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Chaplain Steve Zink
Providing a proactive,
Spiritual Care Assistance Plan to Employers who care about the emotional, social, and spiritual health of their Employees.

Is your "Top Line" as healthy as your "Bottom Line"?
The 'Top Line' is people - employees and their family members. Caring for this "line" will generate deeper loyalty, and a commitment of the "rank and file" to the goals and mission of the company.

It can often be intense and highly stressful.

Many individuals are not comfortable talking with their employer or co-workers about issues that may directly or indirectly impact their performance on the job.  The concern is that it may send the wrong signal. 

With a San Diego WorkPlace Chaplain, your employees have a friend with years of business and pratical life experience with whom they can talk...really talk.

The main objective is to assist employees during their time of need, directing them back toward their professional and personal responsiblities.

There are many situations your employees face daily that are beyond your control - automobile accidents, sudden illness, the tragic death of a loved one, family problems, divorce and the list goes on.  In many cases the manner in which employers handle these situations determines how quickly their employees rebound and focus their efforts.
SDWC does not emphasize spirituality unless there is a specific request for it. We focuse on assisting employees through these challenging times by providing as much encouragement, support and direction as each employee desires.

SDWC remains on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to provide guidance with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.
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