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I have tried to gather different pages, articles and list to assist you with your fic writing. I have broken this page down into sections. You can scroll down and have look or you can jump to a section that might immediately interest you. If you are looking for information or pages on Willow, Graham, Alyson or Bailey there is a links page that might be of interest. There is also a Biography page that might help.

I 'take requests' if you are looking for something let me know and I will try to find it. I have added a Message Board so we can communicate with each other and exchange thoughts and ideas! If you know of something of interest for this page then contact me!

Buffy Resources / Transcripts / Articles / Mailing Lists / Writing Resources / Adult Section

Graphics Resources / Dictionarys / Name Sites

The WB University has some Fan Fiction Courses. They have both Angel and BtVS as well as other WB shows. Check them out!

Lab Shots of the Initiative Lab and faculity

Demons, Demons, Demons - The Demon Database - a listing of the demons in the Buffy-verse
Courtesy of Mathew of "Two Demons, A Girl and a Bat Cave"

Aliases - different names for the cast of Angel and Buffy
Courtesy of Mathew of "Two Demons, A Girl and a Bat Cave"

Timeline - for events on Buffy and Angel
Courtesy of Mathew of "Two Demons, A Girl and a Bat Cave"

Name definations, important speeches & spells from both shows and other interesting stuff

Transcripts, Scripts and Guides:

Enter the Buffy Shooting Script Site

Transcripts and Fan Fiction

Buffy Articles and Chats

Joss Whedon - Answers Your Questions

David Boreanaz Interview

Mailing Lists

A whole page of mailing lists. Places to interact with other fans, shippers and writers.

Writing Resources

Justin's Fiction Writing Tips

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Inkspot - The Writer's Resource

The Fiction Writer's Page

Graphics Resources

Buffy Font - I have uploaded it to Driveway.com so let me know if the download doesn't work!

Buffy Homepage Help

Dictionarys and Glossaries

Online English/Latin Dictionary

Online Demon Dictionary - go to the main page and find demon terminology and demons listed by purpose and more!.

The Online Slang Dictionary

College Slang Research Project - search for words!

Military Glossary - go to the main page and find military quotes and flag etiquette and more.

Military Terms, Phrases, Abbreviations and Slang

Dictionary of Mythology

Western Slang - I don't know maybe Willow and Graham get tossed back in time to the Old West!

Name Sites

Baby Namer . Com

Jellinek's Baby Name Chooser



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