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2001-02-01 11:05

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My URL: http://www.oocities.org/woodspiritlartiste/
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< SHAMAN UF WOOD AH-HOK< GRANDFATHER< GREAT-SPIRIT< lean close ta mutheh-earth, dat yoo may 'ear the voice i send, gimme the eyes ta see 'n' the strenght ta understand, dat i mabbe lak yoo.. wit' yore power onle i ken face the windspirit... he saw thangs dat no one else could hidden 'n age lines 'n' weathered 'mperfections uf this live oak limb, sought out wit' permisssion frum GREAT GRANDFATHER OAK TREE, seekin' the spirit image wit''n ta cum forth; mabbe ah thunderburd(eagle) mabbe ah mahto(grizzly bear mabbe ah ptesanwin(yello-white- buffalo woman) cradlin' caressin' thiz limb, turnin' it ov'r 'n' ov'r ag'in 'n hiz hand, lettin' the yet-ta-bee discovered spirit-image dat darted, danced 'n' whispered ta 'im, az he ev'r-sooo-patiently, carvin' curlin', the seasoned wood wit' 'n sharpen fliiintknife til the image 'n hiz hand matched the one dat furst lived 'n hiz mind... copyrghted june 13, 1998 "peer-bear" a.k.a. pierre bordeaux,esq. orland

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