Wordsmith Apprentice Writer's Group
The Group:
The heart of the group is in our message board!  Please visit!
A wordsmith writes because s/he must.  This is to help each other foster our passion while aiming towards publication.  A true wordsmith does not seek publication for money.  We seek publication for the delight in having our work recognized as being a well-written extention of ourselves.
The Guidelines:
This group is designed to help people on their journey from apprentice to master.
Please don't be too shy to share your work; we are all beginners at some point!  Be proud of your attempt yet willing --- eager --- to improve.
Please make your critiques with kindness.  Do not rip apart a piece (or member) because it's different/you don't agree with the message/ you're a genius and no one compares.  Critique because you sincerely want to help a budding artist succeed.
Prompts & challenges are optional, but they are there to jumpstart the imagination, warm up the fingertips, and compare with other author's unique voice & style.  Please be active with group "assignments" every now and then.
The biography questions (besides screen name/name/email) are also optional, but highly encouraged.  It is always helpful in under-standing where the writer/critter is coming from.  Also, it would be nice to be friends and not strangers!
The writing goals/rewards/remuneration system is, of course, optional.  Many people (like me) work better with incentives.  The important thing is to write every day!  I know that I'm way too slack, and I'll never improve without practice.  Having people waiting for my quota & aware of my goal system will urge me to do it.  If this is not the case for you, don't sweat it.  But keep writing!
Also, please remember:  I know we're all friends her, but the group is not designed for blatant butt-kissing.  We are here to critique and improve our work, not just tell each other how great we all are.
Lastly, have an open mind and heart.  Be willing to learn and grow!
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