Welcome to the world of Alskyr. 

This world is new, in terms of having been spawned in June 2001 in the minds and hearts of its' founders.

This is the starting place of all Alskyr, there will be dragons and gryphons awaiting to teleport you from here to their home Caers and Aeries. 

You seem lost.

You are? Well then! Allow me to explain.

Alskyr is a world of land and sea dragons and gryphons, and of course humans. Lucky humans that are present at the births of each of these creatures bonds one, and the two parts care for each other for life. Humans who bond either creature live considerably longer than most others, because the life span of gryphons and dragons is unknown, and they carry their human bonds' lives with their own, lengthening them by years. 

Humans on Alskyr rarely get sick, but when they do, medics are always ready. Every Caer, Cove and Aerie has several resident medics, many of which are bonded to their draconic or gryphonic counterparts. Institutes and schools teach, and the councils from the Houses, Caers, Aeries and Coves work together to form the Alskyrian government.

Now, here's a guide, scroll through what you'd like to know most about, and I'll be glad to explain.

The Alskyrian History

The Terms *Updated: Jan 21, 2002!*
The Humans
The Dragons *Updated: Jan 21, 2002!*
The Gryphons *Updated: Jan 21, 2002!*
The Sea Dragons *Updated: Jan 21, 2002!*
Fauna and Flora
The Dangers

The Contributors
The Copyright Notice

Now it's your turn to go and visit these places that you've just learned about. Have fun, and take care!

The name on the left is the name of the island, mountains or plains where the Caer, Aerie and Coves specific to that area are located. The names on the right specify the places found in the island, mountain or plains named to the left.

Map creation credited to Qalam @ Paniya! - Numbered Section edit credited to Raayah @ Lantir-Setia!

|01|| Hyoukai 
|02|| Akuma 
|03|| Volucris Mt. Range 
|04|| Liam Mt. Range 
|05|| Gryph's Bay
|06|| Acheme 
|07|| Harvest 
|08|| Taivas 
|09|| Ayaga Bay 
|10|| Lasair
|11|| Starena 
|12|| Catena Island 
|13|| Lunar 
|14|| Moonstone 
|15|| Jailnel/ ??
|16|| Raynica 
|17|| Paniya Island 
|18|| Belrin Ilse 
|19|| Elane 
|20|| Oros Mountian
|21|| Lantir-setia Island 
|22|| Dragonstar Island 
|23|| Soul's Crest 
|24|| NA 
|25|| NA

Now that you know where they are in comparison to each other.. go visit them!
And if you want to know where clutches are available, Oros Mt has created a Clutch Database!

Ayaga Bay Arole Yein Caer
Aerie Volia-Kaun
Corana Cove
Belrin Isle Caer Yslen
Ice High Aerie
Frozen Shores Aerie
Vallen Cove
Catena Island Caer Catena
Cielo Aerie
Vegliante Cove
Diakonyn Isle Caer Diakonyn
Diakonyn Aerie
Diakonyn Cove
Dragonstar Island Caer Silvermoon
Rising Sun Aerie
Ocean Star Cove
Halachaskan Islands Caer Inoa
Nauiroll Aerie
Thedra Cove
Lantir-setia Island Caer Tol-eressŽa
Arminas Aerie
Marbethil Valley
Liam Mountain Range
Caer Mystrach
Saisai Aerie
Umi Ookami Cove
Oros Mountain Caer Brynmor
Aerie Glyndwr
Cove Lachlan
Paniya Island Caer Paniya
Alabaster Cove
-unknown- Aerie
Soul's Crest Caer Tierra
Caelum Aerie
Mara Cove
Verita Island Wild River Caer
Beckenrow Aerie
Rip Tide Cove
Volucris Mountain Range
Caer Talor Cliff
Furtim Aerie
Altus Cove