Matt's Ride Ratings for Universal Islands of Adventure

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The Incredible Hulk

The greatest roller coaster ever.  You get launched 0-40mph in 2 seconds right into a zero-G roll 110 feet off the ground.  And THEN you're ready for the cobra roll out over the lake.  This ride is so good it makes me cry to think about it.

Type of Ride:  Roller coaster.

Fun for: Me.  And you.

Fear Factor:  9.  

It's worth waiting: 180 mins

Matt's Rating:  53.7

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man

This has to be the most technically advanced ride ever.  It's like T2-3D only with comic book characters.  And you'll swear it's real.

Type of Ride:  Dark Ride

Fun for: Everybody

Fear Factor:  3.  5 during the 'fall' at the end.

It's worth waiting: 150 mins

Matt's Rating:  15

Dr. Doom's Fear Fall

It's a 90 minute wait for a 20 second ride.  Plus, the safety belt catches you in the crotch. 

Type of Ride:  Drop.

Fun for: People who like Dr. Doom.  People who craze 0 Gs.  People who enjoy waiting in line.

Fear Factor:  8.5.

It's worth waiting: 30 mins.  This ride has a single rider line, where if it's ok to be split from your group, you will only wait about 10 minutes no matter how long the main line is.

Matt's Rating:  6

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls

This is the greatest log ride I've ever been on.  And I've been on a few.  Eight to be more or less exact.  It's innovative.  And it's fun.  And you WILL get wet.

Type of Ride:  Log flume.

Fun for: Everyone.

Fear Factor:  5.

It's worth waiting: 75 mins

Matt's Rating:  10

Jurassic Park River Adventure

This Universal's Jungle Cruise.  Only you get to see dinosaurs.  And things go horribly horribly wrong.  And you get to see the second most impressive animatronic I've ever seen.  But you'll be fine as long as the hadrosaurs don't bump you off-track. 

Type of Ride:  River ride with flume drop.

Fun for:  Dinosaur nuts.  Thrillride nuts.  Nuts.

Fear Factor:  7

It's worth waiting: 75 minutes

Matt's Rating:  10. 

Triceratops Encounter

This has the most impressive animatronic I've ever seen.  in fact, I'm still not quite sure it was fake.   You get to watch a Jurassic park vet do a check up on a living breathing triceratops.  It even piddles!

Type of Ride:  Walkthrough.

Fun for: Everyone.  Kids may even get a chance to pet it.

Fear Factor:  3.  Don't make any sudden movements, loud noises, or flash pictures.

It's worth waiting: 30 minutes

Matt's Rating:  7

Jurassic Park Discovery Center

This is the same place you saw in the movie.  Except it hasn't had the crap torn out of it by escaped carnivores.  It has a nice place to sit and eat, as well.

Type of Ride:  Exhibit Hall.

Fun for: Everybody

Fear Factor:  1.  And that's only if you know what a baby velociraptor grows up into.

It's worth waiting: visit for a while.  It's quite entertaining.

Matt's Rating:  7

Dueling Dragons

Suspended dueling roller coasters.  What a great idea!  Interesting fact:  this ride has the longest theme park line in the world.  But you'll never notice it because it must be the best THEMED line in the world.  Not too many places like this where you get to walk amongst dead mutilated corpses.

Type of Ride:  Roller coaster.

Fun for: ages 10+

Fear Factor:  9.5

It's worth waiting: 120 mins, but I have to tell you the ride is really short...

Matt's Rating:  9

Poseidon's Fury:  Escape from the Lost Continent

This is a simply fantastic show with amazing special effects, including a water vortex you walk through.  The end will leave you stunned.  It's simply fantastic.  Go now!  This show closes April 22, and odds are they'll change the story into something dumbed down when it reopens in June!

Type of Ride:  Walkthrough show.

Fun for: Everybody

Fear Factor:  6.  There's fire here.  Duh.  It's Universal.

It's worth waiting: 75 mins

Matt's Rating:  9

The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad

Yes.  It's spelled with an extra D.  That's the only thing that makes this show unique.  This show sucks.  There's no other way to put into words how bad this show is.  The stunts are neat, but the writing, acting, and storyline need to change completely.  Guess what!  Fire here too!

Type of Ride:  Stunt show.

Fun for: People who are dying from exotic diseases to which the only cure is to see a really really really bad stunt show.  And it's not much fun for them either.

Fear Factor:  10.  The fact that this is being performed at my favorite spot on the planet gives me cold chills.

It's worth waiting: You'd have more fun listening to fingernails on a chalkboard.

Matt's Rating:  -4.

The Mystic Fountain

This isn't a real ride or show.  It's just there for atmosphere.  And it's hilarious.  It's a talking fountain.  That plays with children.  And then squirts them with water when they least expect it.

Type of Ride:  Statue.

Fun for: Everybody

Fear Factor:  3.  

It's worth waiting: Stick around and watch the mayhem for a few minutes.

Matt's Rating:  6

The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss would've loved this ride, if he were an acid junkie.  This ride tells the story of the Cat in the Hat, complete with animatronics, black lights, and a few dozen nauseating spins.

Type of Ride:  Dark ride.

Fun for: 8- 18+.  I don't think young teens and preteens would go for it

Fear Factor:  5

It's worth waiting: 45 mins.

Matt's Rating:  5

The Once-ler's House

This is another stationary atmosphere attraction.  You can listen to the story as you look around and imagine the world where all the truffula trees were.  And of course they ARE there!

Type of Ride:  Statue.

Fun for: 8-

Fear Factor:  0.  You can't possibly be afraid of trees can you?

It's worth waiting: look at the exquisite detail.  Then keep moving.  The story never changes.

Matt's Rating:  5

Overall Park Rating

Universal Islands of Adventure

Heaven on Earth.  Two great coasters, a host of wonderful rides.  I'm going to move here.

Fun for: 8+

Fear Factor:  6.

Matt's Rating:  25.

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