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From 11-08-1999


JARPS is Unfortunetly still not finished. I am still working on a good wound system and finishing out the Equipment and Skills.

What Ideas for World Packs I have.

JARPS: These files are fairly obscure as the rules are not avalible but they are already in the computer so I will post them.

     Game Outline
     Task Resolution
     Attribute Lists
     Attribute Values
     Combat Mechanics
     Save Mechanics
     Unfinished Armor List
     Skills Set List
     Alphabetical Skills List
11-16-99 These are in DOC (Word 6.0) format. Hopefully this won't cause too many troubbles.
     Firearms Cartredge Listings
     Burst Fire Rules

Here are some links of RPG related documents I have created.

The Page-o-Posts: A page full of RPG related files.

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Mad Max: CarWars house rules conversion.
Macross: Peace Through Superior Firepower

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Click on the arrow to go to my old page that contains some old RPG info and Anime stuff. It's old but it still has value and some day I plan to update it, but I have not got any interesting stuff on anime to put there, I don't just want to be another page with the same old anime pics.

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