I grew up in Lebanon PA, went to Mt holyoke College where I majored in chemistry and then went on to the MD-PhD program at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. I have since moved on again - now I'm a Texan! I did a radiation oncology residency at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and stayed there on faculty.

As an aside, when i started this page (in 2000) I was taking an html class over the internet. I decided to make a homework assignment on the topic of that week's Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. Feel free to peek... I miss buffy!! Buffy homework (with pics)

The class is really cool, and it's free--check it out if you're interested (Beach University). You have to be a geocities member to take classes, but that's easy too, and it's also free:) This site is a part of the beach university web ring, so feel free to explore the ring using the webring icon at the bottom of this page=)


OK, I am kind of a big geek, but I do a lot of fun things too:) I love backpacking and camping, although I don't do much of it in Texas. I used to sing and direct in an all women's a cappella group called Arrhythmia but sadly now that I am no longer in Philadelphia I am not with them any more. I enjoy independent film, great beer, and coffee with friends, and after much searching I have discovered a new music outlet in Texas - Sweet Adelines. I sing with an all women's chorus called Houston Horizon

Mikey, my cat:)


When you're invited to a friend's house for a smackeral of something, don't eat so much you can't fit through the door when it's time to go home.


Contact me:

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