David Nelson
Hi, I love God first and foremost. I have been a Christian for 17 years. I am single and enjoying it. However I am waiting for God to bring that special someone. I am currently working in the Mortgage Industry. And I am writing a stage play with Zack Gray called "Give us Barabbas".

Bernice Marshall - Mother
David A. Nelson Sr. - Dad
John Marshall - Step-dad
Steen Nelson - Step-mom

Brothers & Sisters:

James Everett - Brother
Winston Rowe - Brother
Sonia Rowe - Sister-in-law

Niece and Nephews:
Jessica Everett - Niece
Josiah Everett - Nephew
Abrianna Everett - Niece
Jasmine Rowe - Niece
Sabrina Rowe - Niece

Zack & Angela Gray - Married for 11 years, they have daughter
Chauncey who is 11 years old.
Zack is Financial aid officer for University of Phoenix.
Angela is a Gourmet waitress.
Jerry & Sandy Gray - Married for 8 years. They have three girls.
Jessica (10), Samantha (8), Emily (6)
Brent Usry - He is the creator of Wiznerd.com (check out site in "Sites you must see") He has three kids: Donovan (14), Dylan (10), and Cheyenne (7).
Robert & Desiree Medina Married for 2 yrs
One kid Bobby Jr. (2)
Robert is a Software Tech with UPS.
Desiree is a stay at home mom.
Lima Clement - A very special friend - she works at her church.
Marque - A very specail friend - she is singer and Dance instructor. She has one son Markus (6).
Chaz and Patricia Perez - China Missionaries
Walter and Cindy Wykes - Actor and Model.
Shae Wilson - Actress and model. Son is KJ
Sharon Featsch - Actress and model.
Fumi Shishino - Actress and Production Manager.
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Sites You Must See:
Family and Friends Picture Page
Family and Friends Picture Page 2
Me and MarQue Picture Page
GQ pics
WizNerd.com (Created by Brent)
Dansm's Guitar Chord
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David Alan Nelson
Email: worthy2b@lvcm.com
Church Friends:
Carl, Sam, Vinny, Mike D., Brad, Brent, Sarah E., Christina & James, David H., Bob, Joy, Rachel, Leslie, Guy, Jon, Terry & Jill, Jack & Christina.

Friends from old Church:
Joe  and Jenna Hightower, Brian, Mike, , Richard & Dawn Box, Dennis lee, Greg & Suzy Steckert, Danny & Jessie Pyle, Dean & Don Pascquel, Richard Korer.

Friends from High School:
Jason Stein., Andy Na., Mike, Shane, Dewayne, Damon O., Fred S.