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Heres Some Good Pvp Information !
Types of PvP Available:
As was skimmed over earlier, there are five types of PvP you can encounter in the World of Warcraft. Here you will find much more detailed information.

What is a duel?
A duel is a challenge to another player to face them one-on-one. Dueling can happen anywhere, and while dueling no other player will be able to cast spells or use items on the players which are dueling. The duel continues until one of the two players reaches 0 or less HP, but players that lose duels are not killed, they simply come back with 1 HP and no additional penalty.

Entering and Exiting a Duel:
To challenge another player to a duel, select the player, then click on their character portrait. Select "duel" to challenge that player to a duel. This sends a window to the other player asking them whether they would like to accept or decline your request to duel. You must be close to the player in order to do this, otherwise the selection "duel" will appear greyed out.

Duel Players of Similar Level and Equipment to You:

A common mistake for people new to PvP is to go around challenging everyone they can see. Don't forget to make sure it will be a fair fight by checking their level and equipment. You can inspect another players equipment by selecting their portrait and selecting "inspect". Like the option to duel, you will need to be close to the player in order to inspect them.

Duel Somewhere Safe If Possible:

Seeing as how one player can reach 1 HP, it can be dangerous to duel out in the wilderness because creeps can wander into your position or even spawn right on top of you, dealing that last bit of damage resulting in that character actually dying. Towns and cities which are patrolled by NPC guards are always a good choice for a place to duel.

What Is A PvP Area?:
A PvP area is a section of land in the game where if you enter other players will be able to PvP with you without having to wait for you to click "accept". By entering this area you are always on "accept". Multiple players may wait in ambush, perhaps using stealth abilities, so always be careful.

What is a PvP Server?:
This is a server with special rules that apply to PvP.

    * In the (green) homelands of your faction, you will be safe unless you choose to attack first.
    * In contested (yellow) areas, all players can be attacked.
    * And if you venture forth to the (red) lands of the enemy faction, you are free game for members of the opposite faction.

Also, even if you are in your own territory, attacking an NPC or player from the other faction, or helping another player that is in combat with a member of the opposite faction, will also turn PvP mode on for you. You can turn PvP mode on manually by typing /PvP. Remember, once in PvP mode, you stay in PvP mode for five minutes - there will be no hostiling and jumping across the border to safety. To help you know what territory you are in at all times, the Minimap will display additional color-coded information.