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Welcome! I`m glad you stopped to visit at; " Wood2Burn"          Now that your here come on in thru the swinging door &  take a look at my unique &; original Art that I call; "Photo2Pyro"  It`s also known as Pyrography & Woodburning. I`ve decided to offer my services to folks who admire the art form but were not blessed with the know how or time to do it.
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Let me take your favorite or a cherished Photo to Pyrograph my rendition of it onto a pretty piece of aged White Pine. To create a special keepsake; or whats sure to become a family heirloom for you and generations to come. The end result will be quite unique & sure to please. If you like what you see on the next few pages of this site ; You`ll surely be pleased with the  Pyro  that I can do for you. So think back to remember that one special Photo that would be perfect to turn into your personal piece of "Outsider Pyro Art"
Always have a little bit go`in on~
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