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It is recommended that you make prior reservation in hotel. It will save you from lot of hassles like taxi driver favoring a particular hotel etc. Normally most of the indicators are written in Hindi and English.

Traffic policemen (in white uniform) who stand near important squares or traffic lights are very reliable. They will never cheat you but one problem with them is that some of them may not understand English properly.

For those arriving by train, there are taxis, autorickshaws and city buses that are operated by private operators for leaving the station.

Autorickshaws and city buses are also available on the bus stand.

Taxis are available at the airport. Airport is about 10 kilometer( 6.214 miles) from the city. There are no hotels near airport. You would be required to come to Railway Station area to find a hotel.

Some good hotels provide pick up facility as well. For the same you need to intimate the hotel authorities in advance.

Please refer to Expense Guide Page to have an idea about fare that should be charged by autorickshaw. If you are unsure about the place or need any kind of help, give me a call at the phone number given on Help Page.


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