Building a Guillemot Kayak 
Memorial Day-2002-Put the boat in the water and paddled  4-5 miles.  Wonderful speed and stability.  Now I have to finish the boat by putting on the varnish.  Just couldn't wait. Started in October with just Nick's book and now it floats!
Hello, my name is Robert Kimball. Last April my wife Monika and I bought kayaks. We were surprised at just how much fun we had paddling the various lakes in Michigan.

Then I purchased Nick Schade's book, "The Strip-built Sea Kayak", and I got excited about building my own kayak. On these few pages, I will try to chronicle my progress.

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Tools and Thoughts
Kayaking - The Adventure Begins
Strongback and the Shear Strip
Stripping The Kayak
Building the Cockpit Coaming
Other Wood Working Projects
Sanding and Fairing the Boat
Applying the Epoxy and Fiberglass
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I highly recommend Nick Schade's book if you're planning to build a sea kayak. You can reach his web site by clicking here:

Contact Info:
Robert Kimball
'Glassing the Inside
Outfitting the Kayak
Final Steps
Finished Boat
Believe it or not, I'm starting to build a second Guillemot for my wife.  Click on the image above to see pictures and comments as progress is made!