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Hi! And welcome to the Wormy Express. This place is 100% wormy! It has all the downloads, a BIG GIF gallery, great strategy guides, plus a whole lot more!

Now, I know you people out there just LOVE to copy things from sites and use them on your webpage. Please, make your own things and don't go round stealing others'. How? you might ask. Well, I'm giving you utilities to download! Isn't that great? You can get them at the
Utilities Page.

OK, now go explore the site and enjoy yourself!

30 Jan 2001: Added the downloads section, full of Fiddler Files. Check it out! Strategy Guide for Multiplayer is up as well!

25 Jan 2001: Added the Introduction to Worms section. Read it now! Plus, the Utilities are ready for download! Now, you don't need to copy GIFs, make them yourself!

23 Jan 2001: Added a new section, Polls. Cast your vote now! Fixed a few bugs too. Plus a
new section, Screenshots! Feast your hungry eyes on some delicious spicy screenshots straight from the game! Thanks to

22 Jan 2001: The site comes alive! The opening of The Wormy Express! Lots of sections up, including GIF gallery, FAQ, Quiz and"Need help with the game?".

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Well, what are you waiting for?! Click on the links to start up THE WORMY EXPRESS!
Introduction to Worms
GIF Gallery

Strategy guide (Multiplayer)
Need help with a game?
E-mail me! (~wormy~)

More Sections coming soon!
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