseball. You get 20 pitches, but stay alert because they come in fast! The key to the game is hitting the ball. A strike resets the powerups you work so hard for so do not miss! High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Black Dragon
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> New Version Released 10-29-02
Welcome to the dragon`s lair. The game consists of 8 different layouts and every game will present a new challenge. Careful planning and some luck are needed to take the high score. Black Dragon is played with 20 tiles that are setup on the playing board of your choosing, all you have to do is remove them in sets of 4. Try to match the sets by color, symbol or both. Achieve bonus points for removing 4 Orange Frogs or 4 Black Dragons. The more sets you remove that match in both color and symbol will increase your strength and thus increase your score. Here`s a helpful hint, study the tiles to learn how the edges are colored and you will be able to plan your attack in a much more organized fashion. You can set a high score in every board layout. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Blackjack
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Hey! What can we tell you about this game, it`s Black Jack as in the card game that`s played in Vegas. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> BlueJet
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Use the left and right arrow keys to move your ship and use the spacebar to shoot. You control a Blue Jet, hence the name. You are travelling through a rough territory where ships continually attack you! Every time you earn 100 points you increase a level. Also, for every level increase a new ship is introduced until you reach level 6. As your levels go up after that, more and more horizontal moving ships will attack you. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> BreakAway
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> This game was modelled after the old school game breakout. You use the left and right arrow keys to move your paddle and power ups are dropped if you hit the right blocks. You are able to make the ball move faster than the paddle which forces you to anticipate the next spot you have to get to in order to hit the ball. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> BSB Paintball
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> While their name includes the word back let`s not shoot them there. This game gives you chance to take out your frustrations on one the biggest boy bands around. Don`t trick yourself into thinking this will be an easy game. We`ve programmed the boys to treat you rough so don`t be surprised if they kick your ASS. Use your mouse to control your gun and the mouse button to fire when ready. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> CaveRun
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> All you have to remember to get your serpent safely through the cave is to press and release the mouse button. Sound too easy? Go ahead and try it! The game starts off at a moderate pace to allow you to get the hang of it, but everytime you earn 400 points your level increases. With every level increase there is also an accompanying SPEED BOOST. This game is easy to learn and makes for hours of fun... o.k. maybe minutes, but it will kill some time and break up an otherwise monotonous day. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Chips
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Belly up to the bar for this puzzle. There are 8 poker chips on the table. Move the chips so the colors are grouped together. When you have completed your task you should have 4 purple chips next to each other and 4 blue chips next to each other. Oh by the way, you only have 4 moves to finish the job. If you don`t do it in 4 the puzzle will reset itself. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> Color Reactor 2
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Color Mixing at it`s best, try to clear all of the colored balls from the playing area before you run out of attempts. With a little planning you can take the high score in this game. Game features FireBalls, Mixing Options and C-Bombs. If you like the online version you will love the offline version, it contains more sounds, special effects and 4 ways to play. Check out our store for more information. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> CornPile
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> YIKES - your corn stock is disappearing and without it you can`t make next months rent. The reason the stock is disappearing is pigs and turkeys are eating it. Here`s a simple solution - KILL THEM. Blow their little heads off with your rifle and sell their remains at the market to earn money. You may want to shoot a few birds out of the sky, they occasionally drop an egg when they`re shot. If you manage to shoot the egg out of the sky, you can sell the eggs at the market as well. Don`t worry if you`re a bad shot, you could hit an oil field and earn some additional Ka-Ching. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Darts: 301 Style
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> This is a bar dart game that starts you off with 301 points and you have to throw the darts to drop your score to zero. You must hit zero exactly in order to end the game or “go out” as they call it. If you have 10 points and shoot 11 points then you would have -1 which is called a Bust and your score would be reset back to 10 your next round. A round consists of 3 darts but not all of your darts have to be thrown to complete a round. There are many options during the setup of this game like “Double in” and “Triple Out”. These represent how the game must be played. For example, a “Double in” means you have to hit a double on the dart board before you can start to subtract any points. The “Triple Out” means you have to hit a triple to end the game, this also means your score will bust if it goes less than 3 because Triple 1 (equals 3) is the smallest number your score can be and still have a chance to go out. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> Darts: Cricket
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Cricket is a bar dart game that has brought joy to many people for many years. Each round each player shoots 3 darts. They have to hit 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and Bull 3 times each in order to win the game but it doesn`t stop there. If you close out (hit a number 3 times) a number before your opponent and then you hit that number again your will receive the amount of points for the number you hit. So, in order to win the game you must hit all the numbers 3 times and have a higher score than the opposing player. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> DeepBlue
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> This is a version of Battleship with a twist. The numbers of bombs you are allowed to drop is based on the roll of a die. You could get up to 6 bombs per turn or as little as one. This new twist adds a new level of challenges to the game. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> Demolition Derby
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> This overhead view game kind of reminds me of Spy Hunter. Your overall mission is to take out as many cars and trucks as possible by knocking them into the walls. Be sure to clear the path for emergency vehicles otherwise you may suffer some consequences. Drive over the wrenches and nitro containers to pick them up, they will help you on your journey. Beware of the Taxi Drives - those people are nuts. Use your mouse button to activate the nitro. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Dons Fourplay
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Don S. took the time to explain this game to us and thus he got to name the game. Once you play it you will see why he named it the way he did. This is a solitaire card game that you will find yourself addicted to in no time at all. We feel it`s one of the best solitaire games available. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> Dying Breed
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Match wits against 77 dice in this mind-blowing strategy game. The object is simple; remove the dice from the playing area by rotating the dice to make matching sets of 2, 3, 4 or 5 dice. Here is a helpful hint, all of the die are built identical so get to know the die and what is located around it. Really pay attention to sixes, threes and twos because with those dice you can actually bring your chances down to 50/50 instead of 1 in 4. If you spend a little time with the game you will improve your score. You can set a high score in each of the game layouts, which include Beginner, Novice and Expert. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Flea Circus
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Try this 3-ring terror. There are 4 performing Fleas that have to move to the light on right side of the stage. The problem is only smaller fleas can stand on the shoulders of a larger flea but any flea can stand in a light that is empty. The fans will not tolerate this performance if it takes to long to complete. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> Flop
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Take the computer on in this flip-flop game. Try to trap the computers pieces between yours and you gain control of those pieces but watch out for the computers next move, he could take them all back and then some if you don`t plan your attack properly. Sure you may be able to beat the computer in the first round but then he starts to add more colors to the mix and starts to take a huge advantage over you. It`s possible to beat the computer at all levels but it will take some brain power. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title -------------> Force a Roll
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Here`s the deal, there are 49 poker chips that are randomly placed on the playing area. Your mission is to remove all of the chips in a round based on the roll of 2 dice. The chips you remove must add up to or be equal to the amount shown on the dice. Oh just one more thing, you are working against the clock. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Force Within
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Updated Game on 7-6-2003
Force Within is one of those sit back and relax while playing games. There`s no pressure as you simply click on the spots where you want to move the tiles to but keep in mind you`re forced to stay within 2 spots of where you start. Overall object is to remove the tiles from the playing area by creating rows or columns of 4 or more. The computer will try to stop you by placing tiles on the screen. He`s not very good at what he does because you can see his next move and either block him or use his tiles to your advantage. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Fungi
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Look out below! Mushrooms are falling from the sky and stacking up quickly. It is your job to make sure they don`t reach the top. You must quickly but masterfully rearrange the shrooms to form rows and columns of 4 or more. You are limited on how many switches you can make so use them carefully. To switch the shrooms around simply click on any 2 of them. The 2 that you pick DO NOT have to be related to each other in any way. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Golf Solitaire
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Just like riding an elevator.. sometimes you go up and sometimes you go down. Either way you will have to prove yourself worthy to get your score posted with this game. This card game requires a litte brain power and a little luck. Play the game and see if you can get your score posted. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Golf Solitaire L2
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> This is Golf Solitaire Level 2 (L2). This game is just like the orignal Golf Solitare except it has more cards in the columns when the game starts. This game was developed because we didn't think too many people would be submitting scores for the first layout. We were proven wrong again. In the first couple of days of it`s release we had a lot of scores submitted. That brought on the thought to make another version of the game but make it harder to complete. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Hat Trick Basketball
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Let`s see you shoot a hat trick in this somewhat twisted idea of a basketball game. You start with 27 balls and for every 3 you shoot in you will receive another ball. You control the power behind your shot and you control the timing of the release of the ball to the hoop. Use your spacebar or mouse button to control the action. Score is based on how fast you react to the power meter, the height of your jump shot and, of course, if you make it. To increase the chances of making it try to time the power meter at it’s peak and release the ball at the top of your jump. High scores are held at


Game Title -------------> Hot Air
Direct Link ---------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long -------> Fly the hot air balloons around so they switch places. Once you start moving the balloons you will see colored dots showing you where each color balloon has to end up. This is kind of a tough one to solve but there is a solution. To move a balloon click on it and if there are any places it can land they will light up, if no places light up then a different balloon is blocking that one. Good Luck Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> Impulse
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> With Impulse your goal is to remove tile sets containing three or more of the same color. A set is created by adjacent tiles (not diagonal). The larger these sets become the more points they are worth. However, if you allow the stacks to grow out of control, it may be too difficult to clear them fast enough. If you are able to remove 10 or more tiles in one set, big points are awarded. Also, you will find some helpful bombs along the way, use them wisely.


Game Title ------------> Keno
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> The game of Keno was developed by the Chinese way back when dogs were the oldest creatures. The game is played kind of like a lottery but you choose how many numbers you want to pick. As you pick more numbers the amount you can win goes up. There are 80 numbers to choose from and every round the computer will randomly pick 20 of them. As you choose your numbers the display to the right of the numbers will track how many coins you will win if you manage to pick the same ones at the computer. For example: you could pick 5 numbers and the computer will pick 20. If 4 of your numbers are the same as any of the 20 picked by the computer you will win a prize. This game is currently being played at most casinos in Las Vegas. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> Limited Space
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Re-designed in Feb. 2003
We gave one of our first classic games a face lift this year. We added some new features and made the game a little easier on the eyes. We hope you like the improvements.

Randomly made pieces are formed and you are in control of their placement on the playing area. You can set the object wherever you want and you can rotate it until you have it just right. You`re trying to form straight lines of 4 or more. Once you form a line those blocks will be removed, did we mention that they all have to be the same color. The more blocks removed at a time the more points you will receive. As you move through the levels more colors are added making the game much more interesting. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Master Brain
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> A secret color code has been created and you have a limited number of tries to break the code. Using colored marbles you try different combinations and the game will tell you how close you are to the actual code. Try to break the code using the least amount of tries. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> Measure This!
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Can you measure up to the challenge? Test the speed and knowledge of your brain and simply click on the measurement. Each correct answer will extend your time on the clock. 2 levels of play. This game was born out of the idea that we (the U.S.A.) are going to be switching to the metric system... I have heard that for the last 20 years and we still have not switched, so it high time for everyone to learn to read a ruler. The time has come for you to spank the ruler instead of the ruler spanking your little butt. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Mighty Worm - 3D
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> You are a hill billy helping Pa with a major worm problem. You use a shotgun to shoot the worm in the head. Everytime you hit him, his tail gets shorter until he is just a head. Once you take out his head you move on to the next level. As you get further along the worms get smarter and attack you and the apples more frequently. You control the gun with the mouse and use the mouse button to shoot. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Nine Ball
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Rack them up... That`s the problem. The concept of this game is simple, click the white balls one by one and fill the rack so all nine balls are present. You will find that it`s a lot harder than you think. There is a logical way to solve this puzzle. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> Operation Shield USA
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> America`s under a missile attack and you`re the only one that can help. Protect our cities by deflecting the missiles into a wormhole created by a laser that you control. The wormhole theory was designed in the late 1900 and has never been tested completely. There may be a missile or two that slip through the system so be on your toes. We don`t want to create any pressure on you but you are our only hope. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Pairs Out
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Simply remove the pairs until you can`t go any further. This game is one of those games that could keep you amused for a pretty long time - so watch the clock when your playing, we don`t want you to miss a lunch break or when it`s time to punch out and go home. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> Poacher
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> This is a game that requires a lot of luck and some good timing. You have 45 days to buy and sell furs and make as much money as possible. You are a fur trader travelling the world to take advantage of the differing markets.
You will find that some areas offer very few major market shifts while other territories are always drastically changing. You have to play a while and be observant to discover the best land to trade on. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Poker 25
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Mix and Match your way through 2 decks of cards trying to create your best poker hand(s). The playing field is a 5 by 5 card table. As you create rows or columns of 5 cards they are removed for a score. Try to remove 2 or more sets at a time for bonus points. You can download the FULL offline version for your computer by Clicking Here - IT IS FREE. Once you have a copy of the game please give it to your friends or post it on your web site for FREE download. Enjoy the game.


Game Title ------------> Project 156
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Beware! This game has been known to cause an addiction to The game play is simple to understand but may take a while and a little luck to conquer it. Simply remove the number of required blocks and advance to the next round. Sounds EZ, right? You will find it a little harder than it sounds. Here`s a little hint, work the left side of the screen… or was it the right, I can`t remember which one it was. Maybe you’ll figure it out. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Pyramid
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> This game has been on for a while but as of 9-28-01 we re-designed it with a new card engine and added some features to the game.
A lot of your members have pointed out that this is the ultimate solitaire cards game. The game is very easy to understand but very difficult to defeat. You are trying to remove cards that add up to 13. Kings can be removed by themselves because they are worth 13. Queens can be removed with the help of an Ace, A Jack and 2 can be removed together the rest have to add up to the 13 as well. You can only go through the deck once so take your time and make sure you don’t miss a move. Only the cards that are not covered by another card can be selected for removal. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> Queens
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Here`s a simple concept, position 8 queens on the chessboard so none of them can attack each other. This is very possible to do and if you spend some time with it you will figure it out. Remember, queens can move in any direction for the length of the board. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> RSP Showdown
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Rock Scissors and Paper are having there final showdown and this time you are in control. Remember that Rock crushes Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper and Paper covers Rock. You can mix 2 of the same tokens to create a powerful Gold Token. Use the arrows to create sliding take downs to produce a higher score. This twisted version of the good old game will have you cutting, smashing and covering like never before. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> RWB Slot Machine
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> You`ll never guess how this one works. It`s a Red, White and Blue slot machine, you put money in, spin the reels and hope for the best. This slot machine is based on an actual slot machine that just happens to be our favorites. These machines are really hard to find and that`s one we decided to write the program. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> SF Slide
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> (S)traight (F)lush Slide may sound like a card game but it`s really more like a word search. Symbols that represent 2 decks of cards are randomly placed on the playing area, your mission is to find the best Straight, Flush or combination of the two and remove them from the playing area. If it helps you can slide all the pieces in any direction. The more symbols you remove at a time the better your score. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Shanghi
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Our version of an old classic Chinese game. Try to remove all of the blocks from the playing area by finding matches. Only the blocks that are not buried under other blocks and have at least one side that is not touching another block can be selected for removal. There are multiple layouts to choose from, we are positive you will find one that you enjoy. Score is based on how fast you remove the sets and how many shuffles you use, the more shuffles the less score. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Shanghi Infinity
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> A classic version of a classic game. Shanghi Infinity is our pride and joy of the Shanghi Style games. Play 15 different designs inside of 2 different styles of play (144 tile and 72 tile). To play, simply match 2 tiles that are the same and they will be gone. Playable tiles are tiles that are not covered by anything and have either its left or right side clear. As a member of you can set a high score in each of the 15 different layouts. The Full version of this game includes shadows, memory play options, 600 solvable layouts, unlimted random layouts and 60 designs to play. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Shanghi Memory
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> This is a tuff one to figure out, it`s the Shanghi blocks but this time they`re face down and you have to play the old guessing game to find the matches to remove them from the playing area. Any questions? Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> Speed
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Speed took on the look and feel of a gameshow (at least it was supposed to). You are the contestant trying to match the number given to you by your computer. You match the number by hitting a series of buttons. All numbers can be matched, the trick is the clock starts with 45 seconds. You can earn more time, but will that be enough to help you beat out the competition? High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Sprint Flash
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Race against 2 computer racecars to win money so you can buy more advanced equipment for your racecar. The game is based and the classic arcade game of Super Sprint. The game has 9 different tracks and one of them runs you backwards. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Starsout
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> This game could be best compared to the early 80`s game called Tempest. Try to take out as many targets as possible by flying in a circle around the area when the targets are originating. Use your mouse button to fire the shots and don`t forget to use your shield if you are in a jam. Fly fast and furious to take the high score list on this game. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Stem Cell Lab
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> You are a stem cell researcher developing some hot new technology. Your job is to trace stem cells using a new technique, testing their stability. Some cells are less stable than others, so don`t become discouraged. Every great scientist gets a break at some point. The problem is the equipment you are using isn`t very stable. The machine only allows two color selections and only moves at one speed. Good Luck in finding stable stem cell formations. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Triangles
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Click on a triangle and you will find other ones also changing color. Keep clicking on the triangles until they are all one color. People have been known to go insane trying to figure this one out. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> Tron Racer
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> This game puts you in the drivers seat of a Tron Bike. You race against a number of other computer controlled bikes that try to cut you off while you do the same to them. The computer controlled bikes are a few megs short of a gig as you will see, but their numbers and ability to make tight corners are threatening enough to your existence. There is a bonus timer that counts down and a score that increases after each level. If your score is greater than the amount of points required for a new guy, another bike is granted to your surplus. You can only recieve one bike per level and as you move along the bikes get more difficult to obtain. You control your bike with the arrow keys. If you get sick of the music you can disable it within the game, but we are sure you will enjoy it throughout your game.
If you have what it takes you could flip the levels! They get challenging, but it is very possible.

There was a bug where a head on collision caused major problems. It is now fixed. High scores are held at



Game Title ------------> Ultimate Sewer Diving
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Strap on your bike helmet and nose plug for this adventure. You control a trained professional who took up sewer diving as a hobby. He enjoys the thrill of a 10,000 foot drop into a sewer barely big enough for his body. Your score is based on the average score of 3 dives. If you miss the sewer you don`t get any points for that attempt and your diver ends up with a headache. Remember, this guy is a professional, do not try this without a safety net!


Game Title ------------> Video Poker
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Here is our Video Poker. If you like the online version you can download the FULL offline version for your computer by Clicking Here - IT IS FREE. Once you have a copy of the game please give it to your friends or post it on your web site for FREE download. Enjoy the game.

WEBMASTERS - A custom downloadable version of this game can be designed to point back to your site. Please contact us for more information - visit the leasing area of this site for the contact information. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> Virus
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Overall object of this game is to grow a virus to infect the whole playing area in as few moves as possible. To grow your virus you simply pick a color by clicking on it at the bottom of the screen, your virus will then become that color and take over any cell that is touching the edge of the virus and is the same color. Careful planning and a little luck are needed to take a high score in this game. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Virus 2
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Notice 8-6-03 Virus 2 (the offline version) will be discontinued soon. If you like the game you are running out of time to purchase it. A new version in the Virus series is coming out soon and all of those who have purchased the current version will get a free upgrade to Virus 3 when it is released. This message is just a fair warning for those who care.

More intense than the original. We`ve added a honeycomb effect to the playing area so you can grow your virus in more directions. We`ve also added more colors and more options to the menu system. The game runs a lot smoother than then the first version due to a new processing engine we have created. Try it out, you`re sure to be pleased. High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> World Cup
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Take aim, lock on the target and control the speed of the shot as you try to sneak one into the net in this World Cup game. Don't forget to warm up with a little game of 'Keep Ups' as you try to keep the ball in the air by clicking on it. Check to see if high score list is available.


Game Title ------------> X Triple I
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> Just take a deck of cards and some T.N.T., mix them up and call it a game. This card game is kind of like Pyramid or Tut`s Tomb. There are a few differences like you can remove more than 2 cards in a set to total 13 and you have T.N.T. that can be used to blow away the cards you don`t want to use. Work your way through 13 levels and you can be crowned the champion of this game. You can set a high score on this game if you are a member of High scores are held at


Game Title ------------> Yat-z
Direct Link --------------> Click Here To Play
Description Long ------> You would never guess it but this game is a lot like the original dice game. You can play against the computer or a friend at the same computer. Roll the dice and try to form the best possible combination. The combinations required are clearly marked on your playing card. You must fill in all slots of the playing card even if this means you take a zero for a score. Check to see if high score list is available.


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Affiliate marketing programs that can add value without costs to Web sites.


Author/: Eric T. Brassell Sr.
Issue: Oct. 4, 2003

Many small businesses have found ways to earn money from visitors to their Web site, even though their sites are not equipped to handle Internet transactions. How? By joining an affiliate marketing program.

After taking the time to create and promote your Web site, you, too, may find that joining an affiliate marketing program is a cost-effective way to enhance the value of your own Internet investment. That type of "virtual" alliance may help you increase revenue without increasing costs. In addition, an alliance can increase the value of your customers' visits by increasing the quality of your Web site, thereby encouraging more visits and increasing your opportunities to establish and maintain relationships with your customers.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing programs came into their own during the Internet boom of the mid- to late-1990s. Organized to create virtual business relationships, they are an agreement between two companies to steer business in the form of Web traffic from one Web site to another in return for compensation. If organized correctly, they are a win-win situation for both partners. They help large companies with elaborate, transaction-oriented Web sites increase their Web traffic while providing increased cash flows to smaller businesses with brochure-style Web sites.

How do affiliate programs work?

When you join an affiliate program, you will be able to download an icon or button to add to your Web site. Visitors to your site who click on that button will be sent to the transaction portion of your partner's site. Your partner should have specialized internal computer systems in place. Those systems track all sales generated during the visit that originated from your Web site. In other words, you will own a portion of all sales generated during that visit. If the visitor places an order, you will receive a percentage of the proceeds of the sale, based on the original agreement. A typical revenue-sharing arrangement is for 5 percent of the total sale, regardless of the size of the sale.

Choosing an affiliate partner:

Keep some important points in mind when choosing your affiliate partner:

* Don't partner with a company that charges a fee or requires a minimum level of sales to waive a fee. An affiliate program should not cost you a dime. Programs with conditions are little more than pyramid schemes and should be avoided.

Do choose a company with which you already have a working relationship. If you've worked with a large supplier or customer over a period of time, you know whether they are trustworthy or not, and have a good idea of the kind of reputation they have in the local or national business community. That gives you the opportunity to avoid partners who are not ethical.

Choose a partner that will enhance the value of your site to your customers. By making a link to a company on your Web site, you are making a statement about the quality of that company to your customer base, your most important corporate asset. You don't want to jeopardize the goodwill you've built with your customers, so choose your partners wisely.

Potential benefits:

A well-planned affiliate-marketing program can accomplish two important goals for your business without increasing costs. The first and most important is the real opportunity to grow revenue. Second, by aligning with the right partner, visitors to your site may find it a good jumping-off point to the rest of the Internet. That could turn your site into a "portal," which could help get your customers into the habit of visiting your Web site more frequently.


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Submitting Your    Website To DMOZ
By Serge Thibodeau

Today more than ever, in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), there is a very important step that needs to be taken in order to help a website's visibility in the major search engines.

That important step is to submit it to DMOZ, sometimes called the Open Directory Project or ODP. DMOZ provides a lot of search results for a good percentage of the most important search engines and directories, including Google.

First, DMOZ is NOT a robot-driven crawler but rather a large, human-edited directory of the Web. For any submission to be successful, a few important points need to be considered ahead of time:

Step A) Your full contact information needs to be there. Make certain that your full contact information is easily accessible, preferably with the help of a clearly identified contact button. An e-mail address is certainly not enough.

Many ODP editors will tell you if they don't see a real physical or postal address or telephone number, then that website in its particular category is usually tossed away and probably will never make it inside the directory.

Most importantly, if you wish to sell anything, you need to build credibility and honesty with your clients. In such a case, providing proper and full contact information on your site is imperative.

Step B) Do not attempt to SPAM the directory. You should only submit your site once and forget it for at least two to three months. According to DMOZ rules and regulations, you are only allowed to submit to one category.

However, in certain isolated cases and, if your website happens to be a very large one and offers lots of information, you may be able to submit a second section of it to a different category. As a rule of thumb, it usually takes time for most submissions to be processed.

This is especially true of categories where there are many daily submissions. It is recommended you not submit a website more than once, as it could end up at the bottom of a large list of sites awaiting review and approval, and sites are processed according to their submissions dates.

Step C) Your website needs original and quality content. If you are trying to publish an assortment of affiliate links or, if your site happens to be a "mirror-site" of other websites that are common on the Internet, then the chances of your submission being accepted are poor.

If in fact you really have to deal with affiliate products or services, we recommend that you add lots of new content, perhaps a product review category, an industry news section or any other additional information that will tell the DMOZ editors that your site has something original to offer and has ample content that will be of use to their users.

Step D) Double-check your website for spelling errors and typos. Although DMOZ editors look for great content, they are only human and may be irritated by these types of errors. Our experience with the ODP tells us that professionally written and carefully built websites with great content almost always make it into the directory eventually.

Step E) Keep a careful record of your submissions to DMOZ. We strongly recommend that you record the date of submission and the specific category to which the site was submitted. And, if the category to which you are submitting has an editor, you should always make a note of the editor's name.

Such information can be useful, if you need to inquire about the status of your submission at a later date. One question we are fequently asked is: "How long does it take to get listed?" With DMOZ, predictions are difficult. We've seen sites added in as litle as three weeks while other submissions have not been listed for six months or longer.

Step F) Select the proper category for any submission. When people submit a URL to such robotic search engines as Google or Alta-Vista, there really isn't much to consider since their crawlers or "spiders" visit and index your site automatically, generally in a rather short period of time.

However, when submitting to a directory like DMOZ, a critical part of the submission process is choosing the right category. We recommend that you check where websites similar to yours have been placed in the directory.

When you find the category that you believe is most appropriate, press the "add URL" button. Watch for notes from DMOZ editors citing additional category restrictions. These notes should be read carefully to ensure your site meets the mentioned parameters.

Step G) Always contact DMOZ through the proper channels. If the category to which you are submitting does have an editor, this will most often be indicated at the bottom of the page and you should be able to send that editor a message.

Failing that, another way to contact DMOZ editors is through their online forum. Once there, you can ask about the status of your submission, but you must provide the submission date and category of your last attempt. Additionally, you can ask some questions about general DMOZ procedures and rules.

Do your best to follow the steps outlined above and your site should eventually be included in the DMOZ directory.

About The Author
Serge Thibodeau has been performing professional search engine optimization and priority positioning services since 1997.

Serge optimizes commercial web sites of small businesses, medium-size companies as well as Fortune 500 enterprises.

 Serge Thibodeau serves as CEO for

Additionally, Serge has been largely involved as the project leader in the development of Pagina+ (tm), a powerful search engine optimization service for businesses of all sizes. Pagina+ (tm) is offered by Rank for $ales's parent company: GCIS Inc.

 Serge also has a search engine blog at:

You can contact Serge Thibodeau at: sthibodeau@rank or toll free at:  1-800-631-3221.                       

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