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From November 8th. 1999


Welcome to my Site.
I have many different RPG related offerings through the page links below.
Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Last Updated: 05-03-2000

Enter The JARPS Chamber

The latest info and downloads for my soon to be completed Generic RPG.

Enter Base Cochise

The Place to see BADLANDS a Wasteland RPG.

Enter The Dungeon

The place to see DUNGEON CRAWLER a toung-in-cheek, beer-and-pretzels, anime-inspired, dungeon-crawling, hack-and-slash RPG.

The Page-O-Posts

A Page listing many different RPG offerings.

The Links Page

The standard page of cool links. Kinda sparse at the moment.

The Message Board

Messages from me to you and the best of the ones from you to me.

Banners for my Site. If you want you may put these on your page to link to me.
As a matter of fact, any one who links to me and lets me know (with URL) will be linked back to them. Just E-Mail me at Chuck-Man@Mail.Excite.Com

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