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By the end of last month we had knowledge that the auction house of MULLOCK MADELEY was going to hold a Football Memorabilia auction on April 11 at Shropshire, England. The sale included an important group of medals, postcards, tickets and other items related to the First World Cup of 1930.

Interested as always in acquiring this type of memorabilia, we e-mailed the auction house requesting a catalog.

We received the catalog by the first days of April. What a big surprise when we observed the seventeen (17) Lots corresponding to the First World Cup. To the best of our knowledgeable understanding, four (4) Lots were definitely false, apocryphal; two (2) others were presumably adulterated; and, three (3) more Lots raised strong doubts regarding to their authenticity.

But, what most strongly caught our attention was the estimated price for one of the Lots that we are not only certain it is false, but daringly and scandalously false. Lot 417 had an estimated price of between £8,000 to £10,000.

A few days after, an English colleague friend of us asked for our opinion on this auction. We told him the truth. He replied that it was difficult for him to believe this, as he was aware of the good reputation of Mullock Madeley. We replied back telling that a good reputation can be left behind when the auction house is surprised by the consignor, and him by the one who sold the items in the first place.

As a reply, on April 9 we received the attached e-mail:

We replied the above, including our telephone number. As no answer was received, we send another message with our opinion, listing the false Lots, and demanding for a withdrawal from auction.

No reply was received.

We understand that the item sold for £11,000.

£11,000 added to £1,650 for commission plus taxes, amounts to £12,650, equal to $18,216.00.

But, let's see what these unscrupulous sold for $18,216.00.

Lot 417, the one we are referring to, reads as follows:

The watercolor, of a depressing and grotesque manufacture, shows the FORGED autographed signatures of Santos Iriarte, José Leandro Andrade, Héctor Castro, Héctor Scarone, Enrique Ballestero, (illegible), Pablo Dorado, Ernesto Mascheroni, Pedro Cea, Lorenzo Fernández, Luis Greco. Additionally, including the alleged FINGERPRINT OF MANUEL "NOLO" FERREIRA, the Great Captain of the Argentine Team. Showing him as an analphabet, unable to sign his own name.

Manuel "Nolo" Ferreira, Captain of the Argentine National Team, an unforgettable master-player of World Soccer, was a great friend of our Great Captain José Nasazzi. Not only he was an extraordinary football player but also a Professional graduated at the University of La Plata. We know of the anecdote that he left the Argentine camp at Santiago Vazquez a few days before the World Final, to go to La Plata to give the final exams prior to receiving his University Diploma. How can these audacious merchants sustain a dumb show by showing the Argentine Captain as an analphabet person, unable to sign his own signature?

A coarse medal of a silver plated brass alloy accompanies the watercolor, a medal easily find at the Montevideo flea markets for less than $5.00.

Sirs, we are not wasting our time here because we have no other things to do. We are defending the truth here on behalf of the future of the Football Memorabilia, and most important, on behalf of the prestige and interests of the collectibles from the First World Cup in History. It appears that there is a concerted boycott, a campaign against the prestige of these genuine relics of World Soccer Football. Also, because we are the owners of two Gold Medals awarded to a Sacred Monster of World Soccer named José Nasazzi. We are proud owners of his FIFA Gold Medal for the 1930 World Cup, and a Gold Medal awarded by his team, Club Atlético Bella Vista, for being World Champion at the Colombes Olympic Games of 1924 (Paris). No others with more earned right than us to defend the Historic Truth.

We are enclosing the FALSE MULLOCK WATERCOLOR. For comparison, we are also enclosing picture of another false medal, whose weight is of 10.6 grams and that measures 20.9 mm by 33.5 mm.

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Cover of the Mullock catalog

Medalla falsa de nuestra propiedad, utilizada como elemento de expertización
False Medal in our hands, used as comparable element for expertise.

Nuestra medalla junto a la de Mullock
Comparison of both our Medal and the one from Mullock

We are warning Football Memorabilia Collectors to beware of unscrupulous merchants that are attempting to destroy the Glory of the Collectibles from the First World Cup in History. We will not hesitate in our efforts, and we will continue denunciating these scams.

Montevideo, April 16, 2001

Rony Almeida


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