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Want to learn shaolin forms? Empty hand, Weapons, Qi gong. Do you want to watch demonstrations? Then these videos are for you. Under the instruction of Monk Shi Guolin these videos are excellent in progessing your knowledge and skill of shaolin. The demonstrations are amazing as usual many famous monk appear to. A great investment. Click on videos to buy (NTSC format $10 converstion fee)

Always wanted those Shaolin socks that are so regonisable to a shaolin monk. Well here is your chance and a cheap price as well. Not available to buy in England but you can get them shipped to you from America. Well worth the price!

These set are books are execellent for collectors and lovers of shaolin kung fu. There are amazing pictures of the shaolin monks performing the feats. In certain books they teach you orignal shaolin forms and advises and tells you on there different shaolin methods & techniques. Another great investment for the lovers of shaolin. I have chosen these two books as i feel they very useful. The top contains the forms and has good pictures. The bottom has excellent pictures.

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Ever wanted to wear your uniform outside but to frightend. Well her is your chance to show of Shaolin with style, when you purchase these casual hoodies. Different symbols and logos are available. As well as simular products like bags and caps. Click to find out more.

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