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This site is dedicated to entertainment. I have pages on things that entertain me, such as Music, Computer Games, Warhammer and Dragon Ball Z.
(If you don't know what the last two are, just go to the sections on them and find out!)
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The Mosh Pit


Name                : Vegeta
Responsible for  : The Anime site,
Planet Terabu and any sub-                                sections of that
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Name               :  Wounded Hamster
E-mail              :  woundedhamster@hotmail.com
Main site, including music, computer games and warhammer pages
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1/6/02 -There will be huge updates on every single section on this web site, and if your lucky, we might even add in some new sections.
Rurouni Kenshin
Name               : Lolly of Mud
Responsible for :
The Mosh Pit
E-mail              : hereticdance666@hotmail.com
2/6/02 - The Gothic section will now be focusing on different types of music eg/ Nu Metal, Black Metal, Gothic..................
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World Cup 2002
As all of the staff at oocities.com/
Woundedhamster are all huge football fans we are keeping the World Cup section up for a few months. To see all the results click on the red writing below.

World Cup 2002 Section
17/6/02 - Wounded Hamster has won an award! Check the top of the page
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30/7/02 - You may have noticed very few updates recently. This is partly because I don't have regular internet access and also because I'm on holiday so please be patient - Wounded Hamster