Worshiping Hearts
I hope you will visit,
the pages of Worshiping Hearts.
Their messages vary,
some are examples of faith,
some are thoughts and views on faith.
Faith can be as simple,
or as hard as we make it.
It is my hope,
you will find a page you can relate to,
or bear witness with.
God Bless and Keep You.
Always Look Up....smiling

Faith in God,
is a very personal thing,
yet is displayed,
by our conduct,
our actions and words.
It is said that,
the mouth speaks,
what is in the heart.
Either offering words of,
beauty, life and love,
or hurtful words of anger,
pain and emptiness.
God knows each heart,
and loves us unconditionally,
which makes the choice ours,
whether to feed our souls,
or we can starve them.
We are called to our path,
by the promise of His word,
offering us peace,
joy, hope and love,
in the shadow of his hand.
It matters not,
how you chose to worship,
for God hears,
each and every,
Worshiping Heart.
I will be adding pages,
as it is placed upon my heart.
I am starting a mailing list.
If you wish to be added,
email me at

God Bless and keep you.

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