Life as a Wounded Bea:
Welcome to the hottest site on the internet today.  We will soon have biographies of the band members, tour dates, chat rooms, and downloadable music.

Folks, Wounded Bea is the future of music...take advantage of this wonderful group of musicians!


The Band:

Buzz Skunk Morris Jeanie Bean The Gimp Poop McGraw


Have you ever seen the Rain - 2.10.00
Ripple (MP3)
- 1.26.00 
Patience (MP3) - 1.18.00


?Click here to see sightings of Uncle Tooth?

Uncle Tooth has been missing since Tuesday from his mountainside villa in West Virginia.  If you have any pictures of Uncle Tooth, or any ideas to his whereabouts, please email us a picture immediately, and we'll post them right here on the website for the authorities.  

- The Bea's

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