Why is there so much Hysteria today?

The climate today is to fear someone or something; fear to the point of hysteria! The current political message is "Fear" and the person speaking always has the answer to the cause of the fear s/he claims. The answer is always some form of law or ordinance that will relieve the fear. The real question is, are the fears real or blown out of proportion? Is the speaker telling the truth or is it a half-truth? Is the speaker creating a factoid or is their message simply false? What is the message based on and is that relevant to the topic of the message? These questions need to be sorted out before accepting the speakers point of view.

These questions are addressed by this website. We try to let you know who said what, and whether it is truth, half-truth, factoid or simply false! Then there is, valid information used for the wrong purpose, misleading and causing hysteria. We try to sort these out.

Hysteria over past crimes. Should today's society be fearful of those who have past convictions?
When someone breaks a law, judges decide the punishment within guidelines set by law, the offenders serve their punishment, and assuming the punishment is not life without parole or a death sentence, they are released back into society. Excepting as mentioned, inherent within the laws of punishment, is the right to rejoin society and again become a productive member of society, a taxpayer!
One group has been singled out, those with sex crimes even when the law absolved them of that crime. So the question TODAY is, why is there so much hysteria? The answer is somewhere within the following.
Politicians / People
The Media
Fact / Factoid / False / Misleading

This is a work in progress, if something should be added please e-mail us with the facts.
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