Matt's Ride Ratings for Disney's Magic Kingdom

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Legend of the Lion King

This isn't based on the Broadway production, but it's still pretty neat.  It combines puppetry and bits of the film.  It's a good place to sit down and rest.

Type of Ride:  Show

Fun for: Everybody who liked the movie.

Fear Factor:  2.  

It's worth waiting: Catch it whenever you can.

Matt's Rating:  7

The Haunted Mansion

It's one of the best rides in the park.  It's the most popular dark ride in the world.  You can't go wrong.

Type of Ride:  Dark Ride

Fun for: Ages 4+

Fear Factor:  5.  It's haunted.

It's worth waiting: 90 mins

Matt's Rating:  9

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

It's a decent small roller coaster with some nice scenery.  We ended up riding with its biggest fan.  She had everything about the ride memorized.  And drove us insane with constant commentary the whole time about what was next.

Type of Ride:  Roller Coaster

Fun for: Ages 4+

Fear Factor:  6.

It's worth waiting: 40 mins

Matt's Rating:  7

Splash Mountain

A Song of the South themed flume ride, with a great drop at the end.  It was broken down in the morning and broken down in the evening, so ride it if/when you can. 

Type of Ride:  Flume

Fun for: Everyone

Fear Factor:  7 at the big drop at the end.

It's worth waiting: 75 mins

Matt's Rating:  9

Country Bear Jamboree

This is one of the classic animatronic shows that doesn't give me the willies.  It's fun to watch and you're allowed to take pictures at the end of the show.  Nice way to cool off and sit for a spell.

Type of Ride:  Show.

Fun for: Everyone who has ever been a closet Hee-Haw fan.  Or needs to get off their feet for a few minutes.

Fear Factor:  0.  Unless you're a buffalo, deer, or moose.

It's worth waiting: wait til you get tired to see this one

Matt's Rating:  6

Jungle Cruise

Wanna see what would happen if Soupy Sales ran a river tour company in the Congo?  This is a fun ride.  Just one question tho...when did they stop shooting the attacking hippo?

Type of Ride:  Boat ride

Fun for:  Everybody

Fear Factor:  3

It's worth waiting: 45 minutes

Matt's Rating:  7

Pirates of the Caribbean

This was cool, though I can tell it's been toned down since I was a kid.  This would be a fun place to make out if you were with a girl.  I wasn't.  So I sang along with the Pirates!

Type of Ride:  Dark Ride on a Boat

Fun for: Ages 3+.

Fear Factor:  3.

It's worth waiting: 60 minutes

Matt's Rating:  8

Space Mountain

One of the classic moments of my youth was being absolutely terrified of falling out of the cars on this ride.  A roller coaster in the dark.  You can't go wrong with that.

Type of Ride:  Roller Coaster

Fun for: Ages 7+

Fear Factor:  8.  not very fast, but the dark makes it seem a lot faster.

It's worth waiting: 90 minutes.

Matt's Rating:  9

The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

George Lucas + Disney = many good things.  There always seems to be a wise-ass that sits behind you and to the left.  If he'd shut up, it'd be much scarier.

Type of Ride:  Hard to describe.  A mixture between a show and every ALIEN movie.

Fun for: People who want to know the horror of having people around them eaten alive.  There are signs everywhere advising against children and sissy adults.  Heed them, or pay dearly.  If you take the wrong person on this ride, you won't even get 'em on the Jungle Cruise.

Fear Factor:  8.5.

It's worth waiting: 60 minutes

Matt's Rating:  9.5

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

A dark ride where you shoot evil toys.  Your car keeps score.  I humiliated Wes on this one by more than 50,000 points.  I'm glad he's going to be an accountant and not in the military.

Type of Ride:  Dark Ride w/ targets

Fun for: Everybody

Fear Factor:  1.

It's worth waiting: 60 minutes.

Matt's Rating:  7

Overall Park Rating

Disney's Magic Kingdom

This park is not for grown ups, aside from the ExtraTERRORestrial Encounter.  If you have kids, take them.  They'll love it.  Otherwise, give it a miss, unless you've never been.

Fun for: those under the age of 10

Fear Factor:  1.

Matt's Rating:  6

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